Rizoma Anima: the aftermarket takes form

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What do you do if you’re a successful maker of lick-worthy aftermarket odds and ends, yet have aspirations beyond the bolt-on? Apparently, you mill a concept bike out of a 6,600lbs block of aluminum. We give you the Rizoma Anima.


  • Mitch

    Oops, someone took it out of the CNC lathe a little early.

    Dang Rizoma stuff is sleek. But 380 clams for a set of mirrors? Get outta here.

  • http://www.xborgforum.de Eric H.


    This is not a concept bike, it’s the new Rizoma HQ reception area sculpture/water fountain… ;-)

  • Mitch

    Rizoma: The Future of Staplers is Now

  • Sandy

    Wow! Simply the max of the style!!!!! Beautiful!

  • Rogers

    I hawe saw this bike at Eicma, believe me!!! Abs the best luxury sculpture!

  • vic

    the little details from the cnc are gorgeus..really nice exercise

  • sam

    i think its an exercise in waste, and whimsy

  • Matthew

    Did they say what this is supposed to develop into? Are they planing whole body kits? Are they looking at parts that modify handling, such as swing arms and frames? Or is this just an exercise in what they would like to see motorcycle styling evolve toward. If that’s it they are way behind (read: Akira, Suzuki Nuda/Crossgate, other concepts bikes from the last 25 years)