Ground control to Jorge Lorenzo

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Jorge Lorenzo commissioned this special paint job for the helmet he wore at this weekend’s Portuguese GP. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of NASA’s first moon landing, the helmet features an image of Neil Armstrong’s footprint surrounded by the phrase, “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” It looks like the design is trying to imagine some sort of riveted space shuttle/helmet hybrid rather than replicate the look of ’60s or current era NASA items.

via MotoGP World

  • Oscar

    Note that the letters styled like the NASA emblem spell “gana”, which is the Spanish word for “wins”; as in, “el gana”, or “he wins”.

    • Wes Siler

      Ah, thanks, I was wondering about that.

  • Will

    I hate graphic-ridden helmets, but this. Is. Killer. I’d actually consider a replica.

  • jwinter

    As much as I dig Lorenzo, it says “one small step for a men” on the back.
    That race was boring too, but he deserved the win nonetheless.

  • Adrian

    Ever hear of the concept of a spoiler ?

    “That race was boring too, but he deserved the win nonetheless”

    • jwinter

      Apologies, I watched it on the internet live. I thought they aired by the afternoon though.

      • Adrian

        JW..You’re forgiven ,you were right…boring as hell.

        Even more tedious was the commentators basically writing Rossi off with three races left in the season.

  • Nick

    Except that Armstrong messed up the pre-planned quote. He was meant to say: ‘One small step for A man, one giant leap for mankind’. Without the ‘a’, man and mankind are the same thing. What he ended up saying was nonsensical.

  • Steve516

    please fix the spelling of his first name – it’s Neil not Neal…

  • chili sv

    They should have gone with a black chrome finish instead of black:

    • TeeJay

      Sorry man, it is not chrome. It is gold. :-D

  • Chris

    If you really want to pick nits, the American flag on the right side of the helmet is backwards. There is no official protocol but the general etiquette is that for anything that moves the flag is displayed “stars forward” as if it was flapping in the wind.

  • TonyS

    Armstrong had always insisted that he did say “one small step for A man”, and just recently they wented back and clean up the tape with new technology and they were able to make out the “A man” part.

  • Chris Hunter

    That helmet is killer. It’d look even better if it was on a white Icon Airframe … just to get a subtle hint of Star Wars in there.

  • the_doctor

    one of the commentators on the broadcast i watched called Lorenzo Asimo, the Honda robot. and i laughed, and i laughed.

  • Daniel

    The Helmet is pretty cool, but what would be even cooler would be if Nolan Made this helmet for sale.