2010 Aprilia Shiver: revised looks, same dynamics

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Like the 2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory, images of the 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750 have leaked ahead of the official unveiling on Monday. Unlike it’s supermoto sibling, the Shiver isn’t an upgraded model, but rather a refresh designed to reinvigorate stagnant sales of Aprilia’s naked roadster. New is the fairing around the headlight, the 5mm lower seat height, higher footpegs and lower bars, while new aesthetics beyond the paint scheme are shared with the Dorsoduro Factory in the form of blacked-out exhaust shrouds, a red steel trellis connected to a black cast aluminum frame, and wavy brake discs. We’ve included a shot of the old Shiver in the gallery above so you can see how well the changes work for yourself.
While the Shiver has been a clear technological leader in the naked
segment — one of the first affordable bikes to feature ride-by-wire
with switchable engine maps– it’s never been competitive with rivals
like the Kawasaki Z750 or Triumph Street Triple in terms of
performance. The reason for that performance deficit isn’t power (95bhp
and 60lb/ft are competitive for a naked 750, particularly a twin), but rather the weight. At
417lbs (dry) the Shiver is simply a porker. Where other similar
capacity Aprilia’s share that weight problem, they make up for it with
significant USPs; the Dorsoduro is big supermoto with power that
matches the Hypermotard 1100, the Mana has a freaking automatic
transmission. We guess Aprilia is hoping that “The Shiver is good
looking” will now be enough to make people want it.

OmniMoto.it via Aprilia Forum

  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lenny

    best facelift i’ve seen in years!
    great looking bike

    • DoctorNine

      Have to agree, Lenny. Aprilia sure is paying attention this year!

  • Toni

    God… the X it’s much much heavier than the italian!
    216kg to 187 of aprilia’s….
    and since i tested both, the feedback of the aprilia it has much rage than kawa’s! (at least, i felt this…)

  • vic

    damn that looks nice.sort of an bimota delirio for the working class

  • Chris

    the shiver is good looking now. that thing’s hawt.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    If Aprilia had more dealers they would absolutely CRUSH it in the U.S. I live in the ATL and I see an absolute SHIT TON of BMWs around here. You know why? Two venerable, extremely good dealerships (Blue Moon and BMW ATL) that foster a fan base.

    I haven’t ridden the new Shiver, but the “old” one is fantastic. Light, responsive, street-friendly powerband and suspension, great sound without being too loud, and head-turning looks.

    I love “sporty” standard bikes. I’ve been riding my old man’s K1200GT latetly and it leaves me longing for a bike that doesn’t feel like you’re landing a jumbo jet every time you pull up to a red light.

  • Russ

    It’s called trying to distinguish yourself from the Suzuki Gladius and Monster 696. The old Shiver design already looked dated because of the Monster 696 and Gladius. Now Aprilia is trying something different. Italians will lead, and the Japanese will follow in design.

  • isaac

    I am glad I waited. I was going to go trade in my ’07 YZF-R6 on Monday. This red/blk one is the model I want.

    When I slap on the Akra’s, this machine will just melt my heart.

    My only complaint, albeit samll, why the silver swing arm?

    Now if they make a factory with a light frame, crank case and wheels. I think I just might die.

    Good job Ape builders!

  • chuluun

    It was already a good-looking bike and it looks even better now. Not sure why it isn’t already selling by the boatload, probably because of lack of dealer support as someone suggested above.

    Aprilia have some hot products right now. This could be their year as there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff coming out of Japan. It’s just a shame they don’t have the production capacity to pump out a new, RSV4-based Tuono yet.

  • kidchampion

    Good looking! The paint scheme is such an improvement from the metallic orange/silver and/or the matte gray/silver/gold. These colors make it look like what it is: a high quality, well designed bike from Italy.

  • robotribe

    Awesome. Looks like Piaggio is serious about making a dent in the marketplace. Performance nakeds are clearly a European affair as as the USA is concerned. The Z1000 seems to be a Japanese token offering in the States.

    And no, the Gladius is not comparable.

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com coho

    The Shiver and Dorsoduro are so much better looking than the Gladius and MultiStradAperta that the Aprilias actually make them even uglier just by existing.

  • Toni

    Gladius does not mean ugly in “antique” japanese?

  • http://anthonievdw.com Anthonievdw

    I have a shiver 750….. Looking to get another naked of same caliber….. just can’t find one. The Aprilia is simply magic. I test drove everything on the South African market, and nothing comes close to the shiver for the same kudos. The same goes for the Tuono Factory R, as well as the RSV… but we all know that…..

    I might look at the Monster 796 too, but it’s almost twice the price here…..