Harry Hurt, motorcycle safety advocate, dead at 81

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1976_Bell_Star.jpgHarry Hurt II has died following complications from back surgery. Hurt worked on a project that resulted in the modern crash helmet archetype — a hard exterior shell enclosing energy-absorbing styrofoam and lined with soft padding — and was the principal investigator for the Hurt Report, a in-depth study in the causations of motorcycle accidents. Hurt’s work continues to inform motorcycle safety and save lives to this day. The LA Times has an excellent obituary.

Thanks for the tip, Stacy.

  • Papasan

    An early Bell Helmet saved my life when I crashed my 74 CB 750 around a corner at 90 mph. I have it hanging in my garage, and the head ache still lingers.


  • Papasan

    BTW: Any idiot can wear a helmet, but it takes an experienced idiot to survive a cash with or with out the helmet…


  • Woody

    Not going 90 around a corner might be a good start.

  • Woody

    Just busting your balls of course, but that was assuming it was on the street.

  • http://caferacersreturn.blogspot.com Tonup

    RIP to the man who’s amazing invention has saved many idiots lives and probably kept motorcycles in production.

  • Isaac

    Tahnks and RIP sir. Your innovations saved my dumb ass 2 years ago.

  • Jordan

    My thanks goes out to him and what he’s done for us!

  • fearnow

    Thanks Harry. You done good.