Mavizen TTX02 turnkey electric racer ready for TTXGP US Championship

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Want to race in the all-electric TTXGP but don’t want to develop your own electric superbike in order to do so? Azhar Hussein, the man behind the zero-emissions series, hopes this Mavizen TTX02 is the bike for you. Based on the KTM RC8, the TTX02 ditches the motor in favor of two electric Agni items (similar to the setup used in the innaugural TTXGP-winning Agni X01) developing a total of 94bhp at their peak. That’s enough to lend the 160kg bike a 130mph top speed. There’s a few battery configurations on offer, moving up in price as the range increases, details after the jump. Azhar hopes to sell 50 TTX02s, which might seem ambitious for a one-off race, but he’s got that angle covered too; announcing a series of electric races dubbed “eGrandPrix” with the first US event being held at Infineon in May.  >

Mavizen TTX02 will be available for delivery in Q1/2010 with a limited production of 50 units. Target price for complete bike with a Circuit Pack is £25,000. This will be a complete platform to take part in any national or FIM championship. To place your deposit and discuss options, please log onto

Mavizen TTX02 : Technical specification
Top speed:  130+ mph 70kw peak, 40kw continuous. Speed is dependent on gearing.
Engine management:  Fully web enabled open source system with a USB based system bus.
Range:  25-50 miles under track conditions; 50-130 miles under regular road use, dependent upon batter pack selected.
Pack options:       
(i)   Circuit Pack: 6kw/h, 25 miles track use, 38/60 miles hard/gentle road use
(ii)   Snaefell Pack: 11kw/h pack, 40 miles road racing, 75/130  miles hard/gentle road use, hot swappable power packs
(iii) Sprint Pack TBA. 3kw/h, 6 miles track use.
System OS :         Linux (have also tested against Windows and may look into Android)
Chassis:    `    Homologated with Brembo brakes and suspension from WP
Dry weight:        110kg. With Circuit Pack 160kg.
Drive train:          Interchangeable capacity is dependent on the pack selected during purchase.

TTXGP via Wired

  • johnny

    hmm, an rc8 is around 10,000 pounds in the uk, so they’re going to charge 15,000 pounds extra to bolt on an electric motor with 60 less horsepower?

  • hoyt

    I’ve always liked the RC8, but somehow this bike looks better as an electric. The shape is more aligned with the technology that powers it?

  • robotribe

    A rich man/boy’s toy, no doubt, but only for now. In 6-9 years, I bet it’ll be cheaper and better.

    In 20 years, our current bikes will be as quaint and obsolete as Walkman cassette players are to most of us today.

  • Sean Smith

    I realize that I have an inherent dislike for all things electric, but I also wrench on KTM’s all day, and try as I might, I can’t help but feel attracted to this bike. I honestly hope they do great and build a ton of these things.

  • Mark

    So what happens to the RC8 engines? Can I have one? I’m sure I can make it fit into something.

  • Si

    “We have people out there that would not necessarily dream of riding motorcycles because their dirty, smelly, noise things” thanks Rick Simpson, Managing Director of Evo Designs I think you should get back in to the board room and only come out after some of your engineers, who knows about bikes, tell you to.

    I can’t remember anybody ever saying to me, “I’d love to race motorcycles like my child hood heroes, if only there weren’t such dirty, smell things.”!!

    • Sean Smith

      Hilarious. The best part of that, is that electric motors aren’t gonna make them any less dirty or smelly. They’re still gonna have chain lube, brakes, grease in all the suspension bearings, fork and shock oil, and I’ll bet there’s even some sort of grease or oil in the motors. As battery and electric motor technology progresses, they’ll likely introduce liquid cooling, which will mean you’ve got coolant again.

      All you’re really losing is exhaust noise, which in my opinion sounds much better than chains, brakes, and an electric motor.

      One last thing: Anybody ever smell burning electronics? Any british car fans here? Just imagine the level of stank released when you fry one of these things. It’s going to be awful, and likely toxic.

      Mark: I’m gonna hope that they come to their senses and ship every last RC8 motor to Thumper Racing. Those boys have a bug up their ass telling em’ to make orange go fast machines, and if one of the techs happened to get his hands on an RC8 motor, well… There’s no telling what it could end up in.

      • Nobody

        MORE stupid comments on the internet from a clueless no name heckler – how shocking.

        Race bikes all run WATER as coolant – antifreeze is banned by every race organization I’m aware of. Since when is water “messy”? Oh wait, the know-it-all mechanic expert doesn’t have any race prep and/or track experience, does he(?)?

        Any lube in an electric motor is in the sealed bearings. Opening up a motor doesn’t dump oil all over my desk. Ot the track. Or the pits.

        An electric racer on a dyno/in the pits/on the track generates a fraction of the noise and none of the emissions that come from an internal combustion racer. If you spent any time around a dyno/in the pits/on the track, you would know that.

        Try organizing a race in an urban area – see what generates more cooperation, sponsors, etc – an electric race or an internal combustion race. And figure out why it is that way.


        No, I have nothing against internal combustion engines. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be making a frame for my Kawasaki powered roadracer. But the more you attempt to make your heckling sound “technical”, the more pseudointellectual you sound. Now go cut some valve pockets in some pistons and get the squish area angle & height right, then hug yourself for doing what thousands of others can do.

        Yeah, great conversation.

        • Sean Smith

          Nice use of Etc… to make your point there. And yes, I’ve spent quite a bit of time around the shop dyno. I think what’s going on here is that you were born with a strange birth defect, and as a result, never grew a sense of humor.

          Things don’t have to be this way, I’m here to help. Now, I realize that this may be hard for you, but what I’m doing here is not heckling, just commenting. You need to understand that I was responding to what marketing man Rick Simpson said. In all likelihood, people that want to race motorcycles are going to race motorcycles whether or not they’re dirty, smelly, or noisy. And while electric motors will change this a little bit, they’re not a magic bullet sent from god to make all our problems go away.

          What I’m getting at is that it can fun to laugh at the absurd things you see or read, and in my case, I spell it out so that maybe a few other people can see what I think. By no means am I ragging on that bike, their marketing guy just happened to say something a marketing guy would say.

          Just relax, and cool it with the heated personal attacks.

          • Nobody

            We could eliminate a very large pizza while ragging on the marketing, styling, and other misguided stuff surrounding electric bikes.

            I see these as giant RC electric bikes – nobody runs the litle electric toys for any of the “reasons” we are supposed to love the big electric toys.

            Then again, I’ve always seen motorcycle marketing as white noise at best and absurdly insulting at worst – and, as such, try not to pay any attention to it. I like to think knowledgable enthusiasts don’t need marketing anyway – and can see machines for whatever merits they have.

            Thanks for the rational reply – will respond in kind.

            • Sean Smith

              Good talk. I guess you’re kinda like the lion from the Wizard of Oz. Marketing to me is mostly just a source of light-hearted humor. When it comes down to buying a bike, I talk to my friends and usually just go for the most comfortable japanese sportbike availible. I could go on all day about marketing, PR, and all sorts of other bullshit, but my lunch break is up, and there’s work to be done.

              See ya next time around.

              Maybe Wes could set up a cage match for us next time they do an electric article ;]

              • nobody

                Internet personality defects? Me? What gave that away? “Character” references provided on request. At least one posts here regularly.

                All my dyno stories involve an old fluid brake dyno from a long time ago. My metal lathe (10″ swing bench model) is in the kitchen.

                Yes, my wife is a saint.

  • Britany Dickow

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