No 2010 Suzukis planned

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2009-Suzuki-GSXR-wht.jpgAccording to an internal source, Suzuki will import no GSX-Rs or other streetbikes into the American market for 2010 as the unsold 2009 models on dealer floors are expected to satisfy demand. Overall, US motorcycle sales through the first three quarters of this year total just 434,370 compared to 771,950 during the same period last year, a drop of 44 percent. Suzuki has announced no new street models for the 2010 model year. We were unable to reach Suzuki for an official comment, but word has it 2010 models are available for order should dealer stocks unexpectedly be diminished.

Update: Suzuki USA has confirmed this news, saying “Thanks Wes. Your article is correct.  Let’s hope sales heat up!” but hasn’t yet been able to formulate an official statement. Stay tuned.

  • Isaac

    That is a BS story. So, basically we are being forced to buy an outgoing model ‘or else’?

    • Wes Siler

      Well that’s one way to look at it, but at least they’re not trying to pass off “bold new graphics” as a genuine upgrade for 2010. It’s very real of them, 2010 models would have been mechanically identical to 2009 ones anyways.

    • Syke

      I’ve seen this happen before, in the early 80′s. I seem to remember that for 1983, Suzuki brought out one (count ‘em, one) new street model. Everything else was brand new leftover 80-82′s.

      Besides, what’s the bitch? 99.5% of the sportbike riders out there couldn’t ride the ’09 model to it’s limits, and wouldn’t be able to make any use of whatever improvements there would be to the ’10′s.

      • Eric H.

        “Besides, what’s the bitch? 99.5% of the sportbike riders out there couldn’t ride the ’09 model to it’s limits, and wouldn’t be able to make any use of whatever improvements there would be to the ’10′s.”

        I couldn’t have said it better myself… 8-)

        Plus you have the added bonus of the “last year’s bike” being so much more cheaper… ;-)

        Only potential buyers who were utter imbeciles wouldn’t be welcoming this news with open arms…

        Best regards,

        Eric H.

      • Frank

        Hey Syke, Who cares if they can ride the bike to its limits?

        What a stupid reason not to get an 10′ instead of an 09.

        I mean do you serioully think that people should be riding their bikes at their absolute limit before they get something nicer/better/faster?

        If so, everyone would be riding 20 year old POS bikes!

        Hey Syke, you cant ride a 2 speed tricycle to its limit, better hold off on that 10 speed or Lance Amstrong will come down on you, LOL!.

        • Syke


          Funny you should mention that – I bicycle about 100-125 miles a week and build my own. It’s a nice change of pace from the motorcycles. I’m equally passionate about motorcycles and bicycles.

          And yes, I don’t get the idea that someone would buy a bike who’s performance is way beyond their riding abilities. I see it a lot at the Honda/Yamaha shop where I work. Absolutely newbies come in and aren’t sure if they should buy the CBR600RR because it might be too small. Better go for the CBR1000RR.

          Quite frankly, the average sport bike rider that I’ve seen in the past ten years of working in Ducati, Honda and Yamaha dealerships would be best served by a . . . . . wait for it . . . . Kawasaki 500 Ninja. Preferably after a year of riding the 250 Ninja, first. At least they’d have had time to develop a clue on how to ride those things.

          Yeah, I’m old: 59 years old, been riding for 33 years now. Wrecked a few bike, laid myself down a few times, hospitalized myself twice (neither time serious, fortunately) and in the good years averaged 15,000 miles a year.

          Crying about not being able to get the newest year of your favorite sportbike? Why? It’s not going to be all THAT much of an improvement over what you’re currently riding, and if you can really make use of every last little bit of the improvements the factory put into the latest model, why aren’t you racing? Professionally.

          You’d be surprised what you can do with the old model. I’ve got a ’95 Triumph Trident with 102k on the clock that is absolute hell on wheels, despite only having a 160 rear tyre and 98 horsepower. And for the real grins, I take out my sportbike: a 1969 Triumph Bonneville cafe racer. All 48 horsepower of it. And I’ve burned a few of those 600-riding squids on it – as long as they’re sucker enough to let me pick the roads (hint: you don’t get straights).

          Buying a new bike because you’ve mastered the old one make a hell of a lot more sense than buying a new bike just to have the latest fashion. But hell, I’m old. What do I know?

