Yamaha Super Tenere Concept wrapped up like a Jawa

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The wraps just came off the YamahaSuper Tenere Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, or rather they stayed on– the concept is made from cloth and skeletal mechanical components. Evoking a blinged out Bedouin or Touareg desert nomads, but closely resembling the flashlight-eyed Jawa scavengers from Star Wars, the concept is intended to be evocative of exotic adventure in remote destinations. However it looks like it was designed for beach-hooning in Dubai, with all that chrome. We also think it possibly skews a bit heavy on the orientalism while borrowing heavily from the BMW Gina concept car, just here with less metaphorical lady bits.>

The Super Tenere Concept previews the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 production bike which, as you can tell from the pictures, will use a 1200cc parallel twin in an effort to directly rival the R1200GS. That bike will use a 270° crank in an effort to mimic the firing order of a v-twin. Expect to see the production bike next summer, with sales commencing Q4 2010.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Happy WTF day on HFL! A very interesting way to setup a concept model. Speaking of Jawa, this ‘concept’ is so far out there I wouldn’t have been surprised to see their Alcohol burning speedway single engine used for the concept. It wouldn’t have made it any less WTF.

    But I am eagerly awaiting Yamaha’s entry to battle against the BMW. Right now there aren’t any bikes from Japan that compete with the big dualies. Honda’s Africa Twin was probably the only thing that came close.

    Oh, and I really hope Yamaha imports the thing into the US. The GS is BMW’s best seller state-side and the segment continues to grow.

    • TeeJay

      Huh, not WTF day, it’s Grant’s style. Disambiguously negative.

  • http://www.bend.gr Odysseas

    They also show that their bike is going to be a big displacement parallel twin bike, maybe using the engine from the tdm 900 which is an evolution of the engine if the original supertenere 750 they had ten years back…

    nice styling as well…

    • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

      btw you have some great looking print work odysseas!

  • http://bolty.net Stacy

    Oi, they totally should have swapped the headlights for small dual lights with yellow lenses.

  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

    kinda liking where the concept was going, but i think someone with influence likes “dubs” a bit too much.

    in my opinion it could have been more fun with khaki and white frame components, etc, and if it had been a fully built out bike.

  • Ken

    It’s the Mummy. Hilarious.

    Glad you noticed that GINA concept from BMW. That was strong but quality medicine. Someone should try it out on a bike. Someone like, I dunno, BMW.

  • Telekom

    It would be very convenient if you could replace motorcycle bodywork with old scarves. You’d never worry about paint or fairing damage again.

  • http://plugbike.com/ skadamo

    Reminds me of the Paris-Dakar logo…


    That bike would look great in my living room. Like it.

  • DoctorNine

    I have this new concept I built myself last time I was out for drinks with friends. It is made of swizzle sticks and coasters. I would let you see it, but the ground-breaking style would instantly be stolen by evil agents of chaos, so I’m hiding it. And then I would never get my due. So you all are unfortunately going to have to wait to see it until it actually goes into production. Or the dog vomits it back up. Whichever comes first.

  • Erick

    Some concepts should remain behind closed doors. This is one such design. If it had to be introduced to the public, it should have first been treated to the final Buell blast treatment:

  • Isaac

    In US Navy terms; (that I learned while out at sea) this here boys and girls is what we Sailors’ refer to as a “Sea Donkey”.

    Means one ugly ass B—h!

  • Sam

    I think it’s a bit more of a Tusken Raider than a Jawa, and I can’t believe I just said that about a motorcycle.


  • Adrian

    The motorcycle industry is in the toilet world-wide and Yamaha* are wasting time and effort on this. Why couldn’t we see a mock-up of the production bike or,at least, an updated Sakura twin.

    • full disclosure – Yamaha fan and owner of four
  • Markkit

    A 1200cc at the Paris Dakar? Sounds over powered and over weight..With KTM gone from Paris Dakar it won`t be hard to beat BMW, especially the boxer engine…The larger R1150GS was never competitive in Paris Dakar, especially with all the mechanical assistance every bike got after every stage. I don`t suppose the R1200GS will be any better, maybe the the F engine will competitive, but its an 800cc not a 1200cc.

  • http://autos.qandas.com/licensing-tags/what-is-the-dmv-or-department-of-motor-vehicles.html DMV Locations

    That was a nice concept from Yamaha. Been in Japan last year and have witnessed different concepts for bike shows.

  • PeteP

    1. Dakar racers are limited to 450cc singles. That’s why KTM dropped out.

    2. Jawa? You mean this?: