South Park calls Harley riders "fags"

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While we generally bemoan the adolescent use of the homosexual label as an insult and would like nothing better than to see it disappear from our national lexicon, last night’s South Park episode, “The F Word” was spot on. Entirely dedicated to mocking pirates Harley riders, the show at one point sees Eric Cartman consume four entire buckets of KFC chicken, then defecate on the seats of a group of Harleys, thereby creating the perfect holder for a little flag that says “You’re Fags!” which he places on each bike. The episode concludes with the above alteration to the dictionary definition of “Fag.” You can watch the entire episode at South Park Studios.

Update: The New York Times is covering the controversy this episode has stirred up among gay advocacy groups.

Thanks for the tip, Ben.

  • Scottie

    if you watch the episode, you’ll have to admit it’s pretty funny.

    • patrick

      you guys seriously are fags though.

  • Wowie, but no punctuation

    Just watch it for
    “Bubbah bubblulah blablabla”

    Apparently Roadstars, VTXs, Vulcans, and the OCC guys are ok…

  • Eric

    OK. So now when are they gonna make an episode demeaning all the dipsh!t flip-flop and tank-top wearing Squids on sportbikes out there?

    • Wes Siler

      Hopefully soon!

    • Ben

      Somewhere around season 23.

    • AceCafeClipOns

      One demeaning the standard Summer-Seasson-Gixxer-”No gloves mean better throttle response” model?

    • desertrider

      It’s expected that teenagers (squids) do stupid shit, a show on them is pointless…they’re kids, most will get smarter as they get older. It’s the 40/50 year old pirate dressing idiot that should know better than to annoy everyone with there oversize lawnmower sounding loud pipe Hardley Abelsons.

    • Steve

      Yo Eric – the “the dipsh!t flip-flop and tank-top wearing Squids on sportbikes” have a much smaller zone of irritation. Their obnoxious behavior mostly impacts their surviving relatives. The loud pipes boyz irritate every living thing within a half mile radius every moment they’re rolling. You’re comparing apples to pumpkin seeds (fruits to future vegetables… lol)

      • hoyt

        There are plenty of squids pissing off the public just as much as the “fags”, but the squids have two ways to annoy: their equally annoying pipes or antics. The only difference is the number of HDs sold. Then again, it only takes one “hdfag” or one “squidfag”.

        While we are it, the Superbike’s Show on Speed is proof of other ‘faggish’ behavior….riding in massive groups and the faggish rallies.

        Suzukirider’s comment above is true. The squids are adding to it, which makes the law come at us all that much faster and harder.

        • Concours14

          It’s more of the reason that HD riders like to pack up for rides and most of us on sportsbikes or sports tourers at most will ride with one or two others.

          I loved the episode as it hit home on every level why I hate loud vehicles in general but especially when people just do it to be noticed.

    • Jon

      hey…I am a squid (navy vet) and I do ride a sportbike lol…but seriously, loud pipes do save lives!

      • Bill Anderson

        Loud pipes might save live, but they also disturb the peace. Bikers are notorious for being loud, and for revving their engines at intersections– all just for the purpose of being loud and obnoxious. It’s even worse than the ghetto-bangers with their loud car-stereos.

        If safety is your concern, there’s a very simple solution: DRIVE A CAR!

    • Rob

      I Agree. I think that Harley riders who have excessively loud exhausts are not only annoying, but are trying to hang on to something that was cool 50 years ago. Look as a motorcycle rider, these idiots make us all look bad and I applaud Trey Parker and Matt Stone for saying what needs to be said. It is derived from a desire to be noticed. It is juvenile, and no better than a bass system in some small rice burner. I think Ronald Regan said it best when concerning loud motorcycles ‘ GROW UP”.

    • Rob


    • broc

      they are never going to make fun of sport bike riders because sport bike riders arent retarded and they arent riding early 20th century technology pieces of shit that need to be twice as big and loud just to go half as fast.

    • pinkyracer

      not till after there’s a sportbike show as popular as the tired bundle of white trash clichés known as every man’s favorite soap opera, Sons of Anarchy.

  • fishydude

    Actually, in England “fag” is slang for cigarette.

    Eric, years ago I watched a kids riding down Revere Beach with his face shield up, barefoot, no shirt and swim trunks. He go a ticket for not having proper eye protection. I thought it was hilarious.

    There is a very funny scene in Torque with a yuppy on a Harley.

  • vic

    i have never laughed so hard in my life.this link goes to every cruiser guy on my list

  • nataku83

    Meh, I didn’t find it particularly funny. There was nothing clever about it; you could have achieved the same thing by saying “I think Harley riders are fags and their bikes are loud” and saved 20 minutes. Now I’m waiting for some dipshit to call me a fag when they confuse my V4 Sabre for a “Harley”

    It seems like lately they’ve only managed to have a couple of good episodes a season. I liked the kissing company episode, but the rest of the season has sucked.

    • nataku has issues


    • joe

      hahahaha, man I think you’re just pissed cuz you own a bike, this season has been very cool, I agree with you, this episode wasn’t the best, but the ones before were “south park” the way you want it!

    • Paul

      You’re a fag

    • Gabe

      If you’re purposely drawing attention to yourself with loud pipes, it doesn’t matter what you’re riding.

    • anon

      Nataku, you missed the point.

      It wasn’t about Harleys. It was about every jack ass that rides a motorcycle that is louder than a freight train.

      So if your bike makes that much noise… you are a fag.

      The point of the episode was saying, “Motorcyclists who ride bikes that are so loud you can’t even hold a conversation while they are around are attention whores and fags.”

    • Jay

      Well if your V4 Thaber is unnecessarily loud, then you are a FAG. Bubbah bubblulah blablabla! haha.

    • Youraharleyfag

      Lol faggot is mad because they made fun of his culture. episode goes for all riders FAG

      • Harley

        To gutless piece of shit (aka: youraharleyfag)

        Better hope you never meet me or any of my brothers you faggot.
        Go suck a fart outta your mommas ass you douche.


    • chuck


  • Ken

    Thank you so much. I’m a live and let live guy, but can we start a “Put your baffles back in Hog Boy” campaign?

  • Drew

    It’s a great campaign for AMAs “Loud Pipes Risk Rights”. This episode just illustrates how obnoxious loud pipes are. They use Harley’s as the basis because seemingly everyone who buys one puts loud pipes on them. The saying “Loud Pipes Saves Lives” is baloney. You ought to know how to ride defensively.
    All motorcyclist suffer from the inconsiderate acts of other riders.

    • MissSelah

      I totally agree with this episode. BUT. Being a motorcycle rider, I do ride defensively. It got me hit 5 times in 2 years, NEVER my fault. It is only because of my defensive driving that I am still alive. So I took my shop’s suggestion and got a modified exhaust to (hopefully) get hit less. You know what that got me?

      A ticket for noise pollution.

      You wanna know who the real faggots are?

      Dumb ass drivers – of ANY vehicle – who DON’T LOOK WHERE THEY ARE GOING.

      • area_educator

        Where are you riding that you got hit 5 times in 2 years? I’ve never been hit, and most of my riding has been in Atlanta.

        Were you hit from behind? If not, your modified exhaust is aimed the wrong way to help with that problem.

      • pinkyracer

        you know why you got hit 5 times in 2 years? because you think it’s not your fault!

        In every crash I’ve had, I think about what happened and what I might have done differently. Then I CHANGE my behavior to try and prevent crashing the same way.

