2011 Yamaha Super Tenere: official details, silly video

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2011_Yamaha_Super_Tenere.jpgThe 2011 Yamaha Super Tenere will use 3-mode ABS and linked brakes, switchable engine maps, drive-by-wire throttle, traction control, shaft drive, a 1200cc parallel-twin with a 270-degree crank and side-mounted radiators. This info, included in the official promo video below, indicates that the Super Tenere could leap frog the 2010 BMW R1200GS to compete directly with the wide range of capabilities offered by the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200. We’ve already seen skeletal versions of these mechanical components on the Super Tenere Concept, the crazy cloth-wrapped Jawa from the Tokyo Motor Show, but the above image could (emphasis on the could) be the first time we’ve gotten an idea what the production bike is going to look like. Allegedly, it shows a toy based on the future production bike.  >

Image via Motosite.gr, video via Solomoto30

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Why do all these bikes have to look so funky? It certainly competes with the Ducati insofar as front end looks. Ick.
    Do Not Like.

  • Glenn

    Leap frog the GS? You think the 17″ front wheel, plastic covered MS1200 is more capable than the GS? Faster, yes, better handling, possibly, more versatile? Really?

    I don’t a BMW. I don’t really want one, either.

  • Sean Smith

    So this is what you do after you’ve literally conquered the world in racing? Who knew.

  • Jim

    I don’t understand the ‘bigger is better’ trend in these bikes either. Didn’t anyone watch Long Way (oh wait a minute I dropped my bike and can’t pick it up by myself) Down?

    Does anyone really need a 1200cc in the dirt?

    • GusPorterhouse

      The 1200cc isn’t for serious dirt riding, it’s for the long stretches of highway and/or dirt roads that these bikes are meant to devour, not to mention the full camping kits that the ADV guys pack with them. I do wish there was an 800-900cc option in the class, but try much more than a weekend (or even 5-day) trip on a DL650 and you’ll want the 1000.

      • Justin Penney

        “I do wish there was an 800-900cc option in the class”

        How about the BMW F800GS?

  • Graeme

    I thought that the Jawa style nose might have made it into production, as it’s not that far removed from the R1′s design.

    Maybe it still will…

  • Dual Sporter

    I wish Yamaha would import the Tenere to the U.S. The U.S. market is over 50% cruiser type bikes so bike manufactures do not import there full line to the United States. I was considering the Ducati Multistrada but after there recent un American activities I will consider the a BMW G800GS or a KLR650. The Tenere would be on the top of my list if I could get one. Dual sport bikes are becoming more popular in the U.S. so maybe Yamaha will reconsider.

    • Russ

      I was looking at the same bikes, but I will admit that the F800GS and the KLR650 really don’t compete. Just like the Multistrada 1200 and F800GS don’t really compete. If anything:

      KLR650 vs G650GS vs Tenere (all singles with more off road bias)

      F650/F800GS vs ????

      Multistrada 1200 vs R1200GS vs Super Tenere (all fat touring bikes with off road capabilities. Super Tenere will be the most off road capable is my guess)

      And yes, it sucks that the Tenere is not in the U.S., but even if it was, I’m not sure that I or you would buy it because I’ve heard that the price could not compete with the above competitors. Who knows…we probably will never know.

  • Russ

    “This location has been obeyed to the traffic rules”

    Nice Engrish…

  • motoalchemy

    Regardless of its looks, I have found that motorcycles always look better once you see them in real life. I have been wanting a Yamaha dual sport for years. They stopped bringing the XT600 to the US back in 1992, and nothing since. i would buy this bike. But regarding an earlier comment, yes 1200cc seems a bit too much, but it probably weights less that a 600cc from 10 years ago. So just in case you need to pull a sherman tank out of the mud, this yamaha should have no problem

    • Matt

      Yamaha currently has 3 dual sports (4 if, like Yamaha, you call the WR250X supermoto a dual sport) in the US, they’re just all 250cc and below.

  • General Apathy

    Hmm ok.. So if it’s 4 cylinders in a row it’s an “Inline” and if it’s 2 it’s a “Parallel”?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That’s sort of a colloquialism, don’t go round telling old Bonnie riders that they have an inline-2.

  • FredN

    Maybe with this new model Yamaha plans on importing it to the U.S. I sure hope so. I will not buy a Ducati (Anti American) and the BMW R1200GS is my only choice so far. I will wait and see before I buy a BMW.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Why is Ducati anti american?

  • PeteP

    Because of thet Knox chick who killed her roommate. heh heh.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      OMG, I sincerely hope this isn’t about foxy knoxy.

  • madcows

    Damnit.. You meant cloth-wrapped Jawa (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jawa) and not a cloth-wrapped Jawa (http://www.jawa.cz/products.html). My mistake.

  • dave

    I haven’t found any official Yamaha information that refers to the capacity of the engine. Where did 1200cc come from? Seems to me Yamaha’s being fairly cagey about the capacity…

  • Wood

    Yamaha makes a 600 or 660cc version of this bike already. I think it is the X660 or something. It is real popular overseas. It would be a good match for the KLR650.

  • http://hypecircle.com Steve L

    That’s 3 minutes of my life I’d like back. Totally pointless vid as is the bike. Give me a 600cc single, big tank, decent suspension, some form of wind protection and sub 350lbs weight and then I can go anywhere–wait KTM makes that, but I wouldn’t trust it 50 miles off a main road.

