2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 live from EICMA

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Photos: Maarten Timmer

The more we see of the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200, the more we like it. Not because we’re any less convinced that it’s ridiculously ugly, but because we’ve seen it enough now that it’s ceasing to scare us and we’re growing more and more excited about the apparent depth of abilities brought by things like the electronic ride height adjustment, programmable engine maps and eight mode traction control. These live photos reveal a bike that looks extraordinarily comfy and pretty well made, if a little heavy on the plastic and light on the tread for real off-roading. Check out our Ducati tag page for more details on this bike and the EICMA page for all the bikes from the show. 

  • V

    There are some cool multistrada streetfighters that look like the…streetfighter. I look forward to seeing some great looking and needed mods on this thing. That is, if the BMW geezer crowd doesn’t get at them all first and keep them stock. Which would be as wasteful as a virgin.

  • http://www.ducatinewstoday.com Mark Morrison

    It seems like it could be a breakthrough machine, forget Adventure tourer and the BMW R1200G/S, think a whole new take on the UJM or UEM I guess!! However why did they style it to deliberately try and make it ugly? That I can’t forgive!! I have a bunch of Multi12 photos taken from the showroom floor too on my site. I think it looks best in black because the snout is slightly less visually intrusive


  • http://www.ducatinewstoday.com Mark Morrison

    Sorry me again. I’m looking forward to a KTM950SMT comparo with the Multi12

  • mat rempit

    Is it a bird or an insect? Ant eater…

  • DoctorNine

    I am waiting for the guys who buy these things to form a sacred brotherhood, complete with t-shirts, that say: “THE BEAK!!!” proudly, in black on red.

  • Doug

    Plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, ugly, and looks like….shite. Seems it’s suppose to grow on you. There are many things that do that, that …. it’s better if you don’t.

  • vic

    you know they do that on purpose ..the ugly plastic detail that just happens to have an CF correspondent in the parts catalog…I’m talking about all the italian manufacturers,mv,ducati,guzzi etc they make perfectly loveable machines,pay attention to detail(well..mv and guzzi at least) and at the last minute put ugly eye sores just begging to be changed..a dealer told me that .he said that he can’t remember how many CF air ducts he sold just because owners coulodn’t stand the site of the plastic one’s on the mv..there are cf plates but they look like shit

    ps:why the beak?is it a vaccuum cleaner?

  • PJ

    ….buck melanoma, moley russell’s wort…..not her wort, i’m the wort, she’s my tumour, my growth, my pimple, i’m uncle wort, just old buck wort russell that’s what they call me, or melanoma head, they call me that, melanoma head is coming….

  • tls

    It’s a very cool design and idea, but if it breaks every 2k miles it’s not much of an adventure bike

    • chuluun

      Why would it do that? Ah, I see where you’re going; if it was like the BMWs Ewan and Charley used on Long Way Round/Down…

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    It’s the ButterFace of the motorcycling industry. Rhinoplasty! Stat!

  • tls

    “Why would it do that”

    Yup that’s where I am going. The 2 Ducati’s (st3, multistrada) I’ve owned weren’t exactly super reliable over many miles. ADV bikes must be to be practical obviously. The last thing I need is to be in the middle of Death Valley and have a dumb breakdown.

    Hey I could be wrong and I hope I am, but I think I’ll let others go through the 1st year and report back all’s cool. Love the bike in principal.

    Oh, not a BMW fan for the most part either.

  • Dagbre

    A very disappointing copy of BMWs awful squawk-design. It looks like a birdy pokemon.

    Why didn´t they borrow front design elements from the beautiful 1098?

    The tech-specs look good, but I´ll never buy a bike with a beak. Sorry, Ducati, you just lost a customer who´s been waiting for a long time, and who´s now very disappointed.