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We’re really excited about the 2010 Honda CB1100, a nicely-styled return to the classic UJM principals. It’s not overtly sporting, but that’s kinda the point, its owner’s will be able to turn it into whatever they want or just cruise around happy with what it is: a classy do-it-all motorcycle. This video gives you a nice close up look at the big CB and, rather shockingly,  you can actually hear the engine over the cheesy music once or twice.  >

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  • Peter Lombardi

    i want one of these bad!!!

  • Trapezoid

    Nice! Anyone at Honda remember the CB400? Could we please have a mid-size version of this, Honda?

  • Cynic

    Troll, I think you’re missing the point… but then I’m the one arguing with a troll.

    What most people are doing are criticizing Harley for doing only ONE thing. Selling out of date motorcycles to an aging demographic.
    Honda does this too, as well as selling scooters, sportbikes, touring bikes… etc.

    • Phil H

      Don’t forget that the CB1100 is also:

      - a modern bike (albeit not the latest wizz-bang technology) with retro-styling

      - designed to tour, do some back road scratching, cruise, commute… i.e. it actually provides some functionally with some performance thrown in along the way. What can HDs do OTHER than cruise?

      - not laying claim to any empty, chest thumping marketing speak such as “wide front forks” (huh?), “limited production flame paint”, or “Freedom to be a badass” (double huh?!)

      Personally UJMs are not my cup of tea, but I expect Honda to sell a load of these if priced right.

  • kawalser

    I predict they will sell 4.

  • Chris

    Troll, don’t forget the red Ural. But I guess that’s ok because they are selling outdated motorcycle designs to anti-American commie pinkos, so that makes it ok. ;-)

    I keeed, I keeed. I really like the looks of that blood of the capitalist swine red Ural. I like this Honda, too.

  • isaac

    That red one, if it comes stateside, will find a home in my garage for sure!

  • Wes Siler

    You really need to try some more bikes. At the risk of blowing your mind, this Honda will be able to go slow and fast.

  • Paul

    Sounds like a Farm Tractor~

    • Phil H

      Kinda surprised the way it sounds too. However, I’m sure a nice set of Staintunes, Arrows, Zards, Yoshimuras, Two Bros, Leo Vinces, Termignonis, or Akrapovics will set that straight! ;)

    • Russ

      Ha! Just what I was thinking. Although, I was thinking helicopter:)

    • _roadster

      Agree, sounds very agricultural

  • AceCafeClipOns

    beautiful bike!
    now turn off the aor soundtrack and I’d be able to forgive honda for the horrible vfr1200f’s footage (… and maybe even for the horrible vfr1200f!)

  • kawalaser

    Don’t get me wrong, I love UJMs. I have a 74 CB550.

    But this thing looks like a pig and those mag wheels are plain hideous. It’ll also probably cost $8,000. If Kawasaki couldn’t swing the W650 and Honda couldn’t sell their own GB500, I don’t think the extra capacity will be enough to carry this machine off the showroom floor. Not to mention the W650 and GB500 were properly executed, authentic, beautiful-looking, and this bike looks like a pimple with squared corners.

    • international harvester

      Uh, you can’t really compare the W650 or Gb500 to this bike. Both were a little bit too retro looking and offered pretty dodgy performance compared to modern sport bikes.

      The Cb1100 is an 1100 cc DOHC 4 with ABS…the only retro thing about this bike is the seating position.

  • Tomas Murdych

    Troll, would it be possible that you please refrain from an offensive tone on a web page that we enjoy? – Thanks.

  • Feds

    I almost see the Harley guys point (on this bike specifically, not on the whole “Dress up like the village people, ride slow, and think people are laughing WITH you” thing).

    The styling is not right. Kind of a Chevy HHR thing going on, in that it is not retro enough, but not modern enough either. It tries to put one foot in each camp, and ends up falling down.

    And I am all for a return to inline 4′s in UJM-style bikes, but why 1100 cc’s? This bike is not going to handle well enough to need that much power, and no one is going to be looking to set top-speed records on it. At some point, it starts to cross the line into Boss Hoss territory. Displacement for displacement’s sake, just so you can pose with the rest of your cruiser buddies. You’re an ENGINE company Honda, don’t forget that. Call me when this is a 750, or 600 with a mind-bending combination of low-end response and top end power. That’s what you do. Don’t forget it.

