2010 KTM Super Duke: great colors, bad graphics

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2010_KTM_Super_Duke_Olive.jpgIf this 2010 KTM Super Duke didn’t have such heinous barb wire/tattoo graphics we think we’d be in love. The black tank, matte olive panels and white frame are an amazing combination. Think the graphics peel off?

  • Swagger

    ..gods I hope they peel off……

  • ryan

    The graphics are great. The colours are utterly atrocious and clearly geared towards the tasteless american market.

    • charlie

      Theres more then one color to chose from, and it doesn’t look that bad

  • Cam

    It’d be nice if these posts actually linked somewhere. Its annoying always clicking on the tag in the post (in this case “2010 KTM Super Duke”) and only getting the post I’m already looking at. I’d love a link to more photos and specs.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Cam, it’s part of the architecture so that as information is provided and published in the future, the tag will automatically pull all articles.

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That’s part of the system of things we have to do to be competitive in google I’m afraid, there’s just no getting around it. You can always click “KTM” or whatever in the rag cloud for more articles on that subject.

  • Core

    I like the color scheme. But it looks like a bird took a crap on it as it was going down the road. a large bird

    I’d rather had something else graphics wise.. a bird, a set of wings maybe.. Something a little different. And just on the tank area. Although if done right it could probably go to the tail fenders..

  • Sean Smith

    I doubt those peel off; if the superduke is anything like their dirt bikes, they’re on there to stay. Fortunately, that’s nothing a cheap vinyl graphics kit cant fix.

  • D C

    @Core – a large bird indeed

    Why can’t moto designers (in general) make graphics, if not overall design, a simple, classy affair? No one is questioning the Chrysler building’s excesses – it’s over the top but simple, angular, yet organic. This is exactly what KTM needs to attempt. They have defined themselves by their angular styling: who’s to say that this excludes them from the swankiest of clubs? White frame, black plastics with olive drab panels (without birdshit) would be perfect. Fortunately there is Krylon, which bonds fantastically with most plastics….

  • Harry Ho

    Looks like someone has had a hand party all over those front panels..

  • Maas

    I’m so sick and tired of the industry forcing this tribal tattoo crap on us. You can’t go into a store and not be overwhelmed with some squidly garb. I asked the Shoei marketing manger at an industry trade show about it and with a straight face he told me that this is what customers want. I got the impression it’s just a brand manager that decided it will be cool to have gear that matches your girlfriends tramp stamp.

    As for KTM it is great to see they have more than orange in their color palette. Future SuperDuke owners you have my permission to peel those silly graphics off.

  • mojo

    The scary thing is someone (marketing?) spent many hours and thought long and hard about what graphics to put on this bike and this is what they came up with. Shame!

  • pdub

    That’s why someone like Roland Sands gets the recognition and appreciation that he does. A guy who rides, builds, and doesn’t need a marketing guy to tell him how to make a bike look cool. He makes a bike HE thinks looks cool and by the name it’s made for him it looks like a lot of people agree. Not giving RSD a hand job here but just proving a point. You have great engineers to make a bike go, stop, and turn well. You have great industrial designers to help make it all look and feel like something you want (in KTM’s case cool angles and polygons) then you hand over the graphics to someone who slaps something over everyone else’s good work that looks like a bad tattoo someone got on vacation while they were drunk.

  • Kidchampion

    “The graphics are great. The colours are utterly atrocious and clearly geared towards the tasteless american market.”


    Christian Audiger

  • Doug

    “The graphics are great. The colours are utterly atrocious and clearly geared towards the tasteless american market.” Excuse me, but putting that Euro Shite at the doorstep of others is lame. Keep the Euro centric conceit to yourself. It’s a classic “there’s nothing new, but we changed the stickers”.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      He was joking. Christian Audigier is an oft-mocked pretentious French fashion designer that designs horrible tattoo t-shirts and stuff like these graphics.

      • Doug

        Actually Christian was not the first one who posted the comment. It was Ryan’s post #2.

        • Sean Smith

          What Wes is trying to explain, is that Christian Audigier is the guy behind those god-awful Ed Hardy shirts. It’s a joke, Kidchampion saw the graphics, and then Ryan’s post. He put 2 and 2 together and came up with the Ed Hardy edition KTM joke.

  • jimbo

    The shrouds are most likely clear coated as they are on most of KTM’s street bikes. The graphics are horrid. I’m not sure about the white frame but the greens better than the previous generations orange metal-whatsit paint. Ick.

    Hopefully, the improvements made in the LC8, which are in the SMR/T, will be applied to the superduke and adventure. The new motor is an enormous improvement. MSRP on the RC8 is going to be $16,500, too.

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