Film: Ural ST Prototype, Jumbo Mountain



Film: Ural ST Prototype, Jumbo Mountain

The Ural ST prototype came with standard Russian good-for-street tires and the bike had less than 150 miles on it before leaving the factory. Two hours northeast of Seattle, Mt. Baker National Forest is a labyrinth of back roads in the midst of dense mountain woodlands with no markers and less gas stations. No biggie.


Shot on Go Pro cameras.

  • Broke

    I mean this in the straightest tense possible: “You have nice balls”

    • fuzzygalore

      +1 @Broke

      At 4:05 the rider looks like he is either exhausted or relieved. Must be a lot of work lugging those balls around on those dirt roads.

      Cool vid. :)

  • jconli1

    settling into the Northwest from the east coast is not terribly easy. You miss being able to speak your mind, talk loudly, dance at shows, hug someone you just punched…

    The hundreds (thousands?) of miles of dual sport trails make up for it all.

  • will

    Lordy, that’s romance. And thank you.

  • Andy

    Cool vid for sure. The style of these machines is great, but I’d still take a blacked out scrambler instead. Unless the girlfriend was Russian?

  • PC Paul

    Makes me want my old R75/5 back! Flat twin fun!

  • coho

    I thought I wanted a Ural, now I’m sure.

  • Stephen

    I always look forward to your movies, especially because you don’t have a cheesy ’80′s guitar solo in place of the actual sounds of the ride. Also, the footage makes it seem like I’m in on the ride, instead of an over-edited, sterile moto-montage.

  • Gregor Erdmann

    How are you mounting the camera to your chest? Is there some sort of strap available.

  • Tomas Murdych

    The footage is superb. May I ask what the jacket is?

    • Grant Ray

      It’s a waxed cotton perfecto from Alpinestar’s Oscar label, which should be launching in Fall of 2010.

  • Marshall Haas

    I love my GoPro- you guys need to purchase the HD cameras when they come out in 2 weeks. Great vid

  • Hobo Mike

    So Grant,

    Whaddaya think?

    • Grant Ray

      I think it’s a hand-built, small batch, air-cooled flat-twin that is engaging in all the right ways. Quirky, but not to the point of being off-putting. Essentially old-world in ride quality, but without the headache of all the old-world trappings like failing electronics, shifting points, drum brakes, etc. Perfectly happy in the mountains or Brooklyn. The back gets a bit wobbly over 75 mph due to swing-arm flex, but so what. Goes anywhere I tell it to. Looks really cool. Kind of what a bike should be.

  • nollid51

    That exhaust note is intoxicating. I would love one of these if they weren’t so damned expensive. Great video too, those roads look like an awesome ride.

  • Epyx

    Why is it that Ural is “modern vintage cool” while Harley Davidson is “archaic crap.” Also, both are expensive but Ural gets a pass. Just an observation.

    BTW, I really like the Ural models and great video!

    • Grant Ray

      Easy. Go look at a 2010 Sportster Nightster, then look at a proper 1968 XLCH Sportster.

      Put a disk brake on the front, plus blinkers, new ignition but KEEP the kickstart dammit, discreet rubber mounts, mirrors, revised engine and tranny internals for better tolerances and longevity, tastefully update suspension components, new wiring harness and EPA cans on the 1968 version. Also, stop pretending to be anything other than an anachronism.

      Basically, do exactly what Ural did. That would be a step in the right direction. Oh, and and ditch the flames, too.

      • Epyx

        I appreciate your points but I disagree with most of what you are saying. I agree the Nightster needs a better suspension. I would like to see the XR1200 front set-up on all Sportster models and remote reservoir shocks for the rear (even on the lowered versions). Also Brembos would be a worthy addition front and rear. Other than that I (personal preference) like the look of the new Sportster much more the the 1968 version. The ’68 looks like a mini heritage softtail, not exactly the “youth market.”

        A kickstart? – no way. Why? There is a reason bikes dont have kickstarts anymore – they are a pain in the but.

        Flames? – No Sportster comes with flames – only custom painted tins have flames. But I understand appreciate the snark.

        My opinion on the Ural free pass is like Inde music. Its cool as long as it is fringe in underground but as soon as it becomes popular it is lame. Same goes for Ural, it is a vintage looking bike that is not a HD, so it it cool, its underground. I think that is the only difference.

      • Epyx

        Opps, sorry Grant. I misread your name. Also, rethinking my last comment I dont think remote reservoir shocks could work on the slammed Nightster (not enough room) but even so there are far better options to what is currently offered. The engine output should also be upped to put out around the same as the XR. The XR should only be the sportier version because of the styling compromises made by the Nightster not because of inferior components.

        If we really want to get crazy I would like to see the water cooled Rotax engine developed for the Sportster line. A modern, water cooled, v-twin with a modern suspension combined with the look of the Nightster would be pretty cool. Also the XR would benefit from the added performance.

