2010 Honda CBF1000: CBR600RR headlights, CBR1000RR motor

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The 2010 Honda CBF1000 has been comprehensively refreshed with an all-new aluminum frame, new styling with CBR600RR headlights and a revised engine now delivering both more power and more economy. At 107bhp (up from 98) and 70lb/ft, power is still freakishly low for an engine based on the CBR1000RR, but the idea is to delivery smooth, easy grunt for commuting long distances in all weathers rather than outright oomph. Honda claims fuel economy has improved by seven percent.
The new aluminum backbone frame doesn’t appear to have any impact on
the overall weight (in fact, the claimed curb weight has increased from
242 to 245kg), but it does serve to move the engine further forward,
making room for a longer swingarm that will aid traction.

Other practical features are a four position adjustable screen,
adjustable bars, standard C-ABS and optional heated grips and a bespoke
panniers/top box combo.

If the thought of fast, practical, comfortable, affordable all-purpose
motorcycles scares you, don’t fret too much, the CBF1000 isn’t coming

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  • s0crates82

    Hey, I’ve got one of those. Except mine is called the 03 yamaha fz1.

  • sam

    black please

  • pigsbladder

    “Not coming stateside”…. OF COURSE! Honda would never bring anything I’d buy over here.

    • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ Cynic

      Exactly what I was thinking… WHY don’t they?

      I guess people in the US either buy harleys to tour on, or Race Replicas to sport ride on?

      It was damn frustrating shopping for a bike earlier this year, so few all rounder street bikes make it to the states.

  • kawalaser

    looks like some kind of strange, flightless bird.

  • TeeJay

    Shame you don’t get the best bikes…

  • DoctorNine

    No great loss. I agree it looks too much like an FZ1. I’d rather have the CB1100 you showed a couple days ago. But that’s just me…