2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE debuts new suspension

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2010_Triumph_Speed_Triple_SE.jpgIt’s easy to spot the gaudy red paint and white stripe that set this Speed Triple apart from the usual all-white or all-black versions, but it’s what you can’t see that makes the 2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE at least passingly significant. Upgraded internals bring greater damping capabilities while the rear shock gains a five percent softer rear spring. All that’s supposed to add up to better ride comfort, reduced fork dive and greater suspension control. All that will make it’s way to the regular Speed Triple next year too.
2010_Triumph_Speed_Triple_Ohlins.jpgTriumph’s also announcing a partnership with Ohlins which will see the
Swedish suspension components made available from Triumph dealers. Look
for parts that will fit all bikes in the Triumph range. This gaudy show
bike is meant to promote this partnership.

  • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com BloodFalcon

    Ducati Monsterish much?


    • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk urban rider

      Because it is red and has a white stripe? Next you will be comparing KTMs and HD because they are both orange!

      The tricked up one looks the nuts, RULE BRITANNIA!

      • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com BloodFalcon


  • nlzmo400r

    Love the wheels on the ‘gaudy’ bike. Its about time Triumph got on with Ohlins for a great factory suspension. Hope these parts find their way on the new Daytona 675 as well.

    And as far as being ‘Monsterish’, Ive ridden both bikes extensively, and the SP3 is VERY different in almost every way from the Monster 1100.

    • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com BloodFalcon

      I was referring to the paint. I own a Speed Triple, and used to own a Monster. I’m just sick of Triumph recycling colors and doing what every other brand already has.

  • sam

    oh gosh now im excited

  • Amph D

    Oh Jeebus. I want that “gaudy show bike” so fuggin bad.

  • powermatic

    Geez, why aren’t they selling the ‘show bike’? That cleans up an already dead-sexy motorcycle, and the maroon/all black combo looks great. Good to see they’re maintaining the buy-eye headlights.

  • bzr

    Red with white stripes is – dare I say – too wimpy for the Speed Triple. I’d much rather have it in that matte grey color that all the press bikes seem to have been featured with. That’s more of a bitchin’ color scheme for this crazy-assed bike.

  • http://www.blackletter.org Trav

    man. That bike is so gaudy. gaudy gaudy gaudy. and I thought the OCC firetruck bike was bad… SHEESH! I completely at a loss for what a truely gaudy motorcycle looks like until I saw this thing! I’ve seen bikes coverd in fur that looks more sleek! Holy fuck, I just about want to scratch my eyes out, it’s so FUCKING GAUDY.

    • Ash

      I do own a “gaudy” Triple and you know the white is a really fine glitter that sparkles gorgeously if you stay still long enough to look at it.
      lol, the old bill chased me the other day ‘cos they thought I’de nicked my own bike! bit naughty what with being a sweet female staff nurse, works wonders for getting let off though. he he.

  • Swagger

    Trav, buddy….lay off the redbull man. You’re gonna blow a gasket.

    Bloodfalcon: Fail? You have to be kidding right? How is it a fail at all? Let’s see here; looks great, simple and clean. Pretty new paint sprayed on the above good looking bike? Hmm…yeah I can see where that’d be a bad thing……..? Uprated suspension, yeah that sucks. How could they even consider such a thing. right?

    Wes: Gaudy? man…what’s your criteria for a good looking bike. Wait…lemme guess, either Repsol or Redbull graphis or all black? Sheesh man, this is a gorgeous bike. Hell…it could be the radioactive toad green they were pushing for a while. THAT was gaudy.

  • zippythehog

    +1 on wheels and suspension.
    I dig the “little” gaudy bits-aeroequip type connector for the oil cooler and rear axle spacer anodized red. Maybe I can get a green one for the 2007?
    I’d loose the radiator and chin cowls. Naked means naked (or so I’ve read…).

  • Tony

    I think the colour is not it’s greatest problem. That bikini fairing (or ugly instrument cover) and the twin headlights are terrible. I would buy this thing otherwise.

    i nice big round headlight and a minimal speedo/idiot light combo would do wonders for this bike.

    And stop calling this class “streetfighter” because it is such a dumb description. You are not 13 anymore.

  • Mike Green

    Converted to Red:
    Having owned an 05 black 1050 and a 09 black 1050 and now the Red SE 1050 am I mad or do i just know a good bike when I ride one. The new softer ride is like the 05 bike and better for it. The new look is like Ducati but who cares it looks better on the better bike

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  • Buelligan

    If you can zoom in, you,ll see this “Gaudy” Red paint job is actually “Beautiful clear red Carbonfibre!! ” SWEET I,d give my right nut to own this.

  • Ash

    But saying that I literally would give anything for the dark red/black Triple it truly is the dogs nads!