Aprilia RSV4 vs. 2009 Yamaha R1 on the dyno

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RSV4_R1_Dyno.jpgHere’s an interesting comparison, the Aprilia RSV4 and the wishes-it-was-a-V4 2009 Yamaha R1 on the same dyno on the same day. The blue line is the Aprilia, red is Yamaha, both bikes are completely stock. According to official data measured at the crank, the RSV4 makes 178bhp at 12,500rpm and 84lb/ft of torque at 10,000rpm; the R1 is said to produce 180bhp at 12,500rpm and 85lb/ft at 10,000rpm. These curves are awfully close, but we’d take the marginal torque advantage the R1 appears to have between 6 and 9,500rpm.

KWS Motorsports via Aprilia Forum

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I am looking forward to seeing what kind of number the BMW S1000RR does on a dyno.

    • geonerd

      The August issue of Road Racing World, page 14, shows a dyno comparing the 09 GSXR1000 with the S1000rr.

      2009 GSX-R1000 – 162.87
      2009 S1000RR – 179.82

      They didn’t have a torque curve but from the HP curve it looks like it’ll be fat throughout the entire rev band and it explodes up top.

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        I seriously doubt someone’s had an S1000RR on a dyno yet. But, here’s BMW’s official chart:


        You’d be surprised what you can find on a little site called Hell For Leather….

        • geonerd

          If you’re saying I shouldn’t always believe what I read, I appreciate that. But, I’ve been a RRW subscriber since 2006 and while the writing leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, I have never had cause to question their journalistic integrity.

          • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

            He’s not questioning integrity. It’s just that NO ONE in the publishing industry had access to or was contractually allowed to publish information concerning private testing of a production BMW S1000RR before November 17th at the international launch.

            We’re guessing RRW worked off the manufacturer-supplied charts, not their own private dyno test.

  • Adam

    You have the colors reversed. Blue is RSV4.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Oops, you’re right, fixed.

      • Isaac

        Wes, you’re fired! LOL J/K

  • Scott

    I would trust these runs considering the source.

    I was expecting more from the RSV4… hopefully Aprilia will work it out.

  • Mitch

    Given that this is one of Aprilia’s first and largest in house engines, not to mention of exotic V4 arrangement, I find this very impressive. The differences at this level are nothing at all except fodder for armchair riders.

    Still, I would be curious to see a ‘corrected’ chart of dyno runs, where the big 4 bikes have the goodies installed to uncork their real potential (I know the 1000RR and R1 both have hidden horsepower; not sure about the other two)

  • carboncanyon

    I’d love to take the 09 engine out of the R1 and transplant it into the 08…


    You can keep the marginal torque difference. I’ll take the 30 pound weight difference and run off into the distance. And the better looks. And the better chassis, suspension, etc…

    Scott, expecting more than 162rwhp? Really? Are you that good?

  • fatboy

    yes mjfiv.
    the 2009 R1 is fat.
    but the rsv4 don’t run off into the distance.
    its the yamaha that runs in to the distance.
    you can check these curves but we all know that the yamaha is way stronger then the curves shows, it listen to the name cross-plane. that’s what makes the difference.
    in every test r1 vs rsv4.


    Really? Perhaps you haven’t been reading any of the head to head matches on track? Most have the RSV4 2+ seconds faster a lap. Motoclissimo’s gathering of the 2009 bikes comes to mind. That’s pretty much running off into the distance.


    Oh snap! Performance Bike’s top speed test in this month’s issue:

    9 Ducati 1198 178.37
    8 KTM RC8R 179.56
    7 Honda Fireblade 181.51
    6 Yamaha R1 183.20
    5 Kawasaki ZX-10R 183.90
    4 Aprilia RSV4 184.00
    3 Suzuki Hayabusa 184.96
    2 MV Agusta 1078RR 312 185.56
    1 Kawasaki ZZR1400 187.04