The world's first Harley backflip

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Harley_Backflip.jpgThe world’s first Harley backflip to dirt occurred yesterday, but depending on who you believe, it was either Kain Saul in Australia or Chuck Carothers in Prague. Both completed the stunt on a Harley XR1200, but there’s some controversy over who really deserves the record. Kain’s bike was heavily modified with MX-style suspension, Chuck failed to stick his landing. Videos of both jumps are below so you can make up your own mind.  >

via ESPN

  • kiya

    Did the jump in Praque take place at a circus show?

    • DD

      GWAR concert.

    • jirinec

      Yes, it was in fact. The “Circus” was called 10th FMX Gladiator Games with lineup of Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison, Mike Mason, Danny Torres, Petr Pilat, Libor Podmol, Justin Hoyer….enough? By the way, the XR used in Prague had ONLY genuine H-D parts on it, except custom made skidplate and Renthal handlebar support. Also, Chuck had cca 10 meters to stop…

  • Matt

    I was about to say that I’d love to have the bike that Kain Saul flipped (plus lights), despite the impracticality of it. But after the guy with the beard said “257 kilograms,” my desire shriveled up. Great looking bike, though. Hats off to both riders, with an extra nod to Chuck Carothers for attempting it on stock (looking) suspension.

  • Garrett

    Both are impressive, but one guy stuck the landing and the other didn’t. I’d say he edges out the other guy just a bit.

    But now that someones backflipped a harley, how about someone step it up and backflip a GS. Now that would be cool to see.

  • geonerd

    Two answers to the question no one asked.

    • fearnow


      Maybe a Ulyses, or a GS.

      • Wes Siler

        I won’t be impressed till someone does it on a Goldwing.

  • G

    Impressive – but you have to ‘land’ the thing properly for it to count

  • Robert

    Didn’t happen.
    If it had we wouldn’t be here because the earth would have imploded.

  • MIke

    Hats off to my favorite Harley. Okay, the only Harley I would consider owning.

  • Scott


    Streetbike Tommy flipped a gixxer! Dat was so dope yo!

  • steve41538

    Dear readers , the bike flipped was not Seth Enslows highly modified xr1200 as thought by some,

    We have several xr 1200′s and this one has stock rear suspension from a 2009 xr not the fancy shocks from the 2010 x model , it has heavier front forks and a strengthened triple as Seth has insisted on all our bikes for rider safety.

    The web and blog coverage of all our long distance jumping and back flip planning over the last 18 months has obviously been an inspiration to chuck.

    Get your facts right , and at least get the jump right , All Aussie motorcycle riders don’t make excuses for anything , We are planning lots more for xr1200 Harleys we love them .

    Ballsy effort you must be a goer, love your passion I applaud that !!!

    Gavin Walker , Quick-Fix Harley , Mildura Victoria, Australia.

  • Travis

    It sounded like a Harley… Po Ta To Po Ta To…

  • Woody

    A backflip on one of those Orange County Choppers abortions, now that would be awesome.

    • Wes Siler

      My god, can you imagine how many parts would shatter like glass on landing? You’d need to wear a steel plate over your bottom.

  • kawalaser


  • Eric H.

    One question: WHY?

  • lux

    Good stuff, BAd Placement of a Stage and the landing area IMHO opinion in the Prague video. I do Love that Bike and Can see why HD ONLY released it in Europe 1st before they did in America (and aren’t releasing the Newer X model that is all blacked out in America this year at all) as People in The States seem more concerned with the NAME on the bike than how it performs or what it can do. Only been in the Bike world for 5 years now and only have 70,000 miles under my belt so I am a Newbie but I will say that MOST Bike people really are the most Hypocritical and Narrow Minded bunch I ever did meet, most are more interested in Being Company Men for certain Corps with Logos and crap purchased at dealerships than the bikes themselves. Weird, I will continue to just appreciate The many different Makes and Models I See every day here in The Bike capitol of the World Southern Ca.

  • Joe

    “This is HEAVY bike sir… I’m a godd*mn American hero!” -Oceans 13

  • Alfonzo

    Ronnie Smith could have flipped that Goldwing. pours some from his 40oz RIP homie.

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