  • DoctorNine

    I think you HD apologists who Don’t Know when to Capitalize are missing the point. Honda is moving from a total disaster with the 919 and 599, and reinvigorating their standard offerings by a return to their UJM roots. It’s kind of funny that HD fanboys, who trumpet ‘tradition’ like it’s a mating call, can’t appreciate that. But then, as a general rule, the HD tribe isn’t well known for deep and profound introspection.

    This bike rocks. It will be well received. ‘Nuff said.

    • Phil H

      Just want to point out that the 599 (and to a lesser extent hugely successful in Europe and Asia.

      And yes, the CB1100 bike is going to sell by the boatload even if no one in the US buys them.

    • Phil H

      Just want to point out that the 599 (and to a lesser extent the 919) has been hugely successful in Europe and Asia.

      And yes, the CB1100 bike is going to sell by the boatload even if no one in the US buys them.

    • chuluun

      ‘Honda is moving from a total disaster with the 919 and 599′

      You’re kidding, right? OK the Hornet 900 was no great shakes, only because everyone was expecting a ‘naked Fireblade’. But the Hornet 600 was the best-selling bike in Europe for years. I’d take either of them in a heartbeat ahead of this tart’s handbag of a bike. Even better would be a CB1000 Super Four. Or if I wanted something big and retro from Honda’s current line-up, the CB1300 urinates all over this, from a great height.

      • DoctorNine

        The Honda 599 was not competitive with its rivals, and was withdrawn from the NA market after the Suzuki SV650 proved more of a compelling design. That’s not to say there was anything wrong with the basic Hawk/Hornet layout; it’s underlying design lasted a very long time. Rather, that the design wasn’t what the NA market was looking for, and it’s performance (or lack thereof) couldn’t overcome that. The 919 is another case entirely, but suffered from the same Euro-centric design cues that afflicted the 599. For some reason, Europe likes lots of plastic bits that look like they were transmogrified off of some insect carapace. I think the NA market is getting tired of that. I could be wrong, but I think this marks the point where cycle design on standards starts to get more functional again. Look at the TU250, and how well it was received. Now compare that to the Gladius, which scares off people who really want the improvements of the new engine over the old SV650, but just can’t stand the design.

        • Tom

          Actually if you go back and read the reviews the 599 whooped the SV functionally, but was simply overpriced.

          As for the current version of the Hornet, it absolutely annihilates the SV.

          • DoctorNine

            Whooped? Motorcyclist Magazine didn’t think so:


            Rider Magazine also gave the nod to the Suzuki:


            Having ridden all of the middleweight standards, I liked the FZ6 best. But then, it has some odd styling cues too. And it is peaky. The Suzuki is probably more fun around town for most people. That fat tail on the Honda felt weird wagging around.

            I think Syke is right. The whole Duc thing probably factored into it.

            • Tom

              From the link you posted, (ironically the exact article I remember).

              “Let’s put it another way: If the 599 listed for, say, $6500 and maybe had a few more amenities—there’s no centerstand, the instruments are Spartan and there’s nothing but a headlight to break the wind—it would win this comparison outright.”

              I can tell you when the SV and 599 are neck and neck coming onto a straightaway, the SV gets passed big time. If both bikes are tuned… the SV gets murdered.

              That being said, both are wonderful machines. I put 30,000 miles on a 599, and own an SV650S now as my track/street bike.

              The bike in discussion here though, is not a sport standard. It’s just a standard, and we have so few of those anymore. I like it.

  • NYR1

    I consider the altenatives.Kawi is not offering anything I would buy.The Z1000 just does not do it for me I rode the last generation model and did not like it at all.Suzuki has the Bandit and it to is lacking in style.Yamaha is only attractive in the FJRand of course the R1.The Big Red VFR is only a consideration in the 12K and under range which it will probably not even be close to.
    I also looked at the NV700 .
    But this bike is most attractive to me .Yes the styling is not exactly retro but it has much more style then the other offerings.
    If it would come to the states I would put one in the garage instead of the NV700

    My 0.02$


  • Sloan

    That road looked strangely computer generated…

    My first bike was a 599. Great bike and I could see why the Hornet models have been great sellers in Europe. I only got rid of it to get a LITTLE more wind protection, LITTLE more power, and integrated hard-cases for touring. If I had more space in the garage, I would have kept it.

  • Tanshanomi

    It seems Honda remembers what motorcycles look like.