        This is why I’ve been riding motorcycles (mostly in SF, LA & NYC) for 25 years.

        I generally learn from my mistakes and do what I can to prevent the same type of crash. Cagers will always be oblivious. It’s up to me to not hang out in their blind spots or places where they’re likely to want to go.

    • benhaire

      You are a retard. Im sure you do not ride or you would realize that a biker would and should do anything to make them visible. Nobody pays attention nowadays. I have had two friends in the last six months get run into because of a motorist not paying attention. Also, learn how to spell. Its b o l o g n a.

  • Leek

    Ahhhh…this episode was classic. I never laughed so hard!

  • Zeitgeist

    True Comedy! Yet sad as it shows how most people see motorcycles. Many actually think they come that loud from the factory.

  • Hot

    Gee, HFL, have a cry why don’t you! I’d have thought you’d be tough enough to get over it and ignore it! After all, SouthPark have mocked pretty much everyone else on the planet, and noone takes Cartman’s opinions seriously.

  • Eric

    I didn’t interpret the episode as a dig at ALL
    motorcyclists, just those who place so little
    value in others that they modify the exhaust
    to generate huge amounts of noise. Stock
    motorcycle exhaust these days is pretty quiet.
    (I’m talking about Kawasakis or Hondas. I’m
    sure Harleys make a racket from the factory.)

    The point is not that everyone who’s different
    should be made fun of, but that those who actually
    try to annoy other people are losers.

    • Grant Ray

      Eric, I’m pretty sure a stock Harley isn’t any louder than other comparably-sized air-cooled twins. Of course, that all changes once the accessories dept. gets their hooks into a buyer.

      • s0crates82

        Freaking THIS. Stock HD’s are way quiet.

    • Ken

      Stock Harley’s are fine, but there’s this insane culture that’s infected the entire scene where sounding like a V8 with a rooted big end and 6 plug leads removed is apparently desirable. The lack of any valve overlap gives it that obnoxiously hard edge. Take the baffles out and you’re done. You won’t hear it on a Buell.

      The local HD dealer here (New Zealand if you please) actually goads people into it! You’re not a real Harley rider until your noise/performance ratio is somewhere in the ionosphere.

      Like a lot of riders, I’ve got an aftermarket pipe on my girly man rice burner. It’s very discrete round town but opens up tunefully when you give it some. It’s the kind of proper engineering you get from any decent manufacturer. (Shark from Italy if anyone’s interested.)

  • powermatic

    Butters is Bike Curious.

    • Adamic

      Butters isnt Bike Curious, hes Bi Curious, it also comes from that episode where cartman tries to put his penis in butters mouth and later butters had the acountabillabuddy and ends up at the end of the episode telling everyone hes bi curious.

  • englishman

    all bike riders are FAAAAAAAAAGS

  • englishman

    all bike riders are FAAAAAAAAAGS
    who deserve nothing more than they get when they get knocked off their bike after weaving and bobbing in and out of traffic at high speeds and cut down the centre of lanes and blame car drivers for it.

  • Carl

    You all are FAGS for even discussing this like you are. I have a honda and you know what?? Its quiet and i like it that way… it so i’m not annoying the piss out of every person i ride by.
    If you want something loud get a muscle car!

  • Squirts

    Does God REALLY hate fags (and Harley riders)???? Really? =)

    Enjoyed the show…. It’s definitely gonna’ make the rounds with my friends, BUT (no butTs), there is a message in this South Park that all motorcyclists should learn and understand. That message is that we are seen as loud, inconsiderate oafs when we’re rappin’ the pipes at oh dark thirty in the morning or blowin’ past cagers on a two lane (I’ve done both)… All B.S. aside, there are MANY laws and restrictions headed our way because there are citizens who DO think we’re fags… Somethin’ to think about… Respects.

  • Chad Smith

    GREAT episode. Loved it, and I can’t tell you how many times I saw some douchebag on a harley purposely revving the bike to just make noise and try to be cool.

    What a bunch of immature FAGGOTS.

  • Not a Fag

    You guys are all FAGS!

  • SuzukiRider

    The message being sent by this episode was so balls-on accurate…it’s scary. Yep, that whole leather-clad, tattoo-covered, earring wearing crowd of assholes will become dead as dinosaurs pretty soon. The LAW is after your ass, and those obnoxious pipes are coming off. It’s about time, too. You guys have been fucking up our sport for waaayyy too many years.

  • http://Sinner Todd

    I was a fag once then got so tired of all the fags at the dealership and the other fags on the road I sold my Harley and got a Honda. And i must say its nice to know my bike will start when I turn the key.That was a great south park, and hey they were just doing what they do best. Pointing out things every one else is thinking. So to all you fags out there, their is hope for you. If you didn’t think it was funny well I did.

  • Jimbo

    I don’t know if any of you dipshits ever rode a bike but…

    When you got insanely large SUVs and trucks with stupid motherfuckers on cell phones, playing with the radio, texting, and generally being dipshits LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES.

    Harleys arent a bike but a way of life.

    • Huck

      Well if you just put a 3 foot bright pink hello kitty Flag on the back of your bike and a cute little bicycle bell, that would save lives too….:) And then you could take your FAG pipes off. Faggot

    • JimbosUhFag

      Harelys sure are a way of life, for old fat cunts wearing little leather hats.

      Doing meth and blowing guys at a truck stop restroom for cash to support it is also a way of life, dosnt make it cool.

    • whyphy

      and thats what makes you a fag

    • Cadillac Jack

      Yeah, I’d believe you fell that way if you didn’t say that (LPSL’s) then put that potato chip of a helmet on your head.

      Situation Awareness… It’s a military thing, and very effective.

    • jay

      So is homosexuality … FAG … Can’t hack the traffic, get off the road.

    • jaydee

      I have ridden a little. Twenty five years with LAPD’s motor squad..with some years on an HD before the invention of hi performance motorcycles. Throw in a few years competing in AMA events.. the south park episode was so spot on it is amazing. The “look at me I am a bad ass on a harley” culture makes me want to puke but puking and snickering is difficult. I have no quarrel with HD but I do have a problem with the culture as described above. Please don’t try to intimidate me with how violent you are..I don’t impress easilly.

    • jay

      Opening up the exhaust on your bike does 3 things. 1-makes the bike loud, duh, 2 makes the bike slower and 3,wastes gas. Yeah it may seem like when its loud u go faster, but if you took time to educate yourself you would realize that you need backpressure on the valves to force them down quicker to expediate the next piston fire. This will result in more torque, which in turn means a faster bike and better mileage, and longer lasting motor. So how much did the bike dealer rip you off in pipes and gas to date???
      So in conclusion, just keep “fixing” your bike (cause god knows youre so much smarter than the geniuses that designed and built the bike) so our govt will make it so you cant “fix” it yourself anymore! ;)

    • Scott

      Harleys are a hobby not a lifestyle you fag.

  • Jo

    I live in a tranquil canyon in a bigger city, very nice and mostly great neighbors. If there just wouldn’t be that annoying douche with the extra loud Harley that rides around late at night, enjoying his noise. Especially at stop signs he likes to throttle it up. Yeah and not many cars around that late for the “loud pipes save lives” argument, just residential streets. I hope to catch that guy one night. (What about running a wire trap across the street…)
    There are a couple other Harleys too less annoying at least, but still louder than anything else out.

