Ducati kills SportClassic Sport 1000

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Ducati_Sport_1000_Yellow.jpgFor 2010, the only SportClassic available in the Ducati range will be the plain GT 1000. The GT 1000 Touring, Sport 1000 Biposto and Sport 1000 S are discontinued. The reason? Slow sales. A Ducati rep just estimated for us that they sold “maybe one hundred” Sport 1000 S models last year. The GT 1000 will continued unaltered for the same $11,495 price.

  • Divino

    The only SportClassic that has ever caught my eye was the cafe racer’ed Sport 1000 S. I’m surprised to hear that it didn’t do well.

  • Kevin White

    I’m not surprised. Several years ago when they came out, the GT was the only one I could see owning. The others were really cool but who would actually buy one??

    • powermatic

      I think they’re all cool looking, with the ‘Sport’ models the coolest, but let’s face it-they’re very much a second (or third, or fourth, or….) bike, and at the price that’s an expensive low-use addition to the quiver.

  • vic

    the sportclassic was too focused..the ride position was very uncomfortable and akward..add to that the mono seat configuration in the first year and..not to good..nevertheless it was the coolest bike in their range..everybody liked it..nobody bought it.
    ps:just thought of something,i know two people who own one..an old airline pilot and a young architect..the nicest,funniest,and kindest people i’ve ever met maybe they should have put that in the adds:SPORTCLASSIC SPORT 1000:TOOL free :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/steverparker steve

    I have the 2006 paul smart le model of the sport classic. I absolutely love it. You feel like an old time cafe racer!

  • RpM

    I REALLY like my Sport 1000. No bike has ever inspired me to get out there and ride as much… there’s just SO much character and life in the machine! It’s embarrassing how much attention the bike receives when we’re out and about. They seem to love it, but maybe not enough to live it.

  • http://blog.jasonquintin.com Quintin

    I really wish this line up had meet better success. I was kinda surprised it has lasted as long as it did.

  • vic

    another good thing may be a sudden price decrease in the model…or the exact opposite depending on how much of a cult following it has…the engine and major parts can be fixed with parts from other ducati’s and the thought of dropping a s4rs engine in it makes me drool

  • Tim

    I love my SC Sport 1000 SE (the one with the cool black/gold paint) however what kills me is how much it cost and how little suspension I got for my money. Combine that with the overweight wheels with tubes inside them and you’ve got a bike that can get down right scary given the right road conditions. I fixed that with a steering damper but only because I can’t afford to do it the right way: new wheels/forks/shock

  • Trotskyite

    I’ve had my eye on them forever. It’s a lot of bike if you are looking at its retro competition, but it isn’t enough bike compared to it’s price point competition. That being said, the only thing keeping me from buying one tomorrow is the prospect of that tasty new Norton actually happening.

    • amsterdam

      Yeah guys give us some info on Norton.

      Biggest problem as far as looks go, for all the sport classics, is the huge gap above the rearwheel.
      Notice how they are always placed against a pitchblack background in that area.
      It’s the way smaller modern wheels that just don’t suit this kind of chassis.

    • Ian

      That tasty Norton is loaded with clever things but will cost you way more than even the Paul Smart edition. If only 100 Sport Classics were ever sold over here, think of the price they’ll command down the road.

  • Fast Panda

    Sure. They kill the one I finally settled on.

    The biposto was definitely the pick of the latter-day unfaired classic cafe-racer crowd (along with the too-quaint-by-half Thruxton, the underpowered V7, the now-also-late Martianesque Buell Lightning, and…I think that’s it). I loved the fact that a primal hardcore sportbike didn’t need to be swathed in plastic. The new Monster just doesn’t do it for me, either.

    Well, if sales were that slow, hopefully they’ll still be around the dealers for a while.

  • vicboy

    my ultimate bike! paul smart or a 1000s in red with the white stripe!

    cant belive they have stopped selling them …just hope the second hand prices in the uk drop and i will buy one…..well once i sell my old 1977 cafe racer! after that this must be ajoy to ride …and start!!