Triumph x TAG Heuer x a dead guy

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Try to follow along. This Triumph/TAG Heuer collaboration makes sense because some dead guy named Steve McQueen once drove a Gulf-liveried Porsche in a movie called Le Mans. That guy wore a TAG Heuer Monaco watch in that movie. That same guy also rode Triumph motorcycles in other movies, most notably in The Great Escape. Because that guy wore that watch while driving that car with that paint scheme in that movie years after jumping that motorcycle in that other movie, that’s why this motorcycle makes sense. See, that wasn’t so hard.


  • bzr

    Steve McQueen also wore Fruit of the Loom boxer shorts during the filming of “The Towering Inferno.” Expect a fruit-and-underwear-themed Bonneville to be released next year.

  • tonys

    So Triumph didn’t do any new developments for 2010 except for a trip to the paint store.

  • ACohen

    I know the colors are correct, but the paint scheme just doesn’t evoke the Gulf Oil livery to me.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    @ACohen: Maybe that’s because they already did the orange and pale blue thing with the 2009 50th anniversary model, and to do it again would be too close. Besides, Heuer’s colors are red and white, and it is a Heuer bike, not a Gulf bike. Without the orange and blue, it’d end up looking like that new Guzzi, which is also a retro…what were we talking about again? My head hurts.

  • Tom

    I don’t understand people who want pay a company (Triumph)to drive one of their mobile billboards giving free advertisement to a brand! Valentino wouldn’t do it for nothing, Why should I?

  • DoctorNine

    Nice motorcycle. But this is the artistic equivalent of wearing a shirt with a huge ‘HILFIGER’ logo on it. Gauche.

  • Denzel

    Sorta Micky Mouse… hey… a double entendre…