    Overall I really started hating Harleys and their riders for their noise. Not that I dislike bikes,
    I’m myself dream of getting a bike one day and I’m an observant car driver that makes room for bikes. But a Harley is of my list, for me that is a such a douche machine now. Maybe it was cool n the 60s when today’s riders were in their teens.

    “Harley is a way of life”? So is eating out of the trashcan. Hehe, its s being build with a broken engine design since over 60 years now.
    Even the most aggressive Ducati is a symphony against that arthritic bubbling of the old man’s broken Harley engine.

    Look who’s riding a Harley nowadays? Old douches that are happy when at least something moves between their legs when pulling the throttle.

    Haha thank you Southpark, I now can call them Harley Fags

    • Bill Anderson

      if you know where this noise-maker lives, why not just tell the cops and file a complaint? There SHOULD be a law against that kind of thing; and if there isn’t, then GET one.

      I can’t believe it’s LEGAL to make all that noise; I assumed that South Park was just making fun of nothing, since they also show people getting KILLED with no consequences.

  • urbanrider

    As usual, South Park hits the nail on the head. I was recently in Kingston upon Thames, a leafy part of Surrey on a nice late summer day. And this complete FAG rolled up on his fag bike wearing his fag vest and making as much noise as his fag bike could make.

    He clearly thought he was ‘the shit’ but as a motorcycle enthusiast it was so embarrassing that the general public would think this fag represented us. Down with the fags I say and while we’re at it, the Honda Shadow fags too!

  • Bob

    The true fags are the tools that ride OCC choppers!

  • THC

    This is what happens when you kick a fag harley rider in his pussy! They WHINE…

  • cityxslicker

    In honor of the show. Sing it in your head with the Cartman voice.

    Got their motors running
    Should be out on the highway
    Instead of swarming like vultures
    Hangin out at *bucks, cloggin the doorway

    Yeah, damnit
    Gonna make them go away
    Take their loud pipes, stupid bikes
    Fake stenciled tatto’d guns at once and
    Kick them out of this place

    They like smoke and leather
    Heavy metal thunder
    Assless pants with fringe
    And the feeling that they’re ‘better’

    Yeah, damnit
    Gonna make them go away
    Take a bucket of extra crispy
    Fire off my buns at once and
    Explode on their seats.

    Like a true pompous Fag
    They arent even gay
    Born at fourty and faggy
    They have rode town for the last time
    Never want them back again
    Born to be Fags
    Born to be Faggoty

    • no slander against alternative non traditional livestyles were implied nor harmed during the creating of this parody. This song is based on the new Definition of FAG per that episode. Now get over it.
  • fag boy


  • Rasta_dog

    If you have a 280 rear tire to go with your loud pipes, your are not only a total fag, but you are also ((comment removed by HFL))!


  • Timmy

    The only thing I hate more than smelly hippies are those damn fags on Harleys!!!

    Loud pipes don’t save lives…they just give early warning that a fag is approaching.

  • William

    my neighbors exhaust is so loud it rattles the windows and sets off my car alarm AT IDLE!!!!!! He leaves and comes back at all hours of the night. I totally agree with South Park. They are not saying all Harley riders, only the idiots that feel it necessary to draw so much attention to themselves by having loud exhaust and disturbing everyone else’s peace. Same goes for guys with loud stereos personally.

  • b

    While funny it is really a commentary and a warning on society’s changing attitudes towards bikes. I have 4 bikes ride thousands of miles a year and have stock mufflers on all my bikes. When I moved to a new neighborhood I had to get permission for my bikes. Please don’t take it seriously, just please start realizing you are part of the community and stop ruining it for all of us.

  • Dude

    Most people dont consider the argument that loud pipes save lives because no one is forced to ride. So If us riders are so concerned about our lives we should stay in a cage before annoying people. Thats what I think would be an argument from a regular Joe. I think the loud pipe saving lives idea is a convenient excuse to have when someone asks why you modded your pipe.. But I know the grin on your face means you just think its cool.. and maybe it is to some degree..But not when you are annoying people everywhere you go.

    When ANY loud bike splits a lane by me it catches me off guard as it pass by my open window….Did you catch that?? I didnt even know it was there until it was on the side of my car.

    I loved the south park episode.

  • SVRider

    Loud pipes don’t save lives! I live in Arizona where the helmet law is optional and about 90% of the harley riders here choose that option. If those Fags really are so Saftey Concerned then why don’t they wear helmets and other protective gear which really are the biggest saftey precaution. The fact is simple,there doing it for attention and there using the moto “Loud pipes save lifes” as an excuse to annoy everyone around them. Besides, all the stupid drivers with their windows rolled up, stereos blasting, and cellphones in hand won’t even noticed the fags until they have already changed lanes and accidentally ran them over.
    Not to mention the lack of technological advancements made in the HDs. For half the money you could easily get twice the performance, the only thing their payin for is the ability to say “I spent 10k on an overpriced, under performed, out of date piece of shit thats says harley davison on the tank!”

  • DaFoxx

    I finally got around to watching this episode, and it’s brilliant. Especially Butter’s monologue at the end.

    Nothing as funny as individualism when a bunch of people do the same thing together.

  • 6mt

    whats wrong with harleys? besides their biz practice of buying MV and only to dump it a year later. but other than that, and for i concern, we are all fags for riding motorcycles and think we are better than the rest. FUCK YEAH!! we are all ghey!!!!!!!

  • geonerd

    You guys watch South Park? Seriously?

  • eric Cartmanes

    i love harley’s but i love this ep coz it’s freakin funny

    • SVRider

      you love harleys cuz you’ve never ridden a honda or suzuki

    • whyphy

      and you’re a fag

  • whyphy

    All motorbike riders are fags in some way. You either ride a REAL bike (Sports/Super) and dress like a fuckin power ranger (you’re a fag) or a harley or harley type bike.
    ALL HOGS ARE GAY AND SO ARE THE NEEDY FUCKERS WHO RIDE THEM! Of COURSE it’s for attention. This is why you are bigger fags than the REAL bike riders. A hog of any discription is a heavy, poorly made piece of shit. And the people who own them are the same people who in another life would say their wrist watch defines them.
    You are all status symbol needing fags. Never mind all the leather you pack yourselves into. So fucking faggy it’s unreal. I thought only women were impressed by status symbols. But no, fags are too.
    And I’ve got news for you fags; only in America is there ANY chance of you fags getting any respect. In MY country, 16 year old boys would terrorise you for being so outragously faggy.
    One more thing…. All all-American icons are GAY icons. Cowboys – The hat, the assless leather chaps, the tassles the jewels..((Comment removed by HFL))

  • whyphy

    American wrestling…. I think we all know why thats gay. Its just a prelude to homosexual love making. And american foot(hand)ball. You’re not fooling anyone…. lots of guys all grabbing each other and gropping each other through their thigh, hands right at the ass and stuff, while in skin tight trousers… wow… fags! Nevemind all the armour you wear during it. Ever seen rugby? How do those rugby playing fags do it WITHOUT a helmet and face guard and shoulder guards and cocks guards and whatever else they hide on them so they aren’t hurt. All americans icons are gay icons…. just ask a gay man. They can’t get enough of your “mans man” looks. ((Comment removed by HFL)).

    • Grant Ray

      Let’s keep the conversation intelligent and leave the gay-bashing out, please.

      • whyphy

        I have just read both of my comments regarding fags and general faggotry. Nope, I never actually gay bashed…. not once. Obviously your conceptualisation of english isn’t all that you think it is.

