Photos: riding the 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R at Mugello

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As I mentioned in the Initial Report, the 2010 Aprilia RSV4 R is both challenging and ultimately rewarding at the Mugello circuit, full of blind crests, deceptive chicanes and off-camber high-speed corners. Here’s a quick gallery of images while riding Aprilia’s exotic V4-powered racing street bike.

  • Vincenzo

    Had a chance to check this bike out at the Aprilia shop in Brooklyn. Wouldn’t start it but the bike looks sick

  • the_doctor

    No stand-up wheelies across the start/finish? I would hardly call that riding.

    • Grant Ray

      You mean like Bautista? Riding indeed.

  • Ken

    Seems Aprilia’s anti-lean technology is way behind Honda’s.

  • mototom

    I so envy you…..

  • Sasha Pave

    Holy crap you got to a) Ride a RSV4 on the track, and b) Ride the famous Mugello circuit!?!? Very Impressive! That’s one big notch on the bedpost.

  • Faster Than You

    Lameo photos. What, are you afraid to drag a knee??

    • Grant Ray

      Yes, terribly afraid. Because dragging a knee like a monkey is the only kind of proper riding, right?

      • Sean Smith

        Nope, but clean pucks just look awkward.

        Just take em to a belt sander before you hit the track, and no one will any the wiser. Alternatively, send me your pucks for a weekend, and I’ll drag them within an inch of their life. Guaranteed or your money back.

        • Wes Siler

          Yeah, Grant’s freakish refusal to stick his knee out, even while dragging the super high pegs on an RSV4, is mind boggling. You’ll be happy to know that it’s countered by my equally freakish ability to get my knee down while bolt upright. Between the two of us, there’s proper form there somewhere.

          • Sean

            Knee down while bolt upright? Ouch. That sounds like a really funny story terribly painful.

            I think that the best possible solution to avoid awkward photo’s like this is for you guys to just ride two up.

            • Sean

              Edit: So much for my HTML skills… like a really funny story is supposed to have a strike through.

              Can we have an edit button? Jalop got one, why not HFL?

  • salad shooter

    Was yours one of the five bikes that blew up?