Buy a brand new Honda VFR for just $7939

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2007_Honda_VFR800.jpgNo official American price has yet been announced for the 2010 Honda VFR1200F, but if European prices are anything to go by, it’ll cost a bit more than the $14,995 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200. But, you can now attain a similar level of sport touring ability from Honda for nearly half that price. It’s slashed the official MSRP of its remaining stock of tri-color 2007 VFR800s to just $7,939 in an effort to clear them from showrooms ahead of Shamu’s arrival. Sure, the 800 only makes 107bhp to the 1200′s 173bhp figure, but it’s also 51lbs lighter and, crucially if big distances are your thing, features a 5.8-gallon tank; Shamu can only hold 4.9 gallons of go juice.

Update: Cramer noticed that Honda’s quietly slipped American pricing for the VFR1200 onto its website: $15,999 base.

  • Jimboz

    There’s beaucoup deals on these things at my dealer, including a Honda RW&B one just like that one with ABS for like $6500. It surprises me that they can’t sell them. From what I’ve read, they’re great bikes.

    Same thing goes with the latest CBR1k. They have a couple of those sitting around the shop with red tags too. I guess Honda’s getting bitten in the ass by their reputation as the “slow” manu.

    • Wes Siler

      The surplus of CBR1000RRs blow my mind, to us, that’s clearly the classiest-looking, best-to-ride liter bike out there.

      • General Apathy

        The surplus of CBR1000RRs blow my mind, to us, that’s clearly the classiest-looking, best-to-ride Japanese liter bike out there.

        fixed… :-)

        • Wes Siler

          Nah, most desirable liter bike of any kind, maybe baring the RSV4. Haven’t had a chance to ride that one yet, only Grant has.

    • chris w

      what dealer is that with the low vfr price?

  • Greg

    As an owner of a VFR (it’s my daily commuter), I can tell you they are fantastic machines. Decent engine performance, great handling, comfortable ride, and ultra reliability. At the price listed in the article, the bike is a steal!

  • steve781

    I’ve seen them on ebay, new from the dealer, for less than $7k. Crazy. I was checking because I was thinking of selling my old 01 VFR to make room for a new toy. But it looks like I can’t expect much resale value from the old bike, so perhaps I’ll just keep riding it instead of buying new.

    I think I paid something like $8600 for my vfr new in late 01 after the announcement of the then new gen 02′s. I thought I got away with a screaming deal then. This is just crazy.

  • vic

    damn u guys in the us gt to have all the nice deals.. it’s a fantastic machine me..100 hp on that v4 are more than enough

    • geonerd

      That’s a matter of opinion. I’ve got ~125 at the wheel on my 07 GSXR750 and that isn’t enough. It’s lighter than the VFR too. These bikes are fantastic, but IMO dreadfully underpowered.

      • Jimboz

        If a 750 GSX-R feels underpowered to you, you may need to look into drag racing/a psychologist.

      • vic

        replace the stock exhaust on the vfr..aparently is very restricted .i rode one for a month over all kinds of roads from twisties to autobahn and for a sport tourer is just the right combination of handling power and comfort.this is my subjective opinion YMMW
        ps:you are comparing a full on race bike to a sport tourer..different needs to fulfill

        • geonerd

          Yeah, it was a bad comparison. All I was trying to say is that, for me, sufficient power is not enough. I need more power. Clarkson style power. You know, pow-uhhhhh!

  • Nick

    It’s deflation!

  • Cramer

    The MSPR for the VFR1200F is $15,999, according to Honda’s site.

    Don’t go to the specific product page, just rollover the Sport category here.

    Did I just scoop this?

    • Wes Siler

      I think you did just scoop that. Thank you!

  • Cramer
  • Miles

    $15,999? The boys at Honda are delusional. That’s a $2,600 premium over the ZX-14′s current list price.

  • Michael Pinnix

    Been riding for over 25 yrs and currently ride an 07 RWB VFR. Great bike with plenty of power for what it’s designed for. Not sure about the VFR1200. At almost $16K, I’ll be waiting for a long time. I work at a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha dealership part time. Can get a special edition ZX-14 for around $10K. I’m a Honda guy at heart, but I’d buyit before the new VFR.

  • pepi

    The new VFR is a great disappointment in every aspect.

    The best deal is to try to take advantage of offers on the previous model.

  • powermatic

    So, even with the ABS and traction control the BMW s1000 will be be 700.00 less expensive? This ol’ worl’s been turned topsy-turvy!

  • Frank N Stein

    I had a ’98 VFR. The ’02 to present weighed more, had less power, and had the goofy Vtec – or I may have bought another.
    The 1200 looks interesting, but it is also porky. I wonder if there will be a slightly more sporting, possiblay half fairing variant?

  • VFR Rider

    The new VFR is just plain ugly. The muffler is terrible, small gas tank, poor riding position, heavy and expensive. Honda calls this a sport bike on there web site. Get real…. The “old” model looks better compared to the new one. I could care less about an automatic transmission. Honda should keep that stuff on there scooters and the other big mistake – the DN01.

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