Photos: building the BMW Concept 6

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Look at the BMW Concept 6 as a concept bike and you’ll be disappointed. It appears to be little more than a K1300R chassis skinned to look more swoopy and a bunch of generic “future” in the form of plastic add-ons. But that’s not the point, it was built for one reason only: to show off BMW’s new six-cylinder engine. Here’s photos showing what it takes to cobble together a concept around an engine in what appears to have been a relatively short time frame. 

  • Peter Lombardi

    awesome stuff!!! thanks for posting this guys :D

  • TeeJay

    Look at this post and you’ll be disappointed. It appears to be little more than a gallery of promotional photos skinned to look more informative and detailed in the form of bitching…

    Why’s this negative tone? As you pointed out it a concept just for presenting the six cylinder engine. This out of the box look is a must to draw attention, but noone really consider as a future shampe of BMW bikes. Or you expect to waste money on a one-off bike, build some futuritic chassis and suspension with absolutly no actual purpose?! In the time of financial crisis?
    Why not just enjoy or laugh at the oddity of it?

    PS. I am not a BMW fan.

    • Wes Siler

      I’m sorry, where you see negativity, I see matter of factness.

    • Grant Ray

      Why? Because BMW are perfectly capable of extraordinary concepts. By BMW’s own standards, the Concept 6 is unconsidered and pretty meh.

      It’s still cool, but there’s no reason to fawn over it.

  • nollid51

    I hope that they follow through and produce this. It’s good to see that a little madness still exists in motorcycle design. Hopefully it wont suffer the same fate as the CBX.

  • Samantha Brian

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