One Tank, One Day: $1,000 video contest

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Onetank_oneday.jpgPhoto: Cyclenut48

Think you have the creative chops to throw together an exciting film about motorcycle adventure? RockMoto is holding a video contest with a $1,000 grand prize. Just tell them what you’d do with one tank of gas and one day of free time.  >

One Tank, One day

  • Stacey

    I am curious to see what people come up with!!!!

  • Frankie Twofingers


    About 125-150km at the track or 2.5-3hrs on dirt track… I’m comfortably mundane in that is about as far as my imagination will let me dream.

    One full tank of ELF would be a more suitable prize.

  • the_doctor

    Ducati? Monster? 600? Check.
    Awesome Dude? (i.e. me) Check.
    Ride though New Mexico? (The lame parts that look like Texas) Check.

    Should be lame enough to win that Academia Award Thingy.

  • Sean Smith

    Hmm… One tank? I’d do my best to wear out a set of pucks and toe sliders at Mulholland.

  • Eric H.

    Well, I know what I’d do with one tank and one day – the same thing I do with pretty much every tank of gas and every day I ride – burn it up on a non-stop, balls-out, white knuckle-fast, twisty country road course – duh

    Heh, however, I’m sure that there’s literally thousands of hardcore HOG riders out there who’ll be vying for this 1000 dollar purse by filming 5 minute gas station coffee-stop and H-D chrome shop stop collages… ;-)

    Sorry, hoggies, I just couldn’t resist ;-)

    Best regards,

    Eric H.

  • nataku83

    Hrmm, one tank would last at most 2 or 2.5 hours on my Sabre. There’s not very much worth seeing around Houston in that kind of range, and DEFINITELY nothing worthwhile if you’re going to make it a round-trip single tank ride. We don’t even have any nice roads on the south side :(

    I guess the closest thing I could get to a decent 1 tank ride would be to head down to Galveston, ride down the Blue Water Highway, see how things have changed since Ike blew through and check out how the recovery’s going, see if there’s any volunteering I could do (hey, I need to fill a whole day, right?), stop by the in-laws place in Lake Jackson, and ride on back to the Houston that evening. Actually, that story doesn’t sound half bad – now if only I had a camcorder…

  • dbriannelson

    Husky SM510R, urban cafe to another urban cafe. Repeat. And so on. By number four or so, it may get a bit shaky. Gotta find a video camera…

    No Starbucks.

  • motoalchemy

    Living where I do here in the Bay area (san fran0 there are endless roads that seem to have been designed by motorcycle riding civil engineers. So i would use my tank of gas on my old airhead BMW, (My R1 is to fast to enjoy the scenery)find a road id never been on and go riding. I would usually include a picnic somewhere along the line and hope to find some adventure, learn something new about historyor meet some cool person.

  • PeteP

    Day 1 of the Hancock Quarry run.

    It’s dirt, get it?

  • Hollywood

    One tank is barely enough to even need to stop for coffee. Every weekend my friends from SCR ( and I go riding in the surrounding foothills or to the coast but we definitely use 2 to 3 tanks full of fuel. “One Day” is a better ride title and easy enough to capture on video. What I would do with $1,000 is take several overnight trips through California. The first would be North along the coast through Mendo and Humboldt and the Big Trees. Next, I would ride south along the coast to Mexico. Finally, a trip to Death Valley would be nice. I could do each weekend on the cheap on my Kawasaki ZX10R with my girl on her Suzuki GSXR750. Three great weekends on someone else’s dime. SWEEEET!!!

  • Shoffy

    Imma dominate this thing…