Details: Aprilia RSV4 pillion seat

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Turn the key to unlock the Aprilia RSV4‘s seat and the tiny sliver of black plastic and the little butt pad pop off. On its underside is a clip holding an 8mm allen key; there’s no room to store anything else, not even a pack of cigarettes. Store the seat cover somewhere safe and swap it out for the pillion pad. It mounts inside the same lilliputian space as the cover, but lifts the pad clear of the tailpiece’s integrated fins, wrapping over them on the sides, front and rear to provide what’s actually near-reasonable accommodation for the human posterior. A molded plastic handle points rearwards, clearing the taillight and providing a handhold, there’s also a strap that runs across the front of seat between it and the rider’s bum. The best approach to riding pillion on the RSV4 is to hang on to the rear handle with one hand and place another around the rider and on the tank. This will keep your weight forward, bracing you in two places against the strongest force the bike is able to exert — braking. In that position, you’ll be effectively braced to withstand the acceleration through your feet and by wrapping your forward arm around the rider’s stomach. Hold on tight, while it’s possible to ride on the back of an RSV4, the intelligence of deciding to become a passenger on a 180bhp, 184kg missile is highly questionable. 

  • the_doctor

    Reminds me of the RC-51 pillion seat. That molded plastic handle would probably snap right off during hard acceleration. Should be fun.

  • Ken

    I propose an inaugural Hell for Leather Pillion-in-a-Million Award for the most ridiculous accommodation on a motorcycle for an auxiliary human. You could give away a hand-tooled leather beer coaster. Or a shooting stick.

    • Mitch

      Well said – who would want to be stranded on the back of this thing for any more than 15 minutes?

      (The WAGs of rich douches that putt around on these for an hour a month then hang it up in their garage)

    • vic

      i think the ktm rc8 will win this one

  • carlos

    ok. so which one of you two sat on the back while the other “piloted” the bike?

  • lago

    I can’t even remember the last time I dated a girl with an ass small enough to use that but I’m pretty sure it was before I started riding motorcycles.

  • Sasa Rasilov

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