  • Phil H

    Retro motorcycles are vehicles that bear characteristics inspired by past motorcycles while still technologically modern

    Unfortunately, technologically speaking, HD never got to that point for their products to be considered as “retro”

  • chuluun

    ‘The 919 is another case entirely, but suffered from the same Euro-centric design cues that afflicted the 599. For some reason, Europe likes lots of plastic bits that look like they were transmogrified off of some insect carapace.’

    Complete nonsense, the original Hornets are as naked as naked bikes get. The only obviously European design cue is the underseat exhausts. As for the SV, that succeeded because it was a cheap bike with a great engine, not because of its ‘compelling design’ — all but the fully-faired versions look a mess compared to the Hornets.

    • DoctorNine

      I’m afraid we disagree.

      The 599 has a plastic upswept tail section with a huge semi-underseat exhaust can that is just AWFUL. Even the front fender is odd, with a long section in front of the fork, and not enough behind it to keep debris off of the header. Which looks unbalanced. The gas tank doesn’t follow the lines of the engine and frame, and the European model has a strange little insectoid-like mini-fairing.

      Regarding the SV650, it WAS a compelling design, BECAUSE it was an inexpensive bike with a great engine. That, in fact, IS designed to be just that. And the fully faired bike looks gorgeous.

      So obviously you are just wrong, and have no taste to boot.
      And yes, that’s a joke. So don’t get tense…

      • Syke

        Didn’t hurt that the SV650 looked like a poor man’s version of a Ducati Monster.

        • AceCafeClipOns

          “Didn’t hurt that the SV650 looked like a poor man’s version of a Ducati Monster.”

          Actually, what must really hurt is buying the rich man’s version of a Suzuki Sv650 just for being able to squander your fortune on maintenance and physiotherapists!

      • chuluunslinging

        OK, there’s no point getting into subjective arguments about taste. I agree with you that the fully-faired SV looks great — because that’s obviously the bike as it was designed. So I guess you could argue that the naked SV is a ‘true’ naked, even though it preceded the fully-faired version on the market. And I also agree that the current Hornet and CB1000R are a different kind of bike, and have gone too far stylistically to be considered standards.

        Getting back to the bike in question, for years we’ve had great bikes like the CB1300, XJR1200/1300, GSX1400, and the CB1100 just looks like a softer, wimpier version of them. As several posters have already pointed out, it would have made more sense as a 750. I think Honda is simply trying to ‘outcube’ its European rivals in this sector.

  • Syke

    Regarding the CB1100: The sales staff at the Honda dealership where I work love the bike, and are hoping it comes through with a $7500-8000 pricetag. At that point they feel they can move th product. Remember, there’s a lot of riders in the 40-60 age group that want something somewhat sporty without dealing with the extreme performance and ergonomics of the race-rep sportbikes.

    My worry is Honda’s past history with something different like this: Their history of unrealistic pricing, as if they’re trying to amortize the tooling in one model year. Remember how the GB500 didn’t sell? It cost more than a CB750 of the same yaer. Ditto the Ascot, 647 Hawk, etc.

  • fishydude

    I had a 1978 CB750. It was a tank. close to 700 pound with fluids. Sprayed oil like an old Harley.
    Granted I bought in 1989 for $900. Hit a car that did an illegal u-turn in front of me. Spent $900 fixing it again. Sold it in 1990 for $300.
    If I wanted retro or something that looked like every other bike out there I would not have bought my ’09 Buell.
    I don’t care how fast the CB1100 can go. I am inclined to agree with Kawalser. It might sell to people stuck in a time machine, like those weenies who think it is so much cooler to ride a new bike that looks 50 years old with a side car. Saw one in Greensboro. The guy just could not wipe the smug off his face.

  • Ken

    Top marks to Honda for getting Ken Burns to shoot their promo vids.

  • Isaac

    I think that red concept with an optional RC181 style fairing and some clip on’s would be great. Then it really would be, as they said about making the bike your own. I have already photoshopped one out and it looks sick.

  • Ammerlander

    Looks like I´m not the only one who immediately thought of a farm tractor when hearing the bike in this video. Not that I don´t like it.

  • Floydzboyz

    As for tractors, know how to read a tach? It’s spinning no faster than about 3k rpm in the video – mostly about 2k.

  • coho

    A standard standard. ‘Bout time.

    If it were a 750 I’d buy one tomorrow.

