KTM 125 Stunt and Race concepts in detail

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Two of the biggest surprises at EICMA were these small capacity KTM concepts. We’re used to seeing 125s built down to a bargain basement cost, which means they typically look more like Chinese-made toys than they do motorcycles, but these two KTMs eschew cheapness in favor of vibrant colors, strong steel trellis frames and beefy swingarms. We particularly like the contrast between the white fork tubes and the colored triple clamps on both bikes, the Akropovic exhausts on the orange KTM 125 Race concept and the integrated 12 o’clock bar on the green KTM 125 Stunt concept. Kind of makes us wish we were awkward teenagers again.

More information can be found in our original KTM 125 concepts article.

  • Taco

    Love the looks of both bikes, but 125cc is a tad too small of an engine. It’s needs to be at least a 250 or maybe 450. I did my motorcycle learning course on top of a 125cc Kaw Elimanator and that sucker needed to be pushed downhill it was so slow.

    • Matt

      KTM won’t bring these here unless laws are passed preventing brand new (especially teen-aged) motorcyclists from buying the most powerful bikes they can afford. There isn’t the market for them in the US that there is in Europe. I just wish the Duke looked as good as that orange bike.

      • acca

        Too right, the orange bike is gorgeous.

        It looks like there’s plenty of room in that frame, possibly enough for a 450/500 single… if they don’t produce one I may have to horseshoe one of the 450 singles lying around into a repairable writeoff oneday… or just keep dreaming…. or copy most of their design cues in some other resurrected frankensteins monster of a bike.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    It’s a shame those bikes won’t make it here. I’ve been coveting the orange one since they posted the pics earlier this week. If they wedged a 450 or 500 thumper engine in there it would be awesome.

  • M.P.

    Put a 250 4 stroke in them and bring it over here, please!

  • Evopanop

    KTM, PLEASE bring these over to the US as street legal machines! Maybe even with a 250cc? PRETTY PLEASE?!

    I LOVE the styling of the 125 Stunt. Make it street legal and make the price reasonable and I’m sold.

  • CafeRacer1200

    I really liked the dual color wheels on the orange one.

  • D C

    I have an 80cc Honda “kids” bike that is a freakin blast. conpare it to the 250 from the same manufacterer…. the weight difference is nearly as significant as the power difference. a 125 will not take you cross country (unless you are determined) or win races against your higher-spec friends. However, racing a truly lightweight bike is unlike any other experience. these 125s would, on the right track, be more fun than the best literbikes on offer.

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