Ducati Multistrada 1200 = superbike + bicycle + chair + tank

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Multistrada_Doodle.jpgDucati’s dropped two videos explaining why the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 ended up looking and working like it does. Apparently, they wanted to combine the speed of a superbike, the ease of a bicycle, the comfort of an armchair and the all terrain capability of a tank. That actually makes sense.

Update: The Multistrada 1200′s been priced at $14,995 with three options packages available: Sport, Touring and ABS.  >

  • Jim

    They built a V-Strom DL650!

    • http://www.bendeuromoto.com Kathy Jo Porter

      Funny, I didn’t know the V Strom 650 had the capability of a 150 hp Ducati Superbike!?!

  • C Mad

    strangly enough, i love it….

    • Sid

      I’m not sure why but I like it as well.

  • http://www.bend.gr odysseas

    to bad they didn’t explain why they made it look so ugly… i like the idea of the adjustable suspension height though.

  • pigsbladder

    Excellent, as long as it costs $7000 I’m getting one…

    • Russ


  • Russ

    Next time they should pick a guy whose nose isn’t plugged to do the voice-over for their promos.

  • sam

    god i would love to thrash the hell out of that bike

  • TonyS

    He keeps saying TestaStrada engine not Teststretta engine.

  • Alex

    Ducati says it weights 417lbs dry, which is awesome! The FZ1 and KZ1000 weigh a good bit more than that, and lack many of the features (ABS & traction control). Great job Ducati!

  • Tom Holcomb

    Who cares what it looks like? Looks are for posers, this bike is for riders. Barring something being out of sorts on the test ride, I’ll be trading up from my 1100S.

    Ducati is such an image company (see also Harley, Apple, etc.) it pains me to own their bikes. But what’s a guy supposed to do when they build such a great all-arounder? Why can’t I get a nice, cheap, reliable Japanese bike that’ll do it all like the Multi? (For comparison, see the 560 lb. tub of lard that is the VFR1200.)