KTM 990 Adventure ready for North Pole

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KTM_Adventure_Snow.jpgWe’re loving this KTM 990 Adventure equipped with studded tires, a crash cage and other modifications designed to make it North Pole-capable. The map paint job is particularly cool, we’d like to see more of that on adventure touring bikes. Mike Werner captured this bike at EICMA, you can find more pictures at Motorbiker.org.

  • Sasha Pave

    There’s just something about an adv bike wearing studs…

  • James

    Does this make up for KTM chickening out on Long way home?

    • knuckledonkey

      THANK YOU!

    • Russ

      You mean Long Way Round? I wouldn’t say they chikened out as much as missed one hell of an opportunity. It is well documented that the BMWs used weren’t exactly realiable, but had technicians flown in whenever the bike needed repair. My guess is that the KTM would have done just as well or better than BMW, but they misunderstood the point of the show.

  • Pete

    I’m in love. Must. add. to. stable.

  • Telekom

    That’s absolutely brilliant, makes up for the fugly graphics on some of the other new bikes. It reminds me of Action Man vehicles.