Ural Red October marks important anniversary

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Commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the Red October Revolution or the 25th birthday of the Tom Clancy novel about submarines–whichever way your political leanings fall–the Ural Red October takes its color literally. Based on the fairly basic Tourist model, this sidecar uses single-wheel drive (all you need unless you take off-roading very seriously), 18-inch wheels and a 3.89 final drive ratio. The big headline here is the shiny red paint set off by all-black components, an unusually vibrant combination for the usually subdued manufacturer of proletarian transportation.


  • tzed

    I assume you mean the sidecar-equipped motorcycle uses single-wheel drive.
    Since sidecars only have one wheel it would be hard for them to have more than one wheel driven….
    Unless there is a design featuring 2 or more wheels of which I am not aware.

    • IK

      Actually, several Ural models come with complete spare wheel attached to the sidecar trunk lid.
      Does it counts for a sidecar equipped with more than one wheel?

  • RT Rider

    You can get a Ural with the side car wheel powered also.

  • Chris


  • Chad

    The bike of the commies…
    Get an HD instead!

  • Feds

    With child #2 imminent, I am trying to convince Mrs. Feds that baby seats will fit in a side car, and she can go back to riding sooner. So far, no sale, but this colour combo may put her over the top.

  • Joe

    I sort-of love the exposed catalytic converter. It has a form-follows-function look that works a lot better than the goiters that hang off most new Japanese mufflers.

  • kidchampion

    Amazing how nice a simple paint scheme can look. I’m glad they didn’t put a bunch of Shephard Fairey fake Russian imagery on it and make it look like a Tapout bike.

  • Paul

    Industrial looking I must say, and the hammer/cycle on back of the car is tidy! Yea~