Rajinikanth, faster than a speeding bullet

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Rajinikanth_Castrol.jpgBruce Willis, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger be damned, India’s Rajinikanth is the real deal, an action hero so tough that he can kill a bad guy just by looking at them. True story. We’re guessing that this animated commercial for Castrol Power 1 Racing oil is also based on real life, but the speeds involved were simply too fast for current cinema technology to deal with.  >

Thanks for the tip, Richard.

  • Garrett

    WOW!!!!!!! Just one question. Is there a downloadable, hi-res version?

  • Prasanth

    OMG LOL! My childhood hero!! Awesome post guys

  • Jefferson

    Jujubi?! If that means ‘brokeass’ it is my new favorite word.

  • ollieboy


    But I thought everyone in India rode the Honda ‘Hunk’. 150cc, 14bhp BEAST