The road is no place to race

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Doohan_Slide.jpg“If I faced the same obstacles on the race track that you do on the road, I’d probably be dead.” — Mick Doohan >

  • jconli1

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  • monkeyfumi

    The racetrack wasn’t exactly kind to him either…

  • powermatic

    That is, hands down, the best ‘safety’ spot I’ve ever seen. Simple, to-the-point, and insanely clever. Very, very well done. Thanks for the look.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    I like Mick Doohan!

    Great spot… but I can’t avoid thinking that Doohan’s kinda-smile at the end of the clip (and maybe the whole clip itself) shows some of the crazy fun involved in motorcycling…
    “If I faced… reality, I’d probably be driving a car!”

    Anyway; THE ROAD IS NO PLACE TO RACE… at least it is no place to race… all the time!


  • Paul

    That’s a nice video clip, but how does it help me keep me from getting hit by a frickin’ car??

  • sam

    hahahahaha oh man i must be tired i thought that was real for far too long

  • CafeRacer1200

    Well obviously none of those obstacle that were about to be hit were technically on the road. The message here is STAY on the road when you race.

    • some guy

      CafeRacer – I am now near 40 and should not be laughing at that comment. However, I am laughing at that comment.

  • Chris Hunter

    It’s a great ad.

    In Australia, it’s being favourably compared to another motorcycle safety ad that has just come out, which is truly awful and seems to paint all riders in a bad light:

  • jwinter

    That ad is great. Too bad if it aired in the U.S. almost nobody would know who the hell any of those people were or even that they don’t have phone booths at trackside.

  • Mark Morrison

    Great ad!!

  • lloydy

    I have just watched the above clip,and i have to say i cant belive there putting trees and benches on race tracks. If you look carefully one rider narrowly misses a bloke sat at what looks like a bus stop-one a race track??? W T F?