    • fearnow

      What SteveL said.

  • Recce

    Yamaha, please don’t force me to spend an extra $5K on that 1200GS, bring this machine to the USA! There are many more like me who understand and appreciate this unit.

    • Russ

      Like my previous comment, I don’t think the BMW 1200GS would be $5000 more. The current exchange rate is killing the chances of Yamaha brining either the Super or regular Tenere here. BMW is known for selling to the US market at a discount. Check out ADVRIDER.com for a much better discussion. It’s where I learned all about the problem.

      Thread is called “2010 Tenere”

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2009/12/2011-yamaha-super-tenere-offic.html Dave Evans

    Anti American? they,ve decided to keep her,hows that anti-american

  • Fred Harper

    Hey, remember the TDM 850. Did not sell. Americans are crazy for more cc’s. Even to the point of being too big a dirt bike to ride in the dirt.

  • dan

    850.old gear box.new box 1200 .the way of life this super tenere.its got to be good.

  • dan

    850.old gear box.new box 1200 .the way of life this super tenere.its got to be good.

  • motoxer913

    Why has nobody mentioned the KTM 990 Adventure? If you want the most dirt capable twin that is the bike to get and the F800GS closest competitor. I’m buying an Adventure bike in 2010 and it’s between the F800GS and KTM…pretty sure I’m going with the KTM, it’s butt ugly but a really great machine with decent off-road abilities for such a big bike. Not interested in the 1200GS. IF Yamaha actually builds this Super Tenere I would definitly consider…my Yamaha R1 made me a pretty big Yamaha fan.

    I would love the new Multistrada for road ventures, but I can’t imagaine that bike being capable of anything beyond a gravel road.

    BTW, the reason Long Way went with the 1200GS is because it really is the most durable and capable bike for such a long trek. A smaller bike would be difficult to carry all the gear they did and probably less reliable. And besides, you strap 100+lbs of crap to your bike and even a 650 is going to feel 500lbs and awkward and difficult to pick up by yourself. I wonder how a KTM990 would have held up on Long Way Round/Down?

    I wish some dirt magazine would do a huge adventure ride and review of the F800GS, KTM990, 1200GS, KLR650, Multistrada, etc etc, side by side. Ride them from Alaska to FL (or South America if really adventurous) and show us all the strengths and weaknesses of all these bikes. I’ll do it, all I need is the bikes! Maybe a few of us need to get together and start our own adventure motorcycle mag…

    • Fatboy

      Think about it … those guys did not have to carry any gear. They had trucks following them. And who in their right mind is going to load a dirt bike with gear like that. The GS subframes couldn’t take it and with good reason. How do you load a bike with a ton of gear and then say your going off road. Gosh.

  • aj

    Enough already – show us the dam thing.

  • motoxer913

    Well look at this…someone actually has tested the KTM990, F800GS, and R1200GS on a huge ride across Canada north of the arctic circle. Awesome photos, lots of write-up, HD video on youtube…awesome!! Oh, and the KTM990 ends up the favorite!

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  • Ruthless

    Boys – I have had a 600R, two Africa Twins and two 1150ADV’s. Certain countries simply have thousands and thousands of dirt roads, good and really bad ones. With these big dualpurpose bikes I can leave after work on a Friday and be 400kms away from home in a remote part by nightfall. Then I can go onto the most beautifull little dirt roads and passes until lunch Sunday and come back home at 160+ . The radius to be ridden increase tremendously with these fast dualies still capable of serious off-road feats. You will not believe what a 1150Adventure can do with deflated tires. Many scramblers will never see the places we have been.

  • Ruthless

    Oh yes sorry. I am from South-Africa. Southern Africa is awesome for anybody wanting to do adventure biking. Namibia’s outstretched really good gravel roads, Lesotho’s tricky mountain passes, Mozambique’s sand challenges, South-Afica’s diverse riding conditions going through rivers, mountains , open plains, amazing sunsets.
    Come and see for yourselves.

  • il-Mann

    1200cc?? That’s not an enduro it’s a bleedin’ tractor with two wheels!! Can’t see a lump like that making any impression on the Paris Dakar rally . . . for exactly the same reason that the BMW RG series never really cut it out there . . . and why on earth does anyone need 1200cc?? Those 750cc Super Teneres in the video clip were just about right for weight and performance . . so why not upgrade what already works, lose some more weight, design a new engine, sling in fuel injection, engine mapping, ABS and other goodies and forget about trying to re-invent the wheel . . . if they want a tourer there are better ones out there and the Multistrada is awful!

  • il-Mann

    By the way ‘wood’ Yamaha’s XTZ 660 is not a ‘good match’ for Kawazaki’s KLR 650 . . . it trashes the hell out of it any day, with both hands tied. I’ve had both bikes and the KLR was a piece of junk compared to the Yam, which I still have and which didn’t give me one tenth of the problems that the Kawa did.

  • greg

    Dl1000…. stick with a winner

  • Alex

    Love it.
    When it gets here in the US wont be the $20000 they ar talking about. will be arround $14000.
    Check the price of the 1200gs in europe. It is the same as here but in Euro.