BMW S1000RR makes 183hp on dyno

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BMW_S1000RR_Dyno.jpgLooks like the most powerful mainstream liter bike ever makes more power than the 193bhp figure it officially claims. England’s Bike magazine is, to our knowledge, the first publication to conduct an independent dyno test with the BMW S1000RR. The result? 183hp at the back wheel, indicating a crank figure in the region of 200bhp. In comparison, a Kawasaki ZX-10R made a mere 170hp on the same dyno. Why would BMW understate the power of its first first full-on superbike? MCN suggests the company may have wanted to avoid the political fallout of breaking the 200bhp barrier, but there’s also likely a PR benefit; at 193bhp BMW can already claim more power than its rivals while allowing press and owners to discover a welcome dose of added substance.

via MCN

  • Sean Smith

    World dominating yamaha decides to take a shot at an adventure bike, and BMW builds the baddest liter bike ever?

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a ducati motocrosser later today.

  • carlos

    wasn’t there some kind of “gentelmens agreement” between bike manufacturers not to exceed certain max power and max speeds for bikes, as so to avoid bad pr, legislation, etc.? or is this just urban legend?

    • Wes Siler

      The Japanese agreed on a 300kmh limit for bikes and, a ways back, 280bhp for cars. That 300kmh limit is still largely honored there, but 280bhp has obviously gone out the window.

    • charlie

      From what i heard it was only the Japanese manufactures and they agreed to keep the top speed under 186mph (300kph) but I think the Hayabusa and the ZX-14 do better then that.

    • vic

      the agreement was about top speed not HP.this can clearly be seen in bikes like the busa or zx-14..with their massive engines&hp and very stable(and long) chassis and aerodynamic lines they can easily break the 300km/h mark,more so than sports bikes which are design to be a bit unstable(like a jet fighter)in order to perform better in corners.i actually think that nobody needs to go beyond 300km on public s the way you get there that matters

      on the other hand i am seriously impressed with bmw’s performance,more hp is always better,and not only for top speed.that headlight really bugs me thought..and i don’t know..i went and had a look last week at s1000 located at a dealer and although it does look better in real life and there are some really nice details like the tail section it looks cheap somehow..i think it s the quality of the like:) they should follow Mv agusta’s lead and pay a little more to have a great of the reasons people fall in lust over mv f4 in real life is the quality of the paint finish.european manufact need to compete with the japs on more than just hp,performance and price

  • the_doctor

    God DAMN! I had a 1990 Dodge Daytona Shelby that made 176hp at the crank (if I remember correctly). That was a laggy turbo, post malaise. Its amazing that a BMW, of all things, makes that much power. Color me impressed.

  • Corey

    What a splendidly teutonic way to kill yourself.

  • Case

    This is impressive. I don’t think of this bike as a competitor for the japanese bikes – it is more expensive even before you start adding the the delectable options, and the options push the price into Ducati territory.

    However, it’s fun to see BMW throw the gauntlet down. And this kind of power mated with a good chassis and traction control system would be phenomenal. We’ll find out when it gets into wider distribution, but now they have my attention.

    I’m very curious to see who buys this bike. Is there an intermediate market between the racerboys and the Duke riders? Because I don’t think the racerboys (me included) will want to spend the extra scratch, and in my experience the Ducati riders won’t shop a BMW because it’s not a Ducati.

  • Isaac

    “Why would BMW understate the power of its first first full-on superbike?”

    - MCN

    Most likely to keep insurance prices down for us Yanks and to abide by the 189hp limit rule. I don’t believ it states if it has to be at the crank or the wheel. And I am glad BMW slipped that in. This bike has a lot of bang for the buck and is IMO worth every peny. My only wish is that for ’11, they get rid of the puke green add the ‘Laguna Blue’ as found on the M3 and ‘Triple Black’.

    • Wes Siler

      Looks like you’re also confused as to who that sentence should be attributed to…

  • Isaac

    Disregaurd, asppears I was mistaken about the HP law.

