2010 Alpinestars Tech 8: Tech 10 specs, Tech 8 sole

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2010_Alpinestars_Tech_8.jpgWant the increased articulation and protection offered by the range-topping Alpinestars Tech 10 off-road boot, but don’t want to look like a spaceman? The 2010 Alpinestars Tech 8 gains controlled articulation for the calf and shin, 10-style molded protectors and rubber gaiter and internal booties to control the ankle’s movement, but keeps the old-style stitched-on sole.

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  • Mitch

    I’m… not so sure these look any less like space boots than Tech 10s.

  • Mike

    Looks just like the old Tech 8′s. Wish they would return the first & second buckle to the rearward closing. In off-road use, sticks always unbuckle those latches.

  • Stephen

    It doesn’t even take sticks to open mine, they just will not click all the way closed. I even sent them into Alpinestars for “repair” but I still can not get the lower 2 to fully latch unless I jam a screwdriver under to apply pressure upwards at the pivot. Also I see this new boot also still has the same black inserts in the plastic on the inside leg. One of those inserts tore out of mine while riding (wtf) leaving a nickel sized hole and since Alpinestars wouldn’t help my $450 boots only were good for about 10 rides.

  • sam smith

    you lot talk rubbish i have had tech 8s for years them buckles are sweet never have any problem with them i race motocross you must be goon field riders