Ducati GP10 leaked by Nicky Hayden

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Ducati_GP10.jpgOops. Looks like Nicky Hayden published an iPhone photo of the Ducati GP10 far ahead of its official unveiling. Snapped at the factory during a tour, the Ducati racer appears unaware of the gaff, the image remains on his personal website. So what’s he revealing to the world? The GP10 uses larger vents in the side fairing, likely there to provide more cooling for the engine. In 2010, six engines per bike will be required to last all 18 MotoGP races; cooling is a major factor in building in that added service life. Can you spot any other changes?

Nicky Hayden via MotoMatters

  • General Apathy

    New Forks.. Looks like a smaller, or re-positioned reservoir.
    Front disks look weird.. Are they real? Maybe some crazy CF prototype.

    • Alex Lauerman

      I believe they are carbon ceramic brakes (google for images if you’re curious). I don’t remember the rotors being this dark in 2009 MotoGP, but I may have just missed it.

  • sydney gato

    It’s orange.

  • Kidchampion

    It isn’t orange. The tool cases are red but appear orange as well. I hope this leak is a trojan horse. The bike will remain unchanged but Hayden will pluck his eyebrows in a completely new shape.

    • http://bizbreakblog.com Marshall Haas

      LOL on the eye brow plucking.

  • Giova

    No matter how they changed the bike. Hayden sucks!! Only the kangaroo can get the full potential from that bike.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Thats no Ducati, that a KTM! BIIIIGG change.

  • M.P.

    More proof the iphone has a crap camera.

  • http://classiccarclubmanhattan.com mke prich

    Yeah, the 2009 brake rotors were drilled. There’s a difference there.

  • http://classiccarclubmanhattan.com michael Prichinello

    And not to be a paint nerd, but they actually use that orange color on the moto gp bikes because when photographed in natural light, it looks like Ducati Red. If you go to a live GP race, you’ll see the bikes are much more sparkly and the colors super saturated. Ferrari does the same thing. Their F1 cars are painted “F1 red”. when you see them in person, they’re orange, just like this, but they look corsa rosso in photos. you can have your street Ferrari painted F1 red….it looks like a bad, orange red.


  • Jorge Ciao Ciao Ciao!

    Wrong! Both the F1 team and the Ducati MotoGP team are sponsored by Marlboro and use Marlboro Red which is more orange than either Ducati Red or Ferrari Red. The slightly “metallic” version used at Qatar and maybe a few other races really seems to emphasize this.

  • W

    No tools out, no parts on the bench, no spots or stains on the lift. Piles of towels or shop rags on the benches in an otherwise very clean shop (possibly wrapped over something?). Tail end of the bike conspicuously absent (wouldn’t you take a picture of the whole bike?), Not a single body part in the picture (no arm, leg, shoe, foot, or hand) because no one is in front of the person taking the picture camera. Was Nicky really standing in this room alone? Unlikely anyone would let him take a picture unless there was a reason.

  • Kidchampion

    Okay, and those are orange toolboxes and shop towels because Ducati apparently wants everything orange now. I see Ducatis on Craigslist all the time where the seller has to note that the bike is actually Ducati red but photographed orange.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I can’t believe this has turned into a discussion about the color balance of an iPhone’s camera…

      • tonys

        I believe it with this crew. It’s a lot easier to take a picture than to get your knee down. Anyone know where I can get a Belstaff jacket?

  • deckard

    Love that new fairing. It’s got an old-school swoop to it.

  • 4Cammer

    Kind of looks like what the VR1000 would be if it were still raced and (under)developed….

  • The Grudz

    Wes- I’ve taken this opportunity to utilize both of my I-Phones…I’ve taken a picture of the screen of my first I-Phone with my back-up I-Phone(I like to call this one my “Facebook Station”). Then in a homebuilt version of Photoshop, I’ve run a color correction on Nicky’s GP-10. The results are quite shocking- his bike would appear to the human eye to be um, kinda reddy-orange.

  • Tom

    I agree with “W”, (shudder, not that W) looks like a corporate leak to me. Even the beloved Nicky has to go corporate sooner or later…Go Nicky!

  • deckard

    Corporate leak of a MotoGP bike? What would be the point of that?

    • General Apathy

      Umm to get idiots like us to talk about Ducati?

  • deckard

    Ok I’ll play. If Ducati leaked this photo… why didn’t they bother to make sure the tank was properly mounted on the bike? Look at the misalignment between the tank and the fairing. In fact there looks to be a rag jammed in between the tank and the rear subframe.

  • W

    Jorge is correct. Marlboro red is very orange, even in person.

    dekard – In Italy, there is always a back story and an ulterior motive, the trick is to discover it. It’s never smart to discount the intelligence of those behind the walls in Borgo Panigale.

    • deckard

      Or maybe the simple truth is that Hayden just took a picture of the GP10 and posted it on his blog…

      • Tom

        Could be. I just think at this level nothing gets out that shouldn’t and probably the photo has to clear some hurdle to get on the site (hence corporate). Most of these “fan sites” are corporate by nature, imho.

  • Hangar4

    if the color is off then why is the red in Bridgestone actually red? that bike is orange!!!

  • Dr. Scientist

    According to my calculations and taking into account the phase of the moon, the bike is actually green.

  • Marco

    Have been associated with Ducati for 30 years…the modern era Ducati factory does nothing by MISTAKE…its out there because it is supposed to be out there…leaked picture? NOT

  • Isaac

    It looks a lot more smoothed out. It has a Boeing 888 look to the front, it’s just bulbous. Those brakes are obviously carbon rotors,…or they are covers like on the Aprilia RSW500 from back in 2000. Once this baby hits the 1000cc mark in 2 years, Niky will have to find another ride. Stoner will adapt no problem. That is because he is a vampire robot from outer space.

  • Isaac

    Oh the forks look like Marzocchi’s or they just used some FG333′s and reversed the pressurization cartiridges. There also appears to be more of an opening for the front wheel too. Kind of like on the Honda RS250′s

  • monkeyfumi

    The forks appear to be ohlins through rod forks, the same (or similar) to what the yamahas have been running since 2005 (though they appear to have aluminium lowers, not the magnesium run by rossi etc.
    Front discs are just high mass carbon/carbon. Carbon/ceramic discs are banned in motogp. Drilled discs are just steel, and only used in the wet.
    I would be surprised if this was a genuine leak without ducatis knowledge.

  • shamarone

    guys, other than what would appear to be thru-rod forks, there’s nothing out of sorts with that picture. the bodywork of the GP9 had already been changed somewheres around the latter half or 3/4 mark of the ’09 season. go back and look at the bike stoner used so devestatingly back at his home round in australia. it was the one with the special Oz livery in white. the use of white paint makes it real easy to see the recontoured fairings, tank, and bulbous seat section with the single pipe exit.

  • Tommy Jr

    Last Factory Ride for Nicky…

  • deckard

    All this speculation about this being an intentional leak by Ducati, they do nothing by mistake, etc, etc…

    And the truth turns out to be… simply the obvious. Dumbass Hayden took an unauthorized picture and posted it on his blog.


  • Adam C.

    The front rotors look odd b/c those are shrouds over carbon rotors. Keep the heat in.

    Not a very big leak. And I’m sure a very controlled one.

    Go Ducati in 2010!!!

  • Adam C.

    And race bikes use bright colors. Sponsors like it.

  • http://fluxbb.org/forums/user/4674/ Don Cross

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  • http://videosgrasiosos.lacoctelera.net/ edgard

    Muy bueno primo…