DMG cuts prize money, approaches irrelevance

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AMA_DMG_Logo.jpgAccording to Superbike Planet, DMG is cutting the purse for American Superbike from a promised $125,000 per race to just $6,500. That means, where the top points finisher in the class should walk away with $15,000, now they’ll receive only $3,500. More importantly, the purse is only spread down to third place ($1,000), cash prizes were supposed to be awarded down to 25th position, a much needed boon to privateer racers, helping offset the massive cost of going racing.  Daytona SportBike (the class that bizarrely mixes 600s with Buell 1125Rs, Ducati 848s and Aprilia RSV1000Rs) is similarly effected, but will still pay down to 20th position. All this means that the purse for AMA Superbike racing is at its lowest point ever. Does AMA Superbike racing really have a future without privateers?

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  • generic1776

    Oh look AMA Superbike has become expensive club racing.

    May as well sign up for AHRMA, at least those guys are having fun on slow bikes.

  • the_doctor

    I wonder what Mladin would have to say about this development if he was still around….

    AMA is spiraling into a irrelevant racing club. That purse cut is serious monies.

    • georGe_fla

      “18 months ago Boss Hog (Edmonson) was bragging about $50,000 to the winner etc etc. Today a friend sent me this link. From 50K to the rider to 3.5K to the team. I keep getting asked “Do I miss it”? I only miss Pegram ;-)”

      • Wes Siler


      • the_doctor


  • primitive

    They have lost their fucking minds

    • Isaac

      Yes they have… a long time ago.

      It the economy, LOL!

  • bloodfalcon

    wow. DMG is fucking worthless.

  • Garrett Nelson

    There is also the matter of each rider having to buy their tires at $400 a set and their gas.

    What is there, like 9 or 10 races? So $3500 for first in Superbike at 9-10 races gets you maybe $35K. But now much is a competitive bike cost? $30K? Plus travel, mechanics, other costs. Plus as a privateer you’ll never get that money because its going to go to the Yoshi guys, yamaha guys and Jordan guys (who look like the only ones left in the class.)

    Superbike racing is officially done in America. Wonder if the MIC is still interested in running their own series?

  • NW Speed Triple

    Those worthless rednecks at DMG have killed American Superbike Racing. I am curious to see what the purse will be for the rumored Harley XR1200 spec class. Probably much larger. If DMG had it their way, the whole AMA program would race exclusively on oval tracks. I am done with it.

  • carlos

    well i guess it’s expected to happen.
    no broadcasting of the events. Rolling starts, mixed sized bike classes, and poor publicity. major controversy over the France family and also current management (ludd, who’s been with the AMA since the 80′s, WTF is his problem?). So with such dwindling public and commercial support and the most vocal of historic riders poo-poo-ing the series, i guess they just ran out of money to give out.

    But I thought all the above ideas were to give a better show! To play to the fans! To give them what they wanted! NASCAR!

    but at least with the AMA you could actually own the machines that were raced on sunday. NASCAR hasn’t used production vehicles since, what the early 80s?

    The day I see a guy driving a Monte Carlo shell body with Wonderbread logos all over it, off the showroom floor, will be the day the terrorists have won!

  • nicholasrandallas

    Take it out back and put it down.

    • Sean Smith

      No way, Kill it with Fire.

  • nick r

    Take it out back and put it down.

  • Scott

    DMG WHO?

    WSBK. nuff said.

  • Ralphie

    THis is a total and utter disgrace.

  • DaFoxx

    More From Mr. Edmondson/Soup:

    Roger Edmondson said in the March 2008 press conference announcing that DMG was buying AMA Pro Racing “I know this sounds cocky, but forgive me – we know it will be successful. Once the France family decides to move forward on a project, it does not fail.”

    Cocky? Yup.
    Successful? Nope.

  • damien

    I stopped watching last year.

  • Peter

    NASCAR and the DMG sports car series are having their own problems. And now it appears that DMG has botched American Superbike. But what did we have before? A decade of Suzukis running away with every race. Then culminating with Michael Jordan complaining to the sanctioning body that even with all his sponsors and money he can’t even buy the parts that the factory Suzukis were using so his team could be competitive. American Superbike has been dead for quite some time.

    • Generic1776

      I would give more credit to the world dominating Ben Spies and uber-veteran Mat Mladin making the zukis go fast.

      It just so happens Yoshimura is a world class team, with little domestic competition.

      Success breeds success (and additional funding).

      To compete you need to fund at a competitive rate. Most manufacturers seemed to each “have thier class” in the AMA, no sense in fighting big dollars for marginal market benefits.

      All the world is a stage… or so some saying goes.

      In a portion of the market anyone can be the big fish (even David Hasselhoff is big, in Germany)

  • Shrike

    Here is why DMG did this. They do not want the superbike class. It is an expensive class with 17 bikes. They made a deal with the US importers for that class and they have not kept their side of the bargain and have just pissed and moaned all year. So DMG is going to simply kill the class. I assure you this is not DMG going down but rather a calculated move. Let’s just say a little birdie told me.

  • Kerry

    wait….you mean to tell me they race superbikes in America? How could I have missed it? Oh that’s right I was too busy following World superbike and motoGP who are actually marketed to an audience and correctly managed.

    Even when Mladin lost the championship title to Spies in 2007 by one point it was hard to get anybody to care, which is a shame for a series that has a rich history.

  • Manona Mission

    Wow.. that has to suck.

    They should really just end this miserable series and start again. Its depressing to see what use to be the premier US supersport brand just go all to shit.

    Go DMG. You do our country proud. dickheads.