Ducati Multistrada 1200: teased with official video

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The Ducati Multistrada 1200 will be unveiled on November 9th, according to an official teaser site. The big news here isn’t the date (coinciding with EICMA, where the bike will debut) or the way it looks (photos leaked a couple weeks ago), but rather the name. Initially thought to be “Strada Aperta” or “Stradaperta,” which translates to “Open Road,” the “Multistrada 1200″ tag indicates that the bike’s receiving the 1198.4cc twin from the Ducati 1198 rather than the less powerful 1099cc engine from the Streetfighter. Video below.

Update: Official specs of the 150bhp adventure tourer have supposedly leaked, you’ll find them below.

Engine: 1199cc “Testastretta 11º” liquid-cooled v-twin with 150bhp at the crank and ride-by-wire throttle and switchable maps allowing for softer power delivery in low-traction situations and race-like response with full power for dry, smooth streets.

Instruments: trip time, lap time, range to empty, and current and average fuel consumption.

Frame: Steel trellis combined with cast aluminum swingarm pivot.

Suspension: fully adjustable Marzocchi fork and sachs shock on the base model, Ohlins on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S.

Electronics: ABS and traction control available on the “S”

Dry weight: around 425lbs, 192kg

Availability: late Spring, 2010.

Ducati via Ducati News Today

  • CBontheMV

    I hope it has less “beak” than the spy shots suggested. Those shots were absolutely hideous.

  • Corey

    Big tease. Certainly the red will flesh-out the design – the previous shots in sliver or black and white made it look dull and flat. Every Duc is prettier in red. I am surprised by the use of the Multistrada name however – I wonder if that will change.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    That bill, I cannot get past. Quack attack, indeed.

  • http://www.speedymoto.com Christian

    Oh that’s not annoying at all…

  • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ Cynic

    Sadly I think it’s going to be even uglier than the “old?” Multistrada. Which did grow on me with time, but still I think Ducati Could’ve done better.
    With the 1198 engine though… omg it will be fun to ride, the MS is fun with the 1000DS engine, I can’t imagine how fun it would be with what 130 hp? ….

  • General Apathy

    This will be fun! People will laugh at my new bike and make fun of me.. Then I will smoke them with 155hp of desmo kickass!

  • http://www.ducatinewstoday.com Mark Morrison

    I’ve heard 140bhp. I still don’t understand why the 1198 engine is needed. If it’s true it suggests the Streetfighter will also move to 1198 next year

  • Victor Argyriadis

    I think its gone to be unsome by all means, mechanical and stylish. New version was for a long time a need for the market and this thing its going to be a crasher! Can wait to see it up close and personal

  • Cranky Guy

    I sincerely hope it doesn’t look like the spy photos. That is fugly! Remind me again why you need 140HP to ride an urban assault/dirt road adventurer? Ducati is supposed to be purdy not quackdiculous. AFLAC!

    • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ Cynic

      No one “needs” 140hp. Hell we don’t “need” much more than 60 or so in most cases, unless the bike is huge.
      I’m just saying it will be fun. If they took the good bits from the MS and added hp… it will be fun and a great all round go anywhere street bike.

  • DoctorNine

    It is one of the ugliest bikes I’ve seen this year.
    Here’s a close up of the front fascia:


  • Tony

    I am very interested. I own another ducati and love it with the exception of the short 7500 mile valve adjustments this bike would be a very good touring machine.

  • General Apathy

    I am sure the Termi kit will get it to 155..

  • Deltablues
    • DoctorNine

      Wow… you’re right. The Kawasaki takes the prize. Who would have thought Ducati would imitate a Kawasaki styling theme? Weird.

  • http://www.kilometermagazine.com Jamie

    The current 1198 has 170hp and 97 lb-ft of torque. Even if the trim back the power a bit, this thing is going to have crazy power compared to other similar bikes in its class.

    Should be interesting. Can’t wait to see the finished photos.

  • thane

    Kinda looks like Ducati glued the 1198 exhaust on the front end of the bike. I know it’s Italian and all, but is this like when high fashion just looks goofy?

  • Russ

    Wow. I’m surprised by the amount of people that can form an opinion without even seeing the whole bike yet. Take a chill pilland be optimistic. Who knows…you might like it. Besides, someone name me an alternative in the same class that does look good…

    • DoctorNine

      Admittedly, ‘looks good’ is subjective. But the Ducati Multistrada (I thought it meant ‘Many Roads’ or ‘Any Way’) could be fairly compared to the Suzuki V-Strom 1000. I am not sure what you gain with the more expensive Ducati, except all that fun of adjusting the valves after every long road trip. For the track, I am all over Ducati; what a treat! But this looks like a cross country touring bike to me. Maybe a BMW or Suzuki instead?

      • chuluun

        Yep, looks like an adventure touring bike to me too, and I think they’ve used the bigger engine because it’s gonna be considerably down-tuned and torqued-up. I also agree that this will fail unless the service intervals are long enough, but I’d expect a lot of the engine components to be different, i.e. beefier.

        There’ve been a few largely unsuccessful swipes at the BMW GS now, but if Ducati get this right in terms of price, reliability, and extras (where the GS beats everyone hands-down), it could do very well. Let’s face it, the GS, Stelvio and Granpasso are hardly pretty, and none of them are cheap either.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    I really hope Ducati get the styling right this time. The last multistrada was a fantastic bike that suffered from a hideous front fairing. If they tone down this one a bit, then they’re going to convert all the former ST4 fanatics.

    I don’t see how Ducati can have such a fantastically understated 1198, and then something as garish as this spy fairing. Eagerly awaiting the unveiling.

  • chuluun

    Like we thought, 150hp at the crank is well down, suggesting an increase in low-rev torque. Given that the 1198 sportsbike already makes considerably more torque than BMW’s R1200GS I really don’t think the styling is going to be an issue once people get their hands on the Multistrada, because that engine will simply stomp all over the competition.

    • DoctorNine

      Yeah, you appear to be correct about the numbers. I guess you can always saw off the beak with a hacksaw….

  • Jay

    I think the bike is going to be kick ass! Super bike motor in an adventure bike, watch out. I will be selling my GS and going back to my italian heritage. Cant wait to see the bike and ride it in person. Bella Ducati!

  • Alan

    I hope the black beak is removable. WIthout that,
    It would look fine. My 04 ST4S was an awesome bike.
    This should be too.