          • Love Carbs

            I could’nt agree more Syke. In fact I will take it a step further and suggest that our country adopt a learner system similar to that in the UK.
            It would be very good for the growth of our cherished sport if the new rider started on a bike that wasnt a 100+ horsepower weapon. Too many get scared away or worse. I also own a T300 triple, 1996 Speed Triple and my favorite bike. While other sport bikes enter then leave my garage, my triple, ZR1100 and bevel drive Ducati will remain in my ownership until I am toes up. Why? Character sums it up best I suppose. These three bikes required that I learned their individual secret handshakes before I could access the speed they are capable of on a twisty road. Yes, many are faster, lighter and some would argue better in every way. They also were less engaging and rewarding to ride and own IMHO. I have cast aside many in my search for my favorite three. 999, RC51, ZX-7R’s, GSXR’s, ZX-12, GPz’s and VFR’s including an RC30 (regret selling that one). I hope Suzuki recovers from this market slump as I am patiently waiting for the time that I can enter a Suzuki dealership and ride out with a new Stratosphere( Am I the only one who lusts for one of these?) which I hope will become my favorite 4th.

            • Austin

              Agree 100%
              America in general has no scope whatsoever of what motorcycles are all about! Too many idiots just think they are a toy or a way to look cool.

  • Mike

    I’ll have to agree with ‘Zuki on this one. Smart marketing by them. There will always be those that want the newest and best, and this may not please them, but this move will allow Suzuki to reduce overhead while allowing dealers to offer incentives to clear out the new 09 models.

  • CafeRacer1200

    Didn’t Yamaha do this once with the V-Max? IIRC, there was no ’86 V-Max because there plenty of ’85s left. I can’t remember why but there were no Corvettes in, I believe, ’83. This is really a great idea from Suzuki. Hell, very few people in the world could exploit any improvements that MIGHT be made. If having the latest greatest color is that important to you then fer chrissakes don’t crash your ’09 and wait until 2011.

    • Brandon

      There actually were 16 Corvettes made in 83 if I remember right. It was when they were changing from the C3 to the C4. Now, there is only one 83 left. It is housed at the Corvette museum/production plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

      It will either work great, or be a horrible move. Only time will tell.

  • PJ

    Suzuki’s doing what they need to come out the other side, can’t fault them for that. Won’t be the last shocker I’m sure.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    This is actually really bad from a marketing angle. No new models means they can’t build buzz.

    It IS a good move from a cost savings point of view, though.

  • ACohen

    This will probably affect sales to first time buyers more than anything else. Who’ll buy an ’09 Suzuki when you can get an ’10 Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and all that matters is what other people think of you?

    • cWj

      I will if I test ride’em and ‘Zuki is the one I like most, no?

  • General Apathy

    Aww! I was really looking forward to the new decals for 2010. :-(

  • ACommonTread

    As long as this doesn’t negate the price drop for older models with the turn of a new calendar year, I’m not bothered. I’m quite looking forward to the prospect of the ’06 or ’07 model going down as we move into 2010. It’s time for me to get a 2nd bike. Good job Suzuki, but I’m itchin for a GSXR-750.

  • Syke

    Besides, it’s not just Suzuki. The Honda/Yamaha shop where I work are selling brand new ’08 CBR1000RR’s for eight grand.

  • Zirq

    What, no tribal GSXR?

  • DoctorNine

    Yeah. I bought a brand new ’08 bike this summer for a 2K mark off from what they were selling them for at the end of 2007. It’s that deflation thingy you get in recessions. As a consumer, I am grooving. The shop I bought it from didn’t actually lose money, because it was still above their carry cost. And I got it out of their inventory. Sometimes market corrections actually help cool off an overheated durable goods market. This is actually a good thing.

  • Core

    I’d be leery about doing business in the US at this point as well do to the economy over here. What’s the point of sending in new inventory if no one has the cash to buy or credit to finance?

    Because Doesn’t it take a lot of finances to get new bikes into the US? Something dealing with licensing and emissions.. and whatever else the Federal Government says?

  • Kevin Anderson

    Could be worse, Suzuki fans.

    At least your favorite motorcycle maker still exists.

    I wish a year of slacked off production could have saved Buell.

  • Duff

    Look at it this way… less time used to manufacture 2010′s which are the same ole bike as 2009′s… and more time used for R&D on 2011′s so maybe they won’t try to pass of a mode select switch as the big bad upgrade of the year :)

    • bigQ

      i agree the mode switch is a waste of technology. i own a k9,a great bike indeed but needs more useful gadgets like traction control ,abs more power thats why there not selling as much. suzuki has forgotten what the rider wants, more for our money.

  • Hotbike0077

    HA ha, no wait…um…Ya- haha!!!
    No-JK, I think it is the right move at this time.

  • MadMatt

    That would sure be a great idea if they posted some competitive rebates on the remaning dealer inventory. No one in their right mind will pay even close to retail for a bike thats over a year old. Two identical bikes, one ’09, one ’10. The ’10 is worth more.

