1977 Mopeds: like old motorcycles, only smaller

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1977 Mopeds is a San Francisco shop specializing in restoring, upgrading, customizing, fixing and hanging out with old mopeds. Where our rocker machismo would normally have us dismissing pedal-powered scooters as the preserve of effete mods, then running a comb through our greasy hair like it wasn’t a thing, we’re actually super impressed with the period upgrades and workmanship demonstrated in these custom peds. Instead of looking down on mopeds like these as bikes without balls, we’d do better to see them as a halfway house between bicycle kids and real bikes.

1977 Mopeds

  • http://www.selfedge.com kiya

    These is my San Franpistol boyz.
    Wussup Creatures?

  • bzr

    They’re like fixies, except cool because they’re motorized! Let’s hope mopeds in San Francisco aren’t exclusively the domain of nerd-chic hipsters, because I have serious hots for the white Peugeot there (and I don’t listen to Connor Oberst).

  • dk

    Mopeds are popular in San Francisco for a reason. You can lock it anywhere and get around the city easily. Yeah you can’t go far from the city without the freeway, but come one fixies? It’s a step below a motorcycle obviously, but save it

  • s0crates82

    mopeds are cool as hell. i’d rock one if not for my 37mi commute.

  • cstewart

    Mopeds are popular everywhere.
    Serious groups of enthusiasts in every city.

  • Matt

    I’ve said it before. Throw a kit…


    One needn’t be a moped devotee to appreciate Hollywood Holt’s classic 2007 smash hit.

  • vic

    a moped was my first motorized vehicle,that thing went though so much off road terain that the frame cracked on numerous occasions.

  • crinklesmith

    Swarm and destroy!

  • meatspin

    i’d think anything with an engine would be looked down upon in a place like San Francisco.

    That shop wants a lot of cash for their mopeds. I wonder if there is a huge demand and scene there. I could make a lot of cash if that shop got what they were selling them for.

  • Freebird

    Pretty awesome to see a shop that I work at show up on a site that I view everyday. Mopeds arent so bad I promise, and are definitely a gateway drug to motorcycles. I had my first moped for about 6 months and then went out and bought my first moto, an rd350. Have been in love with motorcycles ever since. Mopeds still hold a special place in my heart though.

  • Teufelskerle.dk

    It is a rocking cool moped shop! Even in Scandinavia we praise it! Had the pleasure of visiting this spring. Cool staff, cool atmosphere, just awesome.

    we are a danish mopedgang. Many of us own old motorbikes. But nothing beats the thrills of old mopeds!

  • Andy

    I started out with peds because 2-stroke bikes were easy to learn to fix and motorcycles were a little to big to start out. Now I’ve moved up to 4-stroke larger cylinder bikes but in SF mopeds still win, it’s incredibly easy to fix, easy to swerve in and out of traffic (legal to ride in the bike lane when traffic is insane), and I can park it ANYWHERE for FREEEEE. Parking a motorcycle near my work would cost me nearly $60 a month!

    And don’t dis, these things can go above 50mph with minor modification. It’s all about doing the most with the least, pretty zen thing. And working on it yourself is something rocker’s and motorcycle folks should appreciate. Getting greasy is hardly effete.

  • http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2705/4148356349_e51e70a192.jpg QUATTO

    Hey I just got here what’s going on?