Want: Honda CS90 custom RC-style racers

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Details are sparse for these amazing little racers built by Ted’s Special, a Honda specialist shop based out of Japan. Our only issue with them is distinguishing real from reproduction, since the Japanese are such sticklers about making exact copies of older, non-replaceable parts. Take for instance the possibly original and extremely rare Honda Racing tachometer that goes up to 17,000 RPM. Of course, the only reason details like the Honda RSC badges, front fender mounts, megaphone exhausts and fuel caps are a problem is because there are two sad, lonely Honda S90 Type II’s sitting in the bowels of the Works Engineering garage.

Ted’s Special

  • Fred

    why can’t we get cool toys like this in the states

  • André

    How nice to see the old Honda CS advertisement from Holland. My father still has one in his shed. I used to ride it when i was younger. It was always great fun! Makes you wonder, would it still start?