  • AGP

    Underpromise and overdeliver – looks like BMW still heeds to the good old Walt Disney mantra. I am so getting this bike… :)

  • kidchampion

    At a certain point, the power becomes unusable. They need to win races.

    • kidchampion

      That’s not to say that this isn’t impressive.

      • Wes Siler

        Point taken, but they do need to win some races.

  • Tom

    BMW has traditionally been conservative with their power numbers in bikes and in cars. When they say 193 HP, they are really making sure that only the worst examples will make that figure. That’s why they are called Bayern MOTOR Werke. :))

    • TeeJay

      Power output is not an issue anymore. There was an article here on HFL, that the ’09 R1 produces less maximum power output than the prev. one. But they won WSBK and many national SBK and STK championships in Europe…

      • Sean Smith

        Those bikes were still making something in excess of 200hp though. Take a close look at Ben Spies’ bike; It’s got more M1 than R1. They moved the fuel tank under the seat to accommodate an enormous aluminum airbox. It’s got different pistons, different cams, some serious headwork, and probably a thousand hours in tuning time. My point is this: Horsepower is still very important. In the past, we haven’t been able to make enough power, but now that people are running around with 500hp busa’s, controllable power is what we’re concerned with. And the new R1 delivers more of that blow-jobby goodness than the old one.

  • geonerd

    That’s a lot of horsepowers for a ZX10R whose only improvements over the 155-160hp 2009 model are “Refinements to the shift ratchet assembly”, “A new, embossed metallic gray coating on the muffler” and a “slightly longer throttle cables inside a plastic throttle housing.”

    I’m sure the S1000RR is way up into the high 170′s, but this is hard to believe.

  • Bdizzle

    geonerd, believe it. I’ve got friends in the industry and one of them dynoed one they purchased at 181 SAE on a dynojet. This is no hype. Whether it’ll be as reliable as a Japanese bike remains to be seen.

    • geonerd

      I know that the BMW will push 180whp, but I absolutely refuse to believe that a stock ZX10 made 170whp. That number is way too high, which is why I question the BMW’s numbers in this particular test. Knowing Bike’s sensationalist tendencies I would not be surprised to find out that the results are not SAE.

      • Wes Siler

        They’re EEC, SAE isn’t used in Europe. I’m sure someone else can espouse on the differences better than I can.

  • Mark

    The s1000rr does make a boost in power over the current Japanese models, but it’s about more than peak power on bikes. If you take a look at the actual dyno curves it clearly shows that BMW is getting killed on power through the majority of the power band, then at the end of the rev range finally comes above to make the peak number when rpms are above max for the Japanese bikes. The cbr for example which in my opinion is still unmatched for the 3rd year straight has tourque through the usable rpms that BMW doesn’t come close to. Ad to that the BMW doesn’t handle nearly as well, and has mismatched headlights, and fairings. I think BMW made a good first attempt, but still needs to focus a little more on other things than peak hp.

  • Vince Foster

    They need to dyno the other litre bikes on this same machine so we can get an across the board numbers to compare to. Dynoing this one bike on this dyno doesn’t mean shit. I may make 165bhp on another dyno across the street.

    I’d like to see them (CBR/ZXR/GSXR/RSV/DuC/S1000R) all done on the same day on the same dyno.

    And I agree the CBR does have the best torque curve. Power doesn’t mean shit if you can’t get it to the ground smoothly and in the rpm ranges where it needs to be like coming out of a corner.

  • Luigi Fulk

    I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

  • Cram Grebsivlas

    I trust BMW’s stated 193 Brake horsepower at the crank.

    What’s pretty well known by pretty much everybody in the dynamometer industry is that the “dynojet” horsepower scale is inflated – making the “183″ dynojet horsepower inflated 15% to 20% over the aprox. 160 hp the bike really makes at the rear wheel.

    Add 15% to 20% to 160 true hp and you get 184 to 192 crank hp.

    Which is believable.