        • Grant Ray

          While a water-cooled Rotax in a XR Sportster frame sounds cool, they’ll never do it. It’s not a Harley motor, sadly, and as such would never sell enough to cover development due to brand loyalty.

          However, it would be a seriously fun hot-rod if they did. Easily in V-Max territory. Not to mention brutal on rear tires.

    • Nate

      Because , Harley’s are archaic crap ~ I know having ridden a 1937 EL KnuckleHead through Centro America and y 1965 FK PanHead all over Amaerica .

      They’re beautiful yes but old or new they’re slow and unreliable . plus , they leak .

      I have a 1995 Ural Tourist 650 (Domestic model) I junked the sidecar off of and I ride it everywhere
      pretty much like this guy does , (I never skid my tires ’cause I’m cheap) and it LOVES and begs for more .

      I love passing squids in the twisty bits in the mountains .

      They’re NOT expen$ive @ $8K delivered ! .


      I still have my old BMW /5′s too and they’ll run rings around my 650 ural but are not as fun .

  • Grant Ray

    Epyx, I think you’re missing the point a bit, and that you also gravely underestimate the nuances of what you refer to as indie culture.

    I also think you fail to understand what the kickstart functions as. It is a direct, very physical connection to the machine, to the explosive power of the internal combustion engine. We don’t have things like that in our lives anymore, just keyboards, clickety mice and button-start autos. The button start is still there on the Ural, but when i really need that tactile, deeply physical and personal connection to the bike, it’s there too.

    I think maybe the issue here is that you’re not part of the emerging market of new riders. These riders didn’t grow up on kickstart-only 2-stroke dirt bikes, don’t give a damn about track days (not yet), view sportbikes as deadly spaceships, have no real reference for bike culture outside of film and fashion and are utterly disaffected by current motorcycle marketing.

    They want something simple, romantic, stylish, utilitarian and rugged, and they want it presented to them honestly because they know bullshit marketing when they see it. Ural, as a small and agile company, does all of this.

  • Epyx

    Grant Ray,
    Crap, I am only 32 and I am already out of touch? This sucks.

  • Epyx

    I concede your point under further thought. However, I don’t think HD could ever fully capture the young Indie crowd and chasing the demographic may be pointless, regardless of product, but it is interesting to see them at least try.

    That being said. A super simple, (yet with a modern suspension and braking) low cost bike would be a worthy addition to the lineup. I could see a ’68 take on a new offering just as you described selling well to select new riders.

    Good competition to the modern classic Triumph offerings and as reliable, new, warrantied alternative to a vintage Honda painted flat black with clip-ons.

    I agree these are the type of young buyers HD should want. The Sport Bike riders are not a valid target but the Bonneville, Ural, Sport Classic, vintage Honda set should be aggressively pursued. With the number of new offerings in this bike niche it appears to be a fast growth market in motorcycling.

  • Core

    I expected some kind of creature/monster to come out of the woods and maul our protagonist at this point…

    And that’s when I realized I had watched one to many horror movies..’

  • Paulo

    I get really excited seeing a bike company making exactly the sort of bike that makes me grin, I wish URAL well with this I’m sure they will have no problem selling them. Really nice video too, totally immersive.

    Hope they will be available down under.

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  • Daniel

    I want one…, and a side hack , preferably the gearup…

  • Darryl-CANADA

    I’m going to shoot from the hip-I’ve had my bike since 1986 for $1750.00. It is part of the family. I have barely kept it running for over 24 years. I don’t have the heart to let it go after all the break downs and no service support. I’ve pretty much learned as I went. The video is OK. It sounds like a Ural and handles like one to. My thoughts are (out with the new and back to the old (style that is) The sidecar style is the way to go for family fun, just stick with a motor that can handle the load at speeds of 70 mph without over heating and a smooth comfortable ride. Offer better parts/technical support. That’s the way I see it and have seen it for a long time. Open up support contracts to the garage guys, these are the ones that will truely be a benefit to IMZ in the end.

  • dennis

    cool video, like the retro look, good exhaust sound, would consider one, keep up the good format

  • Rod

    Great Video. It reminds me of my ’62 R60. I rode it every day on the road and off. I figured I’d never see that kind of machine again, certainly not 45 years later. The video brought back wonderful memories, Thanks.

  • James W. DeCoster

    Certainly missed is my 1983 BMW R-65 which I put 113k miles on over the 8 years ridden. Since BMW does not sell a simple, reasonably priced twin,and has not for a long time now, perhaps the Solo by Ural is the way to go. I’m keenly interested in the simple, rugged, durable, anyone-can-work-on-it approach the Ural people seem to have successfully achieved, with continuing improvements. 2010 or ’11 may be the year for my commitment, when I retire, and don’t need to get anywhere on a deadline using 95 mph!