Sideburn Magazine issue 4: riding with Rossi, the Bostroms and Chris Carr

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Want to win The Springfield Mile? Chris Carr tells you how. Want to ride dirt bikes in the snow with Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli? What about taking a leaf through the Bostrom family’s private photo album. Issue 4 of the world’s best go fast, turn left magazine is on sale now.

Sideburn Magazine

  • johnny

    LOVE the Ducati dirt tracker

  • the_doctor

    That photo of Rossi made me lulz

  • powermatic

    I tend to buy dark colors for all my Exterior Clothing-if I tried to wear that jacket Rossi has on, it would have a dirt spot within an hour. Another reason VR is better than the rest of us.

    • Grant Ray

      He probably does the same. The difference is that he just buys a new one every time he gets a spot.

      • Sean Smith

        I heard he makes a pretty decent living riding for yamaha. Plus, blinding bright yellow is pretty much his thing.

  • Matt

    Whassat bike in the back of Rossi’s minivan?

  • Ben Part

    Giovanni Bussei’s XR1000