  • DoctorNine's D9 Cat

    Hey.. Mr.T…
    I found that photo of you and your biker chick.

    Don’t miss lunch. I can hear your mom calling.

  • Troll

    —comment removed by hfl—

  • AceCafeClipOns

    oh, by the way… what was this post about?

    • DoctorNine's D9 Cat

      “..oh, by the way… what was this post about?..”

      Gay kids, riding SV650′s, but having cube envy for 1100 big cc’s.
      I think that about covers it…

    • DocotrNine's D9 Cat

      “..oh, by the way… what was this post about?..”

      Gay kids, riding SV650′s, but having cube envy for 1100 big cc’s.
      I think that about covers it…

  • geonerd

    I’d probably be an inconscionable whiner too if I tried to explain why Honda sucks and Harley doesn’t. But, you needn’t be a brand-worshipping asstard to appreciate the CB. It’s always been a solid ride.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    I reckon it’s 1100cc because the target market for this bike doesn’t necessarily want to go fast, they just want to percieved as able to. Call it CC envy.

    If priced right, I see no reason why Honda can’t sell as many as Kawasaki did of their ZRX’s.

  • geonerd

    You’re wrong, actually, which isn’t that surprising considering you are trying to defend a company who represents basically everything that is wrong with the American manufacturing industry. Honda sold more bikes (311,000) in 2008 than Harley did (303,000).

  • isaac

    Hey left overs are usually pretty cheap. And tha means you can get a bike to have it track dedicated for a low price and have something new.

  • Ben

    I can’t believe I jumped in late to a thread that brought up the 599. Depressing. Thank god Tom came along and set things straight. The only reason the bike didn’t succeed here was a craptastic price point. That’s it.

    The CB1100 is certainly interesting – we’ll just have to see more as it comes down the pipe. Any model deviating from the racer or cruiser archetypes is absolutely welcome in my book.

    • DoctorNine's D9 Cat

      Set the record straight? He rides an SV650 now. Not a 599. THAT sets the record straight. Pfffttt…

  • Phil H

    Hey Troll, just out of curiousity: why the animosity against Honda (or maybe other manufacturers as well)? Not making any judgements, just purely out of curiousity.

  • Mattro

    I was under the impression Honda wasn’t releasing this product in the US… has that changed?

  • Mattro

    There is, by the way, no mention of the cb1100 on their US website that I could find.

  • RT Rider

    Nice looking bike but the wheels suck. How about wire wheels on a retro style bike. They make wire wheels that are tubeless now. I think I would spend my money on a new Moto Guzzi. Lots of style and class and you get the classic Guzzi sound. Honda will probably price it right out of the market like they did with that DN01 thing.

  • Extremus

    Retrostyled?. It is just “styled” unlike most other japanese bikes which have no style at all.

    Kawasaki had the W650 but did not bother going all the way. Marketing was a disaster, aftermarket likewise – and it was difficult – almost impossible – to find a dealership with one in stock. You basically had to buy the bike without ever having seen one “live”.

    I dont think Honda will make that mistake. Triumph (and Ducati?) have shown how its done – and the CB1100 is every bit as good – perhaps even better – than the two.

    PS – I owned a W650. Sweet, sweet bike :)

  • Rosinante

    I ride a 919 and being older then dirt am the target market for this CB.
    I doubt that I’ll buy one.
    My 919 is an ’07, the last year it was shipped to the states. It’s my 2nd one, my first being an ’02.
    I doubt that I’ll buy one for the same reason I bought my ’07. I picked up the ’07 late last summer for $6499. List was about $8299, I think.

    I ride because i enjoy it. There is nothing to enjoy At $10,000+ for a bike.
    Honda won’t sell very many of these. Which means if I live until 2012, I’ll be able to pick one up cheap.
    Honda overprices ALL their bikes. They want an extra few thousand for that Honda on the tank. Back in the day when you could get a new UJM for under $2000, it was worth paying 10% more for a Honda. Today, with Other motorcycle companies matching Honda in Quality and beating them in design and engineering, it isn’t.

    Given the same price, I would rather have a FZ1 or a Bandit 1250. I can pick one up new for under 8 off E-bay. So this CB needs to be OTD at about 7. Watch, the list will be about 10K.
    For a cheap motor, a weak frame and no rear shock.
    Plus I’ll bet it’s as heavy as Aunt Margaret’s Potato Salad.