  • whyphy

    I’m not gay bashing. I have nothing agasint gays. It’s just that things americans thinks are “man” are infact very very gay to the real world. Read more carefully and you’ll realise I’ve not critised gays for gay reasons AT ALL.

    • .

      “Read more carefully and you’ll realise I’ve not critised gays for gay reasons AT ALL”

      of course you wouldnt “critise” yourself, you frigging teabag.

      • whyphy

        ah, you must be american. hahahaha

  • whyphy

    I’m not gay bashing. I have nothing agasint gays. It’s just that things americans thinks are “man” are infact very very gay to the real world. Read more carefully and you’ll realise I’ve not critised gays for gay reasons AT ALL.

  • meatspin

    Erik Buell called me a fag at the airport when he caught me staring at him. True story.

  • whyphy

    I love how you’ve quoted me there like there’s a relevance to my being a “teabag”. I assume you mean an englishman. WORNG! I’m not one of them.

  • Mr Bill

    It was the funniest damned episode I have seen. It points out how ridiculous loud pipes are and I almost pissed myself when Butters defends the bikers with an articulate definition of bikers only to be called a Fag by one of the bikers. The kids are saved by gun wielding Gays with a sign “Gays against Fags”. You have to hand it to the South Park writers… They took a nasty subject and clobbered just about everyone in the process.

    Personally I do not like loud pipes. And when you get 20-50 bikes with loud pipes, it is just too much. I wouldn’t call them Fags, but they are freaking annoying.

    Use the stock pipes. My ears thank you.

  • JLL

    Harley Riders are Fags. We should start an anti-fag campaign (not anti-gay).

    If you FAGS are worried for safety wear a god damn yellow reflective safety vest instead of pissing the rest of us off with your fag pipes. Sure it doesn’t look “cool” but if you were really concerned for safety maybe you’d do it.

    Also, loud pipes do NOT give you the right to ride like an asshat and blame everyone else in the world for not seeing you when you cut off some SUV that ends up landing you in a wheelchair. Guess what… you probably deserved it – Fag.

  • heathrs9

    I am a female who just started riding this year. First, a scooter, which where I live in the US, you need a motorcycle license to operate. I’d wave to bikers on the side streets and most would simply ignore me, especially those on HOGs or HOG type bikes. Bought a Jap bike, 250ccs and still find that the majority of bikers who don’t wave back are those on HOGS. I guess I had no idea there was such a division. In our parking area, I actually had a HOG rider leave a nasty note on my scooter, thinking I touched his foot peg and put it in an upward position.

    It just appears to me that there is some type of arrogance amongst most, not all, Harley drivers. I just don’t get it.

    I think this episode simply acknowledges that some bikers need to seriously relax, lighten up and stop being so loud and obnoxious.

    My favorite part was when they were constantly doing the “vvrrrrrmmm vrmmmmm ” while they were in the library. Brilliant!

  • Chad Reams

    Yep, I was a fag too once upon a time. Now I have left my fagdom kingdom and matured. Once I prowled the streets in my cars with super loud stereo systems that only seemed to wind up stolen. Once I had side pipes with Cherry bomb exhaust on a Chevy 350 engine. Thought to be tough and loud and cool. While I paid a hefty fine for that observation by the unwanted on looker. I quess I’m old, because now when I hear a loud vehicle I think what a fag. But sometimes I remember I too was a fag once. How about you?

    It is called growing up. Some boys never grow up.

  • Chad Reams

    Just remembered. I once cut the exhaust off my 1983 Honda Nighthawk so it would be loud. It was, wasn’t a Harley thought. How I wanted to be a Harley Fag. I could never afford to be a Harley Fag. That is what it is all about, right.
    They want you to pay attention to them. Your either in or your out. Your either a Harley Fag or your not. Don’t forget there are a lot of super loud and super fag sport bike riders. I know I was one of them. Not anymore. I don’t have loud vehiciles, I drive a mini-van. I drive a Tempo. I drive a Suzuki Vitara. The only thing I have that is cool is a Jeep Wrangler. Ohh, yes I put a dynomax exhaust on it to make it louder, so it is fagged out. Sorry, something about loudness makes a boy feel like a man, or a man feel like a boy. You decide.

  • dd

    I ride a really quiet kawasaki vulcan 500, you could sleep with it next to you. I cant stand it when im riding and some FAG comes riding next to me making the whole earth shake. I dont care if they dress up like pirates, i dont have to look at them, but i cant avoid the obnoxious noise they make.

  • Kevin White

    I first put an FMF aluminum pipe on an ZZR600 I owned a few years ago because with earplugs in for highway travel I couldn’t hear the engine. The aftermarket pipe let me hear what the engine was doing and the earplugs protected my hearing from wind whoosh and engine sound.

    Nothing at all to do with wanting to be noticed or being “cool” — in fact I didn’t like that it was noisy around town, but the trade off was necessary.

    I’ll probably add an aftermarket pipe to my next bike for much the same reason.

  • eltrut


  • RobertHall

    I know you guys think you are just laughing it off and being cool mature adults about the whole thing. But I don’t think you understand that by doing that your being Fags…

    The episode was commenting on people that ride around on very loud obnoxious bikes because they are needy and desperate for attention. The kind of guys that are all just dentist or lawyers but when they put on their ass-less chaps think they are big tough biker brutes.

    Yeah dude no one is scared or intimidated by bikers anymore, when you dress up like you frequent gay bars and ride around desperate for attention, nobody is thinking your bad ass or independent. We are thinking, either they are homosexuals, which is cool, or extremely needy men who are obnoxious and desperate for attention. I think it was spot on and hilarious, I have been saying the same thing for years about you guys.

  • Random

    Loud pipes signs fags!

    There are many ways to increase awareness that do not involve loud pipes – more efficient headlights, bright colors or reflective materials… or a little button just to the side of your left thumb. It’s called horn.

  • jomine

    harlay is fag!!! blablablablabla

  • Tom


    The day of reckoning has come for the Harley Fags. This episode was so spot on. Or course, the needy Harley fags won’t understand. They suffer from a psychological affliction from which few can ever recover. They can only be stopped by local laws that fine them and we all know that the the HDfags simply won’t stop until they force these laws to be made and enforced.

  • Car driver ! so, not fag ! x)

    Every biker is FAG !!!


    FAG !!!!

  • letsdance

    I would like each of you to walk up to a biker and call them a fag. Really put some heart into it, maybe push them a little and have a good laugh. Better yet, just walk up to one and smack him/her around. Who gives a damn about those disgusting, annoying pricks anyway, right? There are plenty of biker bars so I’m sure you can find a place to let it all out. None of them are armed, vets, ex-cons, belong to law enforcement, love to fight or have a wide network of friends they ride with so you can just have a big time with those pathetic pukes. Look for patch holders, those guys have a great sense of humor. Bring your friends!

  • Delta425

    Let’s add something to the definition, shall we? To the end of the definition add “and care about what others think of you”. I ride because I like to ride. There are 6 motorcycles in my garage right now, 4 Japanese and 2 Italian. I wouldn’t personally ever own a Harley, as I don’t like 100 year old technology and I especially don’t like paying at least triple what something is actually worth. But, if you like Harleys because you like Harleys, that’s cool. However, it’s been my experience that 99.999% of people on Harleys are lemmings that cannot think for themselves and are doing it to FIT IN! Individualism my ass – they are the BIGGEST BUNCH OF FOLLOWERS AND POSEURS I have ever seen. But, I gotta admit, it sure as hell is fun passing those crotch-crawlers…. I mean cruisers.

