Knox Handroid: the future of gloves is now

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Knoz_Handroid_Glove.jpgLongtime makers of some of the best and most affordable crash protection available to motorcyclists, Knox is expanding into glove production. The Knox Handroid gloves are the flagship of the new Hand Armour range and incorporate new technologies designed to make your hands safer. Immediately visible is the hard-but-flexible exoskeleton that cushions impacts and appears to prevent hyperextension of the fingers. there’s also protection for the vulnerable, but hitherto unprotected scaphoid (the bone that connects your thumb to your wrist) and a ratchet lacing system to achieve a perfect fit, preventing the glove from flying off in a crash. A gel honeycomb structure provides impact protection for the wrist. We’ve come to rely on Knox’s back protectors in our daily riding and have even been told one saved us from paralysis in a crash; it’s exciting to see that kind of protection finally coming to gloves. Another picture below.

  • BloodFalcon


  • M.P.

    As someone who enjoys having hands…WOW!

  • scott

    wish this was out 5 years ago. probably would have prevented my 4 corner fusion

  • Joe

    I can appreciate the excellent function, but damn that thing looks like it came off the set of the last Freddy Kruger movie.

    • Grant Ray

      Kruger? I thought the design was waayyyy more Marvel comics, with those shooty pointy laser things on the fingers. That said, for the record, these are the company’s range topping race gloves. In that context, they’re hot.

  • the_doctor

    Pic 2: Survive smokey crashes or, forged to protect the devil himself while riding his Vespa

  • Core

    This is why I love the private sector. Continually getting things done and actually helping people.

    Awesome looking gloves.

    From another article I read looks like they will go on sale March 2010. Although don’t quote me on that..

  • BL

    and if you go over the top and come down further than say 25 degrees (\)? They’d need some palm and finger tip rollers unless you were basically flat/superman’d out. As a breaker of the scaphoid (and yes it sucks) I call BS on their SPS. Also, what if you want your slide to end quickly, say if you’re on the street headed for a 8″ F250 exhaust? Don’t they come with brakes? They could use more gadgets, heaters, color changing mood knuckle protectors, web slingers…etc…but i bet those ribbed for her pleasure plastic rods on the fingers would feel excellent up a hoo-ha.

    people who buy into these gimmicks….geesh…

  • vic

    do they shoot lasers or poison darts?

    • AadmanZ`

      I think that depends on which version you buy.

  • Sasha Pave

    I believe it’s time HFL had a glove model, someone like Megan Fox who can appropriately model racing gloves wearing nothing but.

  • Kidchampion

    “This is why I love the private sector. Continually getting things done and actually helping people. “

    Right dude, these gloves are a good idea and thereby the legacy of Ayn Rand. The mortgage crisis is not so great, so we’ll blame the bailout, not the cause. These are so much better than government gloves!

    • fearnow

      I would have your children.

      • Kidchampion

        Thanks, but more kids? Is that an offer for me, or against me?

  • Case

    I like these gloves even though they look like they were made for skeletor. But not on sale until March of 2010? Whaa?

  • Fluffy

    What’s the MSRP on these mits?

    • vic

      after some digging around..around 160 pounds.they have a lot of features for the money
      here is a presentation(i wouldn
      ‘t call it a review because they sell it) to give you an ideea they also have other knox gloves “reviewed” there

  • Charles

    Those glove give me wood.

  • vic

    ps:that fastening system is worth all the money imho.believe works.fasten it tight and not even a tiger can remove those gloves
    reconsidering the price..sure they are pretty expensive but they do look like they are very expensive to make and do use top noch components

    i am going to buy them in march because this much forward thinking deserves it’s reward.

  • David

    Hi, does anyone know where i could buy the exoskeleton spearetly. I really need some exoskeleton like the Knox Handroid Gloves have, but i cant make them, since i don’t have any tools or material.

  • andy jackson

    Tried these gloves on at the NEC bike show,they look awesome and have great feel.
    £160 is a lot of dosh but nearly 4 years of research and development have gone into them!
    I want to know what exact date in march they come out in the shops because I want a pair!

  • Boris Valabik

    When do they come out in the US? i’m looking for a pair online for about 2 hrs now but can’t find them