Peugeot cuts the roof off the HYbrid3 Evolution

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Remember last year’s Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor concept? It combined the attributes of a Toyota Prius, a BMW C1 and a Piaggio MP3 all into one scooter. Well this year’s Peugeot HYbrid3 Evolution is the same thing without the roof. Don’t worry, they kept the random capitalization, the three-wheel drive and the 118mpg fuel economy. While we’re kinda sad to see the weather protection disappear, maybe the fact that it’s now more conventional indicates production of something like this could be a future possibility. >

Here’s the official presentation:

  • TeeJay

    It is not unchanged. The Hymotion3 had a 125 charged engine, this one is a 300cc mutant.