2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport: hot new paint

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Already the most desirable bike in BMW’s range, the 2010 BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport adds a paint scheme pulled straight off the company’s endurance racer.  Weighing 179kg (dry) and powered by a 133bhp, 85lb/ft version of the boxer twin that’s now found its way into the 2010 BMW R1200GS, Adventure and RT, only 400 of this limited edition of the already exotic motorcycle will be available in Europe.

  • Charlie

    Wow…that is not working for me. I have the ’09 bike and I think mine just got even nicer. The bike is almost too much as it is. This is way over the top from my perspective. Pics don’t do this bike justice, and I’m sure it’s nicer in the flesh, but thumbs down on this paint scheme. The only new BMW color I like is the yellow GS adv

  • Bellini66

    Gorgeous, gorgeous bike… :)

  • TeeJay

    I disagree on the “most desirable” term.
    S1000RR, K1300R, R1200GS are more attractive.

  • http://www.hp2.info Andrew Macpherson

    This is stunning, the only thing wrong with it is it is EU only. My revenge on the powers that be at BMW will be buying a second hand one, and respraying it. That way not a dime goes to BMW AG as punishment for cheating us Americans out of our share of this gorgeous LE special.

    • scott kenny

      i feel its not correct that the u.s.a will not get any of the 2010 bikes as there are only 400 of them . as i have a 2009 hp 2 sport i am not looking to buy the 2010 bike any way; but my bmw dealer have
      no prices or 2010 bikes for sale yet and may never get them . to any one who loves sport bikes and can get the chance to ride a hp2 sport do so and enjoy ;i love mine to bits ,.

  • andrew

    I heard from my local BMW motorad dealer that the US is indeed getting the 2010 HP2, 12 total… now, where’s my checkbook?…