Detail shots of the Moto Guzzi V12 Le Mans Concept raise more questions than they answer

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Photos: Maarten Timmer

We love Pierre Terblanche and Miguel Galluzzi’s Moto Guzzi V12 Le Mans concept, but that doesn’t mean we understand it. Thanks to these photos, we can now see how the shock works (check it out, it’s pretty straight forward), but don’t understand why it’s located on the swingarm. Surely this arrangement creates more problems than it solves, increasing unsprung weight. Other questions: are those rear view cameras on the cylinder heads? If so, where’s the screen? What on earth are the finned metal pieces high up on the front of the frame? Maybe oil coolers? The one-piece hinged tank/seat combo is neat, but does it carry any benefits other than looks? Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you answers soon.

  • Ammerlander

    Looks like the screens for the cameras are where you would normally expect the rearviewmirrors to be.
    Although I´d be surprised if that setup makes it into serial production.

  • johnc

    they are concept bikes … they are supposed to push the envelope and make you wonder “wtf” on some of the details.

    my take on the tank/seat combo and the way it mounts: this would allow the owner to swap out the tank/seat assembly, along with the handlebars, and convert their bike into one of the other models. a platform bike that can be configured easily into another mode, as the owner wishes. excellent!!!

  • nick

    the screens are on the mirrors. check your pic #6.

  • Claudio Giulio Torbinio

    The genius is not in discussion… Pierre obviously…

  • Chris

    i don’t care about any of those questions (or answers). i just want that bike, desperately.


    wipes mouth

    drools some more

    • Si

      Too right!

      What a beautiful machine. I want this bike.

  • vic

    this raises so many questions that it s prob the coolest concept bike in some time..just because you inevitably start asking a lot of questions..and that s what a concept bike should be..attention..think of it as paris wonder why..but you keep looking

  • David Patton

    “Moto Guzzi Wins”

    “Flawless Victory”

  • EdB

    If those really are rear view cameras then as anyone who rides a Guzzi will know, you’ll be looking at your knees, probably whilst wondering what the oil coolers are doing next to your hands.

  • MotoGpDylwah

    I enjoy the use of WSBK level front forks in the Öhlins FGR900s. DO we really need gas charged, lightened outer tube, supreme damping control on a bike that is more likely to get ‘bed sores’ on its tires from never turning over, than it is to ever hit racetrack tarmac?

  • Sean Smith

    So… How exactly do you shift or use the rear brake? The levers don’t appear to be connected to anything. I’m not much a fan of extra electronics just for the fun of it either. Rear view cameras are for soccer moms, not for motorcycles.

  • james

    The rear shock layout reminds me of the 1983-84 Honda ATC 250r, These Guzzi’s are great to look at. The thing I like about the motorcycle industry is that you have products based on engine layout. Guzzi, HD, Ducati, BMW, Triumph twins and triples and to a lesser degree the Japanese I-fours all have a following based on what the manufacture thinks a motorcycle should look and sound like.

    • Grant Ray

      Ooh, I hadn’t thought about the old ATC. Nice catch.

  • Telekom

    It’ll be interesting to see if the fuel lines from the tank stand up to being constantly disturbed as you open the tank/seat thingy. It would be a real shame to douse the thing in petrol and accidentally set it alight… Looks really interesting though, it should make some of the other makers sit up and take notice.

  • hoyt

    Tank/Seat unit?

    my guess is that it is an ingenious evolution of the Ghezzi-Brian idea of using the frame as the airbox.

    It is conceivable that the fitments are made airtight…notice how the aluminum frame above the swingarm is closed, going from one side to the next.

    It is as though Terblanche and Galluzzi looked at the “space” above the engine and gearbox, then determined that some clever integration could create a massive airbox while reducing parts by making the seat/tank/tail all-in-one.

    Meanwhile, that single part doubles as the lid to the airbox. Keep in mind, the throttle bodies to the Guzzi engine are in the back of the heads, not in the crux of the “V” between the cylinders. So, the darker grey panel (with the Guzzi Eagle), is where the airbox leads to the throttle bodies….

    which leads to the finned parts by the forks. They could be inlets to the airbox. The oil cooler is tucked in between beefy aluminum arms extending straight down from the aluminum beam sides. I saw a close-up pic of the front, from underneath.

    That engine with that frame speaks!

  • hoyt

    The “concept live 7″ photo looks like it negates the inlet thought…didn’t see that until I wrote the above comment. But who knows.

    Here’s another question:

    RE: the very cool speedo/instrument cluster along the top of the windscreen. Cool idea. Wireless setup?

    love the bike except for the pointed tail.

  • hoyt

    shoot…maybe the black box being circled by the swinging arm is the airbox.

    “Detail shots of the Moto Guzzi V12 Le Mans Concept raise more questions than they answer” is right