2010 Ducati 848 Dark: $12,995

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2010_Ducati_848_Dark.jpgThe 2010 Ducati 848 Dark is painted in matte black and will retail for $1,000 less than the regular 848. No word on whether or not and sacrifices have been made to the spec level to bring that price down, but a quick look over this picture doesn’t reveal any immediately apparent mechanical changes.

Update: the 848 Dark doesn’t downgrade its spec to achieve the lower price and actually benefits from the same upgrades as the rest of the 2010 848 range: aluminum cam belt tensioner pulleys, LED dash and 30mm mirror extension kit. 

  • jblaze


  • DucatiVeloce

    maybe i can trade mine in… that is one fine moto.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Now this is sex-on-wheels. Dark versions of Ducati’s have always intrigued me. It has to be the dichotomy of awesome looks at day and being super invisible at night. Nice Price

  • DoctorNine

    Wow. It matches my helmet. I suppose I must force myself to be a slave to fashion, and buy one now. So if my wife asks why I have ANOTHER bike in the garage, that’s my excuse, and I am going to stick with it.

  • hidden

    I rode a 1098s this past week for the first time ever, and was actually surprised at how roomy and not-that-uncomfortable it was. Walloping power band was exactly as described however.

    So, next up is this puppy. Hopefully it is not too much different from its older brother.