2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200: official photos leak

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MC24.no managed to scoop official photos of the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 earlier tonight. The controversially styled adventure tourer inherits the 1198.4cc engine from the Ducati 1198, giving it a rumored 150bhp to power 192kg (dry). That means that R1200GS owners won’t have to spend too long gagging at the horrible looks as the liquid-cooled Ducati disappears into the horizon. That triumph should last as far as the first gravel road, as this supposedly dirt-capable machine wears distinctly road-biased rubber. Both the standard model and the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S are pictured in the above gallery, with the latter wearing gold Ohlins forks to distinguish it from the base model. We’ll bring you more details from the bike’s official unveiling on Monday, but expect a similar model differentiation to the 1198 and 1198 S, with the S gaining traction control in addition to the fancy pants suspenders.

via MC24.no

  • Balzac


  • tedesco886

    The bagless black one looks SICK….hopefully tests show it as capable offroad as they say it is, also, i’d like to see some wire wheels on it for a little more flex offroad…

  • chuluun

    Actually with the handguards and big mirrors it looks quite bull-like from the front. It’s growing on me already, as odd-looking things tend to do eventually. At least it looks weird and aggressive, unlike the original Multistrada which was just weird.

    • DoctorNine

      I dunno. It might be fast on the country blacktop, but it still looks like a sparrow in some ‘Transformers’ movie.

      Where’s that hacksaw…..

  • General Apathy

    Hmm something fishy about those photos.. The white one appears to be an S with the gold forks, but does not have the CF belt covers like the black S does..

    I’ll take mine in red.

    • Quentin Wilson

      There are two different versions of the S model, you can order it up as sport or touring, the carbon is part of the differences.

  • Sid

    CAW! I dig it the beak. It looks like a possessed crow. If you are going to go weird with the styling make it scary.

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com coho

    It looks sway-backed, like an old horse that’s carried a fat rider for too long.

    I’m sure it’s plenty fast, and probably sounds extremely cool, but it mostly seems kinda like a 2wheeled Porsche Cayenne. Maybe it’s less hideous and off-mission in person.

  • http://www.bendeuromoto.com Kathy Jo Porter

    R1200GS owners gagging at a Ducati? Perhaps someone should lend them a mirror….

  • Ben

    i totally understand why not many like the looks of this, but i love it. so cool.
    are ducati bikes any more reliable than they used to be? :-)

  • Modena

    A beak? I don’t think so! It looks like it is sticking a black tongue out as it goes “blech”

  • jblaze

    I think I need to get me one of these…

  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lenny

    hey the new triumph tiger!

  • Dan

    Red is the faster model.

  • adventure rider

    I doubt it will be dirt or even gravel capable. Ducati has officially stated and restated a number of times that it would not be off-pavement/off-road oriented, but rather retain the orientation of the current Multistrada as a multi-road/street sport touring bike capable of handling somewhat rough roads.

    Looking at the photos the setup/layout pretty much supports that assertion. The only sources asserting the bike will be ‘dirt’ capable are the media and those wanting it to be so. Dream on. If you want a dirt capable v-twin with performance, look no further than KTM – but remember, weight is the Great Satan off-road, and no amount of suspension or HP can make up for 400+ pounds of weight when you are on a single track trail with tree roots and rocks and logs over a foot high to climb over while going up a steep muddy trail.

  • Er Matriciano

    Che cesso,come tutte le ducati del resto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    should be a cool bike. the seat looks kinda low, and way to curved though. looks like it will force you into one position. dunno about that. the monsters are curves like that too and fairly uncomfortable for it. hypermotard stock seat sucks too. dudes are blowing it seatwise.