2010 MV Agusta F4, the crime caper

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2010_MV_F4_clocks.jpgThe scene: a darkened mansion. Crickets are chirping.  A hot blonde in a skull cap enters carrying a phallic flashlight. It looks like she’s there to rob the place. The bombshell burglar strikes again. But what’s that? A painting of the old F4? No, wait, it’s the 2010 MV Agusta F4, you can kinda tell because the headlight’s a little different. Slowly, the blonde lifts the painting off the wall like it’s a priceless old master, suddenly it  animates into life, revealing a cliched on-track action clip with a thrash metal soundtrack.  >

Click here for more images and info on the new F4.

  • http://www.brammofan.com/ Brammofan

    Probably overthinking this, but is she handing the keys back to the owner because she doesn’t want to have an MV Augusta until someone buys them from Harley?
    One more comment: I really like leather pants.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I thought that she was delivering it to someone who paid her to steal it, but who knows.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com Nick Goddard

    Not digging the square pipes as much as the old organ pipes. Other than that, digging the new bike exactly as much as I dug the old bike :)

  • General Apathy

    Blah.. The Dashboard splash screen really says “Motorcycle Art”?? As in Don’t-expect-it-to-be-functional?

  • someofthis

    They’r from Minneapolis.
    She’s the girlfriend
    (someofthemride and dresslikethat in spring)
    He’s on a business trip (chopper)
    Bringing the bike up for the weekend!!!!

  • nick r

    As my 4 year old neice would say, “Dumb.”

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk urban rider

    I sincerely hope they didn’t pay more than $500 and food expenses for that. At least they didn’t get Dave from the spares department, slap him on the bike with his XXXXXL jacket like Triumph do.

    I’ve seen better Colgate toothbrush ads.

  • Telekom

    Beautiful bike, even if the video is stoopid. Watching it on a video is, however, probably the closest I’ll ever get to one.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Ummm, was I supposed to watch that whole video? I just couldn’t. It was so bad and completely the same as anything done in 1999.

  • GusPorterhouse

    At 0:58: What’s that sound? SWEET CAN O’CORN DID SOMEBODY USE THE REAR BRAKE?!? :)

    I knew it wasn’t a lie! Not like that cake.

  • ryan

    I think you should probably abstain form categorising music if you think that is thrash metal.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Damn, my I’m-not-a-teenage-goth-from-kansas is showing.

      • ryan


        Thrash is what metallica started out as.

        It’s got nothing to do with your whole wearing your mum’s makeup and stockings escapades.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

          First time I heard Megadeth or Metallica was in the back of my not-yet-brother-in-law’s beat up Laguna when he’d give me rides to elementary school in the morning. Then it got totaled and he got a new Trans-Am, where I first heard G-N-R.

          And no, Wes knows nothing about music, nothing new there, carry on.

  • Hope

    For a moment there you can hear the engine over the music…. and then the rear tire squeal!!!! from a down shift?!?!

  • emptybee

    The action shots were taken by one of those Tour de France camera guys standing backwards on the passenger pegs of a BMW GS.

  • Mike

    Phallic flashlight? I’ll never, um, handle my Maglite the same! Oh yeah, nice bike too, though when was the last time MV Augusta did anything besides make a rich playboy look like a squid?

  • http://www.RockersCT.com R13

    What’s with the cheesy music in bike ads lately? The only decent one was the A.F.I. intro in the streetfighter promo.

  • A Steel

    Looks like they’ve skimped on the production budget and hired a porno company to make this! All bad and what percentage of their clientbase are into thrash metal?!

  • vic

    looks like a rocco sinfredi porn,where the hot blonde gets caught by the rich man who has his way with her.i like it from the front..i just don’t like the rear exhaust..the lines on the front nose are beautiful..studio shots are crap..i saw some pics on the eicma and from an angle it looks spectacular..oh and the all black(shiny/matte pearl finish)is spectacular.. the headlight looks like a jewel

  • BobG

    Bad video,nice blonde. What make of bike was that? I think I have to go to the bathroom.

  • mattro

    european. in every way, in all ways, european. this is just how ads look on the continent.

    in fact, there were probably paintings of cadburry chocolate, seimen telephones, and a peugeot 307 in that mansion they shot identical commercials for.

  • http://http Poppawheelie

    Say what you want. It’s pretty darn classy compared to American ads. I don’t even watch TV anymore, except PBS and Euro broadcasts.