Mike Charlton jet bike hits 208mph at Bonneville

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Charlton_Jet_Bike_Flag_fire.jpgThe problem with Bonneville is you can’t practice. Mike Charlton only got his 500mph jet bike up to 208mph, running into problems with tracking straight and cooling (as evidenced by the above picture) along the way. He’ll be back next year with some major revisions, in the meantime this video captures the entire effort pretty well.  >

Mike Charlton

  • lloydy

    Shame, no footage of the thing actually moving.
    Why do people insist on overlaying some Shite sound track over these types of shorts,I’m more interested in hearing the dialogue and engine/mechanical sounds that someone’s idea of a good tune.

  • Marco

    LLoydy, maybe that’s the point. Some soundtrack to mask what you want to hear that may not be sounding right (as evidenced by the above picture) Hehe

  • http://www.coroflot.com/D_Mucci David Mucci

    Video was a good composition in my opinion.

  • Bob Sciko

    Thanx Mike dont ever quit

  • Greg

    That video sucks ass. Nice mix, jackass. I can’t hear anything anybody’s saying. And where’s the footage of the bike moving? Plus it’s shitty music.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That’s not cool, let’s comment like big boys please. Say something constructive, intelligent or at least relevant.

  • PV

    Awesome video, too bad they had all that trouble though, wouldn’t loved to see that thing go 500mph. :S