    • collestMF

      You summed it up perfectly. I used to ride Asian bikes, and I never saw anyone doing it to fit into some stupid image that consumed their life. I did it because I like the thrill, but I didn’t need to tell my friends over and over how cool I was over a plate of pancakes at IHOP.
      And all of their fagot HD merchandise that they have to buy. They are as bad as Juggalos.

  • Az_Ride

    Wife and I used to ride around alot in Arizona. She had an Ultra Classic and I had a Suzuki Intruder. Nice bike. Of course hers always leaked oil and I could never get it to stop falling apart no matter what I did or who I sent it to. But I digress.

    Neither one of us had loud pipes. Don’t like them at all. But it was funny riding around Arizona on ours with the local weekend bike group.

    There were a few different types in that group. The weekenders that did it for fun were fine. A couple of people that were heavy riders even to the point of commuting every day to and from work kind of thing. Good riders, kids on the back of the bikes helmets and such.

    Then there were the ones like Kerri-lynn. Ugh. Big harley chick. Didn’t feel right unless she was setting off every car alarm as she rode by. No helmet of course so that ‘Loud Pies Save lives” mantra goes right out the window.

    We stopped riding with that group for that reason.

    That and of course I didn’t ride a Harley and my wife never seemed to have enough Harley approved apparel for their liking.

  • tard

    Please, could someone start making and selling these wonderful little yellow flags. Sell them in at least 100 lots and make sure they are quite pointy or have a sticky bottom. The definition stickers should also sell unbelievably well and just maybe some of these smelly fat fuckers would get the hint with their dipshit bikes plastered with our thoughts.

  • susycue

    Mission Accomplished!

    Finally someone points out that putting on a leather halloween costume and riding a belt-driven noise-bucket is faggy.

    Can’t afford a g0ddamn muffler? Thanks for waking my baby

  • Hallifax not Harley-Fags

    I liked the scene in the library when the
    fags softened their “blbubbblababah” after they were admonished. great stuff.

  • Carl

    All motorcycle riders are FAGS!!!

  • Harley Riders ARE Fags

    It was a BRILLIANT episode!

    And SO TRUE

  • dmian

    bah done by and for pussies that spend all their lifes inside a cubicle… south park is full of shit, and america is going down the drain, fucking nanny state full of girly hipsters

  • Tom

    pipes don’t make a rider visible.

    • Harley Rider

      As a Harley rider I don’t pay too much attention to what a bunch of sissyfied rice rocket owners or ass wipes in crates has to say. If you can’t hear the beautiful sounds comming from my loud Harley pipes, that should make you aware that I’m around you, turn down the fuckin radio in your car! Or, if my loud pipes should interfere with your cell phone call while your driving down the road, tough shit. I’ll be on a road near you, so anytime you internet blogging cowards are having a paticularly bad day and want to make it worse, Just try a little more disrespect than usual towards me and see what happens.

      • PerfectChaosZero

        @Harley Rider:
        I like at how you try calling everyone a coward for talking about a fucking south park episode, while you’re making threats of physical violence over the internet. Obviously, the one who’s acting like a coward in this situation is you. Do you really think you’re cool telling people you’re gonna beat them up if they disrespect you? You’re such a pathetic loser, there’s no word in the English language to describe it.

        Oh wait, now there is. You’re a fucking faggot. Go take your fag bike and fag up somewhere else fag, no one likes you. Your loud bike is just an expression of your napoleon complex. You only wanna be noticed because you’re a fag who needs the attention to verify his own self worth because he has absolutely nothing else in life. You sir, are hilarious.

        • HARLEY


          I hope a monkey rips your little pecker off and assfucks you for being the punk you are.
          You’re a good example for why abortion should remain legal and in some cases encouraged.
          Listen dipshit….Please do me and the world a big favor. Walk up to the front door of the nearest club house of either the Hells Angels or Outlaws, depending on what state you live in…. and call the guy who answers the door a fag. Please do this. We could use a cleansing of the gene pool and you would be a good place to start. I hope no woman has reduced herself to reproducing with your pathetic ass. Just what we need, more dumb fucks like you running rampant….
          Kiss my ass.


  • HarleyFags

    Sorry but you guys that ride your Harleys, reving through neighborhoods so we all have to hear your stupid loud bikes… you deserve to be called Fags!
    And they’re right, we don’t think you’re cool, just dicks.

  • Zane

    Truth of the matter is this most of the people that buy a motorcycle think its cool to be loud as they can driving through city streets and other such places, basically just trying to be something there not, or to compensate of something they used to have or dont have to make there self feel better about there self, or simply showing off to get attention.

    Same with those that have crappy cars and drive loud cars thinking there race care drivers, it’s the same thing, it’s rather pathetic if you ask me.

    It’s one thing to buy something and use it and have fun with, but if your only doing it to get attention and to piss people off your nothing more then thug and punk and not the good kind.

    That and it sorta puts motorcycle gangs to shame with so many one be bikers out there you know, I mean no one likes one be’s and lot people that buy motorcycles are trying to be that and well yea.

    As for other people, there are some that own motorcycles that dont act that way, thats like maybe 10% out of 100%, which leaves 90% so there you go.

  • richard cranium

    Why did they only single out harleys as “Fag Bikes”? “Fag Bikes” are also come under the names of Shadow, VTX, Star, Vulcan, Intruder, and Marauder. Any imitation harley. These others and their riders are just as obnoxious and faggy.

  • Eric

    All loud riders are fags.

    Be it motorcycles, car, mopeds… Whoever rides and makes loud noises is a total fag. Especially the assholes who at midnight find nothing funnier than to make as much noise as they can and start as many car alarms as possible.

    Total douches/fags. I am so happy SP made an episode about these retards. Nobody like obnoxious assholes.

    As long as you will make too much noise you will be called a fag

    • Harley

      To all you little homo’s whining about bikers:

      You Harley-Davidson bashing, pole smoking dildos are gay wang-jerkers, all dry-humpin’ each other on a blog. Nice and safe behind your keyboard.
      Took a cartoon to get your balls up to be a smartass? Pussies.

      Call me a fag when you see me on my bike and I’ll kick your lilly ass and show your girl what a pussy boy you really are.
      If your a woman running her big mouth… one cunt punt coming up.

      F’n Bitches.



  • Internet tough guy

    “Nice and safe behind your keyboard. Call me a fag when you see me on my bike and I’ll kick your lilly ass”

    Well well…what do we have here, a tough guy behind the keyboard? Did you even think before you banged your head on your keyboard to get that opinion out? The only ass that would be kicked is your own fat one, fag.

  • Harley

    Can and will travel right to your house to get a piece of that action fuckface…Gimme your address and we’ll see if you can back up your big fucking mouth boy.


    • toad

      1600 Pennsalvania ave washington DC Go to the back door and ask for Hilary.

      you are no more than aharley pushing/ fixing turd pusher

  • GN Racer

    I ride an older Harley Sportster over 20K miles a year as daily transportation, and I had to say this episode was spot on, particularly where I live. Out of respect for others I have baffles on my bike, and I do not blip the throttle at stoplights.

