Magic GSX-R builds itself

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Magic_GSX-R.jpgThis is a really clever use of stop-action photography to document the assembly process of a Suzuki GSX-R, creating the effect that no humans were involved in the process.>

  • Chris

    That was surprisingly awesome.

    • Shaun

      The amount of patience that it would have required is more than i will ever posses. Well done.

  • CafeRacer1200

    That was absolutely amazing!

  • motoalchemy

    Nice work..lots of paitence

  • Paul

    Very nice stuff. I wonder how many people were involved in this project. I can definitly see the touch of a creative director.

  • Core

    I am curious if this is a kit, or if the guy bought the bike piece by piece. I know the description on youtube, did not say anything…

  • James

    Ha that was great. Good song choice, Peter Gabriel/Sledgehammer, the clip for that is also stop motion, worth a look.

  • chili sv

    Great attention to detail with the boxes moving and wheels spinning in the background.

  • Steve516

    Very nice video – gave me a smile.

    Not a kit – looks like the guys ordered/purchased a bunch of parts and put the bike together. Not sure if they started from zero or if they had a motor or a frame already. Easy enough to do, for track day guys it can be cheaper than buying a used or crashed bike and fixing it – as long as you are patient and careful about what and where you buy.

  • CBontheMV

    That’s actually how fast those bikes are put together in Japan.

    Kidding. My Hats off to the father/son team that put that video together. Very creative and certainly required a lot of patience. Congratulations.

  • vic

    the ammount of effort involved in this is staggering,try making a simple time lapse video(a puppet walking on it’s own for example) and you’ll see what i mean..hats of to the people involved

  • Ike

    I know that building a bike is not such a simple process, but is it really difficult?

    Im 17 years old and I have had a hard time convincing my parents to get me a bike.(college crap)
    This look like a fun project to do during my freetime.

    Can anbody give me advice to do something like this?

    • Wes Siler

      It’s not rocket science, but getting some of the important stuff right is annoyingly fiddly, yet vital to safety. An easier option might be converting an old enduro into a cheap supermoto or restoring something interesting. Just buy a shop manual and ask for help from someone that’s done it before.

  • John Kirk

    I like the blog, but could not find how to subscribe to receive the updates by email. Can you please let me know?