  • Mike

    Whoa!!! Between that and Buell folding, the cycle world seems to be hitting on some pretty hard times! This may make used bikes more expensive as well if there are no new models to entice people.

  • Ken

    Personally I’m not bothered by Suzuki holding off. I make a nice riser block for the M50 a model that they didn’t sell well but plenty of us out here love it and have no one making nice accessories for. So, I stepped in and began making them myself and marketing to our fellow riders.
    That said, holding off a year will in fact hold off the new M50 that looks just like an M90 and M109 (sort of) yet will lose it’s cool batman tail and muscle car appeal.
    I think Suzuki is screwing up by turning the 50 into a 90 or 109. Much more then decals though.
    As for hard times just look at Harley for an indication. They idled back 6 weeks this fall alone not to mention Buell and other issues with staff layoffs.
    It’s not pretty for Harley. They are a great long running company of course and part of Americana but they are a dinosaur in many ways. I hate to admit my 9 new bikes in 36 months and only one was a Harley, a 2007 1200cc Nightster which shook so bad it made me sick and I had to sell it. I smiled the whole while I rode it but couldn’t take that blasted shaking. If that is as good rubber mounted EVO engine is going to get, I’m staying with imports.
    Keep up the good work Suzuki. Other then the M50 right now in my stall you’ll find BMW and then mostly new Kawasaki’s. Suzuki is running a great promo with low percentage financing, really made it hard to stay with Kawasaki on that new ATV I just bought but I like my dealer too much.

  • Mike


  • Matthew

    I’m thinking of getting a new bike in 2011. I want to pay cash rather than finance it, so I need the time to save, my 2002 is still in excellent condition, and I wouldn’t buy the current model year if I did have the cash because I want the depreciation to have taken affect before I pay. I’m cool with this. :D

    • Rich

      Do yourself a favor and check out the new BMW S1000RR ( This will be the superbike to buy! This bike will change everything.

  • mr_josh

    The thing is… inventory glut like this is probably a chunk of a much larger problem. :(

  • DIRK

    yes this might keep them running longer. we still have 4 daytona’s and a speed triple waiting for a new home. when we sell these then we will order a couple more. i’m just glad to still have a job took a $4.00 hr cut.the zuki dealer in our town lost his flooring now just barley sells parts. it will get better sooner than we know

  • RICH

    This is a smart move from Suzuki. As all of you know by now, BMW is releasing the S1000RR that is going to out perform ALL the Japanese bikes. Suzuki probably saw this bike and ran for the hills!! Soon to follow…Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki! :-)

  • Kellie

    Guys I am disappointed. let me tell you why. I am a girl and i rode an ’07 black and blue gixxer 600. Loved my baby! Well this summer over 4th of july weekend my husband’s best friend wrecked in front of me while we were in some esssses. make a long story short I got taken out by his friend (yes I had full gear on head to toe, my right shoulder still hurts though-WTF) and my insurance totaled out my bike. so I wanted to replace my ’07 with an ’08 or ’09. well I could not find any brand new ’08 and I did not like any of the colors for ’09. well the blue/white 09 was ok but I hated them darn white rims. yuk. so I said lets c what happens for 2010. then I heard the rummors about no 2010s. just great! I don’t want to buy a used bike because I don’t trust how people treat their bikes. I only wanted the 2010s to come out for new colors not for performance reasons. I would’ve kept my ’07 for 10 years if it wasn’t wrecked.

  • KEZZ

    People!I must say I agree with what most people have said regarding what Suzuki have done/not done for 2010.It does make good economic sense to miss a year of production,in order to clear existing stock.Who knows,maybe next year we will see an entirely new M109R,(4 years and the 9 still looks basically the same)etc to hit our shores.The way I see it is that if I had a business that had a load of stock left over,I would want to get rid of that before I produced new items for sale.Anyway,it’s a win situation all round when you think about it.Suzuki clears their stock,the consumer gets a great deal,the Suzuki workers still have a job,and the people at the top are happy.In all,a damn good outcome I would say.Later. KEZZ.

  • Suzuki Parts

    This is funny.. My local dealer swore up and down he has 2010′s coming in soon.

  • Noel

    I know this thread was dead, but the only reason I was looking forward to the 2010 was the Anniversary Model. I am a huge Zuki fan and wouldn’t have minded one. But on the plus side, another year without bike payments is nice….

  • Quai_Oui

    Not only USA but other markets.

    Then for the Burgman 650 Executive, Suzuki put out the 2010 model with 7 speed manual for the press to comment on.

    Now it is not available, and in fact they even went to contract selling this model, but are not able or willing to deliver. This makes them in breach of contract – is a legal case worth cost, distraction etc?

    What is next – if the economy takes a double dip, then there may be nothing new next year either and in the third year – perhaps not company???