    I recently went to my local dealer to pick up a quart of primary fluid, and that day coincided with a group ride for a local H.O.G. chapter. I counted at least 60 bikes, all gleaming Big Twins (a BT is any HD that is not a Sportster.) The owners looked like they’d bought all their clothes out of a HD catalog! Assless chaps, fingerless gloves, wallets on chains, and HD high heeled boots were the fashion du jour…all that stuff is made in China. By way of contrast, I wear a beat up 20+ year old bomber jacket, old 501s, boots I picked up from a local shoe repair store, and gloves from Target. It was a huge HD fashion show, and it made me realize just how much I enjoy riding solo. Lately I’ve been doing so much long distance touring on my Sportster I’ve decided to move up to a Triumph Rocket III.

  • Paul

    OMG! And I thought the South Park episode was hysterical!? This “guy” (it could be a girl) HARLEY is funnier still!!! roflmao

  • Neodymus

    My half retarded nephew was waching this episode the other day. I shoulda slapped him for being such a douchebag…..
    Hate to break it to you but if you’re an adult and still watch cartoons with elementary school kids in them, you’re a latent, closet case, cartoon loving homo and should turn in your man card.
    Southpark is for little boys who still diddle their weenies.
    All you circle jerker Southpark fanboys are true faggots.

  • Sunny-cali-girl

    I think men on Harleys are HOT!!!
    Not “old” men though. Men in there 20′s and 30′s and some in their 40′s look sexy on a Harley.
    Don’t care for crotch rockets. They’re more of a boy thing.

  • Diane

    Sure honey, some are cute, but what they say about men with loud pipes having small penises: IT’S TRUE!!!

  • Sunny-cali-girl

    Not in my town : )

  • doug

    bluubbluubbblarblluubblaarbluubblar! . . . .

  • suck my scrote

    are motorbike riders are fags, fuck them

  • H8 harley fags

    Harley sounds like the real deal…a real Fag. Your tough guy threats just make you sound like more of a fag, Fag.

  • H8 harley fags

    Harley wrote:
    “Better hope you never meet me or any of my brothers you faggot.”

    Sounds like you and your “brothers” are FAGS. Pack running douchebags like you and your fag gang buddies are what high capacity ammo magazines are made for, FAG.

  • Lipi

    I have a lot biker friends (they ride cruisers or old bikes). I like that I can tell it by the sound which one of them is arriving at the end of our street.
    Most of them are loud, but only while they moving.
    When the bike has arrived and the engine is still running they are quiet. So the neighbors only hear them for a few seconds. That is not so much that they should complaining for it.
    The motocross bikes of some boys in the neighborhood are much more loud and they keep on circling round the block making a permanent noise.

  • Bob

    Harley, You sound like the internet tough guy here, threatening to come to someone’s house and beat them up. Oooooh, really scary! You FAG! Watch out for flying lead if you ever come to my house, FAG.

  • jomine

    not only the harleys, but also americans are fags!!
    fuck you americans

  • Harley


    First off, your a puss.
    What’s your address? Fast moving lead is my specialty.
    You’d piss your panties if you ever had to confront me.
    And please by all means….share your viewpoint with all the riders in your nearest neighborhood biker bar. I’m sure the education you would receive would be beneficial junior.
    I doubt you’d have the sack to say much of anything around real men would ya sissy boy?
    Didn’t think so.


    Go fuck yourself cocksucker.


  • Blib

    I would not recommend playing around with bikers. Southparks spoof on the culture doesn’t give recognition to the fact that some of these guys are big, mean, like to fight and don’t give a f*ck. Sense of humor is optional and being called a fag or any other name will likely result in a swift and harsh retaliation.
    You never know what kinda biker you’re dealing with until it’s too late. Good or bad that’s the way it is.

  • Bobby

    I like the biker bar scene in Pee-wee’s big adventure. Those dudes were cool and make me want to be a fag.

  • http://asdfadfadcccc Jim

    It’s because you guys ARE fags.

  • bob

    Bikers are fags.. this episode hits the nail right on the As nasty and as bad ass bikers think they are, they are nothing with out 1) their fag gang to back them up, and 2) their fag bikes..
    I really hope American chopper saw this episode, and big (THUG) Paulie took a big crap in his big pants.

  • Bree

    Women like Harley Davidsons. It gives us that vibration that we love between our legs : )
    My boyfriend rides a Harley and he’s definitely not a fag. He’s all about the cootch.

  • My contempt is mutual

    I have a fairly loud Harley, it is the stock pipes also and the bike is really old. I actually find riding it thrilling and the sound is a part of the many sesations that go with what make it enjoyable. Iused to have japanese bikes and I doubt I’d get another as my main one — they’re just too blender/appliance like.

    And who is calling who a fag? Funny thing is the feeling is mutual; I have contempt for about 90% of the wussys I see in my generation and baby boomers too, and relish the idea of pissing them off and they have contempt for me and my bike. South Park is typical of said wussys. I love how the dumb crotch rocket riders are jumping on the HD bashing badwagon. What a bunch of inferiority complex having fags too. Bent over like that . . .

  • Lone Wolf

    Yep, and when they get done with the Harley riders, as in “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down!”, they’ll start passin’ oppressive laws to make the rest of you “motorcycle enthusiasts” cry about how unfair it is that they’re takin’ away YOUR freedom. You friggin’ dopes no nothing about brotherhood. FTW.

  • @LoneWolf

    Soon there won’t be anything to bitch about other than the fact that only 500,000 humans are left alive,and that 98 percent of those humans are slaves to the wealthy elite.You friggin dopes KNOW nothing about what’s really going on.

  • paul

    harley riders arent singled out as fags just because of the pipes. im into supermoto n off road bikes n the reason i think they are fags is because when it rains THEY ALL DISAPPEAR. real bikers use theyre bikes no matter what the weather. i live in ireland where most of the time the weather is crap. but when the sun is garanteeed for the day all these FAG HARLEY RIDERS come out of nowhere all on theyre polished up bikes.

  • Dave

    you guys are all such fucking fags

  • Dave

    oh, and can someone please explain to me what @LoneWolf is talking about??

    hahah… wow..


  • fagkiller

    All of you are FAGS!

  • Joe Honda

    I just saw the episode. I have been riding Honda since 1972 and hate loud Bikes (almost exclusively Harley) as much as anybody. They often wake me up in the summer (nice weather only) and I am 1/4 mile from the highway.

    Yet I was unable to laugh at this otherwise very funny skit. Why? This hit hard and wannabe knuckle-draggers have to be feeling like their balls went through a garlic press. They still ride on two wheels after all, and many 4 wheelers would like to see all bikes outlawed as being sub-human.

    I passed 4 cars poking along on green valley road today on the way home from work. I hope Trey and Matt were not among them. I could be next. My “little” bike could be next.

  • Al

    The fact is that if you call virtually ANYONE a fag they will punch you in the face. The other fact is that loud exhaust pipes are annoying…this goes for you flow master faggots too.

  • Muriel Miner

    How can i get a copy of this episode?

  • Cap

    Harley riders are nothing but attention-seeking trailer trash wannabes. Didn’t get enough attention as a child, and so now they overcompensate. Dressed up like total dicks in that leather crap. The tattoos are another attention-seeking mechanism they use.

    South Park was spot on. Loud motorbike riders are complete cockheads and deserve to be laughed at.

  • bsarider

    i loved this episode and couldn’t agree more that the term was ready for a new definition. i’ve been yelling “FAGS” or “FAGGOTS” at every ass jewelry riding douche i see now.

  • fred johnson

    A great episode acknowledging the fact most people view Harley riders as posers, usually of questionable sexuality, overbearing and generally obnoxious to be around.

