2010 Husqvarna SM630: more power, more comfort

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The 2010 Husqvarna SM630 has been updated over the previous 610 with an all-new chassis and a modified engine. The DOHC engine now displaces a full 600cc and makes 20% more power than the previous 570cc unit — 56bhp and 41lb/ft of torque — which only needs to motivate 158kg/348lbs (dry). Comfort has been improve for both rider and passenger with thicker seat padding and new grab handles, while practicality is up thanks to a more powerful headlamp. Full details below.  >

The new SM 630 encapsulates Husqvarna’s racing spirit in a “street” bike.
This new model is the embodiment of all the know-how Husqvarna has acquired over ten years of racing and
winning in the supermotard category. The SM 630′s greatest gifts are its light weight andthe fact that it is so easy
to usethe power from its magnificent single cylinder 600cc engine.
The SM 630is the perfect bike for dealing with city traffic and this “Urban Cross” from Husqvarna boasts all
Italian design and style.

The SM 630 first took shape as project 610 but the frame and engine were totally redesigned.
The new completely designed bodywork gives an elegant, streamlined yetaggressivelook. The saddle, tanks, side panels and front and rear mudguards are all newly designed. The saddle especially now has double depth padding to provide the rider and passenger with more comfortable seating for medium and long journeys.
Passengers will be able to make use of two specially designed handles on the saddle frame that will let allow them to feel both safer and more comfortable.
The headlight unit is also new and houses a stronger lamp. This unit is built into the fairingthat goes perfectly with the “racing” mudguard. The frame and rear swing arm are now black to contrast with the two new colour schemes available-Whiteand aluminium and black and white.
The white and aluminium version is more elegant and sober featuring”in mould” plastic decorations. The black and white version is sportier and more aggressive with fully painted bodywork.
The rear mudguard is also new with LED lights and a built-in number plate holder.
The main news item on the new SM 630 is the engine that has been bored out from 98 to 100 mm to give a capacity of 600ccThe head now has a red rocker box like the race machines and housesDOHC valve gear from the racing 450/510 that provides 20% more power than the previous 570cc version.

  • travis

    I dunno what this issuu thing is but it pretty much sucks… maybe its just not working in Chrome I dunno. It also goes over the top of the beautiful pictures…

    Nice bike though! I want it!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      I”m afraid you lost me. Are you having a problem with the images expanding in the Chrome browser?

  • yahoo

    I’m using Chrome and no viewing prob’s

  • Matt

    You guys used Issuu to display brochures on some of the KTM posts; perhaps he was commenting on his problem with those pages.

    It looks like the road going SM buyer’s options are exploding. Sure wish I made money…

  • sam


  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

    wow, thats one sexy supermoto!

  • Bronson

    The 20% increase in power is nice, but 348 lbs dry is getting heavy for a bike like this. My buddies ’08 SM610 was 317 wet.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I bet a lot of that increase is in the two huge exhaust cans, just can’t get around emissions these days.

    • vic

      well that’s because BMW took over,i think they put lead in the frame :)) i was expecting something more substantial once they started running the show but so far the only thing that s changed are less parts availability and an increase in price on them.

  • Isaac

    Are there any styandard size supermotos? I have seen Ducati’s 796, Aprilia’s 450 / 750, KTM’s 450 / 690 and now this?

    Anyway it look hawt! 348lbs is bit hefty. I was hoping for 300 wet total.

    • Jordan

      Husqvarna has the SM450R/SM510R which weight 250lbs dry. They are competition machines, complete with 1500 mile valve adjustment intervals, 70 mile range, and a tendancy to overheat at stop lights.

      Bronson, the HC+NOx limit for 2010 motorcycles in the US is almost 1/2 what it was for 2006-2009. Expect to gain 5hp and drop 25lbs by going to an aftermarket exhaust.

  • Suweeeeeeet

    Done and done. Thats my backup toy for 2010, will need an arrow pipe though.

    In a related matter anyone in Oz want to buy my smr510 2006, so I can finance this toy?

  • Random

    This is kinda buggin’ me: the version shown is the “white/aluminium” or the “black/white” one? There’s black, white and aluminiun in everything…

  • Nick

    Damn… I didn’t realize those Huskys weighed more than my Duke… now I have no excuse for those guys being faster than me at the track. :D