Stop/Action: opening night photos

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Thanks to everyone who came out and made the opening night for Stop/Action a success. The show is now open everyday from 3-7pm through 11 October and is located at 26 Broadway, Brooklyn. Checkout our Facebook page for a bunch of extra photos from last night; please add any extras if you have them.


  • J

    I wonder if Sam Strauss-Malcolm or Tyler Poniatowski happened to see the Cai Guo-Qiang show at the Guggenheim last year.

    • Grant Ray

      J, we’ve all seen his work over the years. The exploding cars hovering like fireworks are really incredible. Another favorite of mine is Project to Extend the Great Wall of China by 10000 Meters: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 10. His work is truly epic.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    Very very cool. I wish I was out there to see it in person.

  • Max_Matene

    Way to go guys! sorry I couldn’t make it but it looks amazing. Sam’s one talented guy (don’t know Tyler but it looks like he’s damn good too)

  • General Apathy

    I’ll take the girl on the bike plz..

    Oh and the bike too.

    • Wes Siler

      Watch it, that’s my girlfriend!

  • kiya

    Sad i missed this, looks like you guys had a blast, great job on getting this done.
    Now please do this in San Francisco. :)