    We all know the whole image is all about intimidation it’s no secret and most people rightfully think bikers are dicks for this reason.

    If I walked around in body armor with a running chainsaw I would be an obnoxious dick for the same reasons.

  • Jay

    All of you pussies talk shit on the internet call us Harley owners Fags. The truth is none of you are man enough to ride or live the way we do. You are the true faggots because you are to nutless to say anything like this to our face. So go ahead and talk shit inbetween masterbation sessions on you favorite gay porn site. Becacuse you Know as well as I do you wont say shit to my face when you see me on the road.

    • Guy who drives a big truck badly

      No, sweety, I’ll just run you over and not even notice it…

      You Harley tough-guys are so funny. “Tell me where you live and I’ll come kick your ass” etc.

      Here’s a thought: you’re brave and fearless and don’t take shit from anyone? How ’bout you tell us where we can find you?

      Why are you tough guys hiding from little old me?

  • Harley Homo

    Being a rider of 70′s Cafe Racers, I find myself somewhere in the “safe zone” with both Harley and sportbike riders. Owners of all types of bikes tend to be cool with us cafe guys. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful about that… The thing is, I’m always happy to have a long convo with some punk kid who rides a Ninja, an emo-skinny-jean scooter rider, or pretty much any other type of bike owner who comes along. But when a leather-wrapped Harley db says something, I try to get out of the convo as soon as possible. See… you guys just don’t get it. You tried to buy your way into this whole rebel thing… We don’t look at your bikes in awe, but rather in disappointment. You embarrass us. Seriously. I wish there was a nicer way to get this into your heads, but we can’t seem to make an impression. You guys really are douchebags. Beat the hell out of me if you want, you’re still a douchebag who got screwed out of thousands for a bike that breaks down more than a rusted-out 40 year-old Honda… But hey, redneck chicks dig Harleys. Not the kinda-cute, even though she’s my sister, version of redneck. But rather the 230lb, doesn’t own a bra, and could knock a skunk over with her breath type. But hey, more power to you guys. Enjoy your Saturday cruises with your fat, hairy friends who are also clueless.

    And I’m not hiding behind my keyboard: 3200 Mission Blvd, San Diego, 92104. Ask for John. I’m the 30 year old white guy, originally from Texas, who grew up on a ranch in TX, and is happy to put up his sh!+kickers and go a few rounds with ya. And if I’m not there it’s because I’m out on CA Highway 1 riding the hell outta my ’75 Honda CB750 (23K miles in 2009), living the life you guys think you might someday be brave enough to live. Don’t give me that “brave enough to live like us” BOLOGNA. We know you’ll never be as adventurous as us because your bikes won’t make it more than a few hundred miles before the call to AAA.

    My apologies to riders of quiet Harleys. You’re only 40% Fag.

  • Multi Poster

    Good job on the website, folks. Powered by Harley? Site crashed on me three times when trying to post… Read the above thrice, Harley owners. Then go buy a bike with personality, not accessories.

  • Andy

    As an avid motorcyclist, I totally agree with South Park. Harley riders are fags. Loud and slow I always say… as I quietly leave them in the dust. Non-waving fags.

  • Eitan

    I live in L.A. and the part about the BMW driver hit home the most. Wish they would have focused on a series of different types of inconsiderate douchebags and not just Harley Riders (not a rider myself) but it seems a little narrow-sighted to say that Harley riders are the only or even most inconsiderate, annoying douchebags out there. Should have used BMW’s and Hummers and people who live in small apartment buildings and buy home theater systems with large sub-woofers that they use at 3am, etc. etc. etc.

  • g

    Having read virtually all these responses I’m amazed that the episode is not only hysterically dead on, but it’s working! The more extreme comments are practically scripted into the show, which just goes to show how obvious the mindset of the culture is. And the best part; no one is bashing homosexuality! – the context of the word has actually changed, at least for the moment.

    But let’s face it – anyone who needs attention so badly as to not care how much it offends everyone around them is pathetic. The cars with the insane sub-woofers blasting and rattling every bolt and washer – the sport bikes and suped-up honda’s and acura’s with their crazy high-pitched screeching exhausts, the muscle cars, ginormous pickup trucks and roadsters with 4 tail-pipes and massive headers that thunder-fart when the engine revs… they all represent a desperate plea. “If they look at me it means I standout, which I choose to believe means I’m special and cool!” The obscenely loud bikers, some of whom are Harley Riders, who conform to the same basic look and tactics they have for 50 years are an unequivocal example of this… and conformity as a form of rebellion is fucking hilarious, especially when it stems not from a defiance against “the man,” but from the otherwise unconcerned general populace that has no agenda to begin with. Hate to break it to ya guys (or gals), but we’re not holding you down anymore, you’re not rebellious, and when we’re forced to look at you we’re not thinking “damn, what a cool rebel”… we’re just laughing at you.

    That said, there is a difference between self-expression and public disturbance, and though the line isn’t always clear, sometimes it’s very obvious that it’s been crossed. My personal opinion is that anyone should be able to drive or ride whatever they like, and be as loud as they like, provided it can be controlled and it’s within reason. If your vehicle idles louder than usual, but not obscenely so (say, 80 decibels from 20 feet away), and you’re not going out of your way to gun it and piss people off when you first accelerate, then go nuts, have a ball! Whatever makes you happy man.

    But if you are intentionally pissing people off and calling it self-expression, saying “I’m a badass” and “fuck you if you don’t like it,” then you’re a fag. If you take it a step further and go so far as to say “Disrespect me and I’ll fuck you up!” – you’re a raging fag. Anyone who can dish it out but can’t take it is a loser to begin with. Fists don’t make you powerful, neither do guns, or bikes, or bad attitudes. A strong guy/chick knows who they are and feels no need to prove it. The more you yell and threaten and scream (which is basically what small children do), the more you prove that inside you are a coward, demanding that someone else make you feel good about yourself.

    So for those of you who happen to ride a loud bike but aren’t trying to act like assholes, might i suggest keeping it to a dull roar? But for those of you just out to prove something, demanding the right to hurt and offend everyone else to make up for everything you lack, including compassion and strength of character, pissing and moaning about how tough you are… either grow up, or accept that you are indeed fags.

  • Faggotses

    I agree with all the comments noting that not only are the fags loud and obnoxious, they also go around looking for a fight or any reason to engage in chest-beating.

    One such fag, an aging douche who arrived in a loud Harley, leather jacket and bandana, tried to start a fight with me one night at a drinking establishment. I did absolutely nothing to provoke him, and I do not drink (I was there to hang out with friends), so this guy was just looking to start shit for no reason.

    Then, at the crescendo of this loser’s chest-beating, he specifically threatened me, and I told him, “Dude, you’re 60 years old, I am not going to hit you.”

    And he took this to mean he was victorious and had intimidated me, rather than face the fact that I seriously would not hit a man in his 60s, even if he is trying to pose as a tough guy.

    I was 25 or so at the time, would it have been fair of me to hit a gray-bearded, overweight man in his 60s?

    And that’s why these guys are faggots. If you’re in your motherfucking 60s and you still feel the need to go around picking fights and beating your chest, you’re a fucking loser and a first-class cockslurping faggot. That’s why I sincerely hope these douchebags see the episode and reconsider their faggotry, because just maybe they’ll realize that being an aging, overweight fuck on a bike does not give you license to engage in behavior that wouldn’t even be appropriate for a 12-year-old.



