KTM 125 Stunt and Race concepts preview learner legal performance

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KTM_125_Race_Concept.jpgAdapting the KTM 690 Stunt concept design language to a European learner
legal 125cc package, these two KTMs look seriously appealing for only
having 15bhp (the legal limit for L plates). No other info right now,
but we hope this means we’ll see similar production bikes in the near
future, maybe even with big boy engines. You can see the KTM 125 Race
above, while the KTM 125 Stunt concept is below the jump.

Update: official info below.


World Premiere at the EICMA: KTM presents the near series model of the KTM 125 project for the first time in Milan.

For decades now the sports motorcycle brand from Austria has been engaged in racing series all over the world and by its strong conviction and visible enthusiasm for motorsport has created for itself a unique sporting image. This KTM company philosophy is, without exception, reflected in the series models it produces. The support and promotion of tomorrow’s top riders is also a big KTM tradition. Whether competing in national sport and hobby riding or on the international stage in world championship format; whether on- or offroad, via sports promotional programmes or brand trophies, at KTM, young motorcycle enthusiasts are guaranteed plenty of attention and just the right motorcycle.

The circle closes
In the future, KTM offers the “Ready to Race” young riders the best fun and racing motorcycles and not just for use on closed circuits.

As of the autumn of 2009, KTM presents the KTM 125 Project, expanding the Mattighofen, Austria, factory’s engagement in the development of series motorcycles. As well as the model range that includes the “Adventure”, “Supermoto”, “Naked Bike” and “Superbike”, which has been continually growing since 2003, there is now a sharp focus on the machine for tomorrow’s motorcycle fan and this brings the “125″ segment even more sharply into focus.

With a new sporty, high quality Naked Bike in the typical KTM design language, the brand enters the segment for 125 motorcycles suitable for registration on the road and in doing so sets new standards. An independent concept within the KTM model palette right from its beginning, the future KTM 125 is conceived by and profits from the enormous know-how of the entire KTM Research and Development Department.

In charge of the definition of this package of technology is the same team that has already realized legendary motorcycles like the 690 Duke.

Naturally the look of the KTM 125 is a product of the company’s valued partner Kiska Design.

This completely new 125 cc generation carries the same conviction and vision for the production of qualitatively the best sports motorcycles and above all stands for one thing: pure riding fun!

Powerful technology

Just as it is for the development of all KTM vehicles, there are clear rules for the KTM 125: as well as a maximum product quality, a purist sporty riding experience stands in the foreground of all production efforts. A minimal weight, best handling and best rideability are the traditional development goals. Not to be forgotten is the powerful engine, 100% developed in Mattighofen, which with 125 ccm displacement ensures plenty of enjoyment. A four valve cylinder head, two overhead camshafts, water cooling and fuel injection means that the basis 11 KW (15 hp) strong 125 cc engine carries all the most modern construction characteristics. As well as an exemplary motor culture, this typical new KTM development promises tingling performance output but at the same time guarantees
highly modern levels of fuel consumption and emission characteristics.

The motor, which comes in a light, latticed tubular steel frame exhales by way of an innovative exhaust system solution. The perfect KTM chassis solution combines low weight and favourable dimensions with exemplary stability. There have also been no compromises with the high quality suspension elements developed by WP Suspension, the braking system with radial mounted four-piston callipers from premium supplier Brembo and the modern light metal wheels all of which are being used for the KTM 125.

The development of the completely new generation of motorcycles therefore delivers all that it has promised to up-and-coming riders. The 125 cc, the exciting Naked Bike “Made in Austria” offers riding fun and all the competence of a full-sized similar machine.

Room to move
Riding fun on two wheels, regardless of the displacement, refuses to be locked away. Now more than ever before, the KTM 125 Project represents freedom and room to move for both original ideas and variety. Elegant, modified, stripped down, for racing or simply to ride, with the KTM 125 concept everything is allowed. A possible interpretation is embodied in a study of a Naked Racer – on which the exhaust system was modified with compatible design elements direct from the KTM 125 basis study.

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  • John

    A light, fun, thumper…what’s not to like? Too bad they never seem to bring bikes like these out to market. I think many would pick one up in a heart beat. Make it a little bigger, 250cc+ – 400cc+ and it would be a dream bike for many.

  • Joe

    Damn that’s cool. John’s right; a cool mid-size that isn’t a faux-cruiser or a Rebel? Hell yes!

  • M.P.

    I live in the middle of the city and would rather ride this than a scooter. So much easier to jump off of curbs and squirrels with full sized suspension! too bad we’ll never see this in America.

  • M.P.

    nothing like a learner bike that has a 12o’clock bar! lol!

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    Holy awesomeness! In my opinion this is way better than the super-expensive lineup you posted earlier.

    I’ll take the one in orange and black with a 450 or 535 engine right now. It would help me let go of my street-legal 535 SMR supermoto fantasies.

  • http://www.designronin.com Design Ronin


    Yea, it’s teeny weeny….but I WANT.

  • Dash

    Why can’t we get cool small displacment bikes like this in the USA? I LOVE that little 125 Stunt! (drool)

  • HW Pfabe

    These are the kind of bikes I could imagine buying for my son to learn on… and then commuting to work on everyday while he’s at school.

  • Isaac

    Make this with the 530 or 690 and this would be a sure hit in the USA!

  • vic

    if i would just start riding a bike..one of these would be it..sure ktm s love to blow up and eat a lot of oil and parts but they should be good for 1-2 years

  • Jeremy


  • CascadianPDX

    KTM has been making beefy 125s since the 70s! Back when most of us guys were racing Honda Elsinore 125s and Suzuki TMs, KTM had what was basically a sturdy 250 framed 125 with serious suspension. Really kick ass bikes. Magoo Chandler spent some time on them too back then as I well recall–what a awesome combo that was!

  • Chris

    Give it to me in a 250cc and I’ll pre-order one right now.

  • Alain

    Super light, super fun, super racing mid size bikes simply don’t exist? You can only buy a scooter which look like a bidet with two wheels or a 600cc plus plus made for racing track! if you are a basket ball player you can opte for an enduro or a supermotard !

    This concept is FANTASTIC but we are seeing so many exciting projects during exhibitions and left with…another “me too” bike.

    Would KTM have the guts to sell this one in 250cc and 450cc for the road and fill their order’s book by thousand? I would buy one each, right now!

  • Perry Crew

    how much is the KTM 125cc stunt and concept bike? if it is a resonable price i would really consider buying one. They are really nice and so cool.
    Thank you, Perry Crew
    Please Reply, perry_crew@hotmail.co.uk

  • yudhie

    how much is the KTM 125cc stunt and concept bike?its owesome ride.if it is a resonable price i would really consider buying one.thanks,yudhie
    please reply,trb.yudhie@gmail.com

  • jeremy

    I wish they wouldnt even show us that 125 stunt here in the USA . It makes me want one!!! How much would one be anyways .

  • Oleg

    Now that’s how you make a small bike appealing and functional. Too bad we likely won’t see them in US though, it’s as if nobody but Kawasaki notices that 250s sell quite well.