    Please keep the comments coming. It’s always good for a laugh. It kind of reminds me of my 7 year old and 9 year old arguing. I mean “Go suck a fart outta your mommas ass you douche” … man, you can’t pay for comedy like that !!! I hope more people on this blog keep pissing you off, because it keeps me laughing.


  • Kevin


    Show some respect. The generation xer’s aren’t familliar with the biker wars of the 70′s and 80′s. The most violent criminals were and are bikers. The euro faggots don’t have a clue about anything. Don’t try to fit American pop culture into your context. It doesn’t fit, just like fucking sheep doesn’t fly in America. Yes there are alot of babyboomer posers because imitation is the greatest form of flattery. The hardcore bikers are the coolest sons of bitches on the earth, that’s why Harley Davidson made so much money capitalizing on their image.

  • Gord L

    I now yell “Fag” at every Oil-Dripper rider I see. Thank you south Park for clearly showing that Harley riders are fags.

    What’s the difference between an Elextrolux vacumn cleaner and a Harley Davidson?

    (If you said they both suck, you are wrong. That is how they are similar)

    Answer: The position of the dirt-bag.

  • jaydee

    It is not HD that I have a problem with, it is the childish culture that goes with the package. It is so ridiculous that some of these “pirate costumed” morons attempt to regulate real motorcyclists from passing their “parade”. If someone wants to ride a noisy underpowered overweight machine..fine but don’t get in my way.

  • jaydee

    Most of these Harley fags take their motorcycle test on a small Japanese manufactured motorcycles because they are new riders and don’t have enough skill to pass the test on their new noisy HD. That is a fact. I laugh my ass off watching them gathered at their favorite “spots”. Just watch them dragging their feet or trying to back out of a spot they shouldn’t have parked in to begin with. They are pathetic.

  • SickOfBikeWeek

    Right now it is “Thunder Beach” week where I live, meaning a whole week of a bunch of fags in our town on obnoxiously loud bikes revving their engines to try to get attention until all hours of the morning. I couldn’t get to sleep until 2am last night, and even then the noise kept waking me up….and that was only the first night of this stupidness. Then there were these loud pops, almost like really loud gunshots, that reverberated through our building. I thought someone was trying to kick down our door it was so loud! Don’t know what that was….maybe their pipes backfiring? All I can say is that Southpark hit the nail on the head. These are all a bunch of self possessed, attention seeking, obnoxious, inconsiderate, immature faggots!!! When will they figure out that they aren’t cool, they aren’t scary and we are all just laughing at how pathetic they are! Sorry if this is a bit harsh, that is what a night without sleep will do to a person!!!

  • Ned

    Years ago I went through a rider course at the local HD dealership. It was a good course. On day two we had a tour of the dealership and lecture on Harley Davidson. Everyone in the class owned or wanted an HD. When we got to the Mechanic bay the only question from all the future HD riders was, “What kind of pipes are the loudest?!”

    Of all the mechanical question….”how can I make my bike loud?” What is it with HD. Do HD riders really think “loud=fast”?

    I like HD…just not the loud pipes? I also think the biker “gang” look is stupid.

  • James Cretic

    Those south park people sure do have a keen eye for the obvious.

  • Pinback

    I owned a Harley FXR for about a year, I loved it for the old fashioned solid over engineering, same reason I owned an old Triumph Bonneville. What I hated and what made me sell it were the other Harley riders who were frankly assholes, wannabe gangsters (soft as shit)or poseurs in tassled jackets.
    Harley Davidson is a victim of it’s own “Live to Ride” marketing, creating a fashion brand when it should be concentrating on engineering. If you look through the aftermarket parts supplier catalogues, at all the shiny Eagle embossed bullshit, you realise some retard buys this crap….

  • Keith

    Seriously, this episode was great. The part when they ride with their annoying pipes in the beginning? Perfect! I ride as well, and hate thoser jerkoffs that say somehow the pipes save lives. Fact is that it annoys everyone and makes them want to kill you. It wears down patience and annoys people in quiet neighborhoods and businesses that rely on some semblance of silence. Of course most jerkoffs who have loud pipes either work in a loud warehouse or the quarry…or they are inconsiderate lawyers who buy the pipes because they want to be cool (read: fags) and could care less about others. They only care if it’s them being annoyed by some other fag with loud pipes. When Cartman is saying everyone hates your loud annoying pipes and they fucking hate you, he was not kidding. Brilliant for an 8 year old cartoon character. Take a hint Harley faggots.

    • Keith

      Let me amend that by saying it is not only Harleys…any jerkoff with loud pipes should drive off a cliff and save us all trouble. We will just file it under Natural selection.

  • Harley Hater

    Pissed my self. So well done putting the spotlight on these wanabee badasses. ‘We all rebels, individuals outlaws” Yet they all dress the same. It’s called a uniform. I wore one at school. Perhaps the the HD riders should grow up too. As for “loud pipes save lives” BS. So does using your indicators, and wearing a decent helmet, not some knockoff of a German WW 2 helmet.

  • Pinback

    I should also point out NightRod sounds like some form of homosexual euphamism..
    I would still like an XLCR though, the most un-Harley ever produced.
    Anybody want to declare “Punch a Pirate Day”..

  • skunkhammer

    This may be the single best Southpark of all.
    Finally someone has voiced sentiments that I have thought for a very long time. I am a “motorcyclist” not a biker. My bikes are quiet, fast and safe. Safe because they have state of the art brakes and engines.
    “She ain’t loud or slow, but I love her anyway.
    I think that there should be a universal sign that we should give these people who need more attention than a 16 year old girl. That is, I think covering our ears, or putting our fingers in our ears, should be the way we address all loud bikers from now on.
    The fingers in the ears is the new middle finger to the loud bikers.
    So, to you bikers out there, when you see someone plugiing there ears at you, What they are really saying is,”You Loud FAGGOT”
    I ask that we all do this and make it the universal gesture for Faggot.
    Thanks to all Southparkateers.

  • CoolestMF

    I work with a bunch of old (50ish), fat bikers and the stereo type is true. They all want so bad to be a bunch of 14 year old boys again. And just like 14 year old boys, they have to buy anything that has the Harley logo on it, probably more that Juggalos do. They whine like little pussies about everything, they try to get attention from strangers, they have man crushes on each other, and they don’t have a clue how to score a decent piece of pussy.
    The later is due to the fact that half are divorced (no sign of girlfriend in the near future) and the other halves wives ether look like the crypt keeper, or are so fat and ugly I know they aren’t doing it. In short,.. Fags.

  • Ron

    I’m new to HFL, just entered my 1-yr subscription yesterday. I’ve already got many times my money’s worth absolutely laughing my ass off reading the preceeding comments! They are so completely to the point, and demonstrating an incredible mastery of invective that excedes anything I’ve heard in a long time (and I’ve heard some of the best in places where I’ve worked). Just when it seems the comments can’t become anymore outlandish, someone manages to top the scorn already heaped on some unfortunate “faggish douchebag retard”. Ride fast, quiet, and smooth. No loud pipes for this old dude!

  • Cranky Monkey

    The only thing worse than; a bunch of leather clad wannabe 1% or for that matter actual 1%, who drive cars 98% of the time, are the type of rider who hates on loud exhaust, rides a BMW, and wears reflective clothing. Chances are you are old and boring and maybe even refer to yourself as a “motorcyclist”. If you’re going to do something as stupid as ride a bike, yes I said bike, then romanticize it a